Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Well, being a cleanliness freak, keeping my house tidy is not just a need but a habit for me. Owing to the kind of effort put into the entire process, I always look for tools that give me the best of the result. Therefore, understanding the basic cleanliness requirement of a commoner, I have compiled the following 10 cleaning tools every home should have.

10 Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

1. The Broom – Your Handy Cleaning Tool

When the discussion is about cleaning, the broom is the prime requirement. Depending upon the type of surface you have in your house, namely wood, tile, or cork, you can pick up the most suitable broom. Fiber surfaces go best for the marble or wood flooring, whereas the straw brooms can clean the outside of the house. Make sure that you keep the broom upside down to keep the fibers intact and in shape.

2. The Mop – Saves Your Knees from Getting Hurt

Lessening down the effort put in to clean the floor and tiles, mops have made cleaning way too easier. Instead of rubbing and hurting our knees and hands against the floor while cleaning it, we can make use of String mop, spring mop, or the self-wringing mop, depending upon the home’s flooring. Instead of running with a dirty cloth to clean those spills, let the mops soak the mess and bring back the tidiness of the floor.

3. Bucket – the Best Storage for Your Cleaning Supplies

A bucket may seem to be of no direct use, but it plays an essential role in reducing your efforts while mopping the floor. Apart from helping in the cleaning process, it also stows the cleaning tools. It is one of the 10 cleaning tools every home should have. Choose to buy a plastic bucket of a considerably small size. The smaller the size, the lighter its weight will be hence making it easier to be carried. While cleaning the house, use two of the buckets to wring the dirt from the mop and soak it in the clean detergent thereafter.

4. The Rubber Gloves – the Protectors of the Skin

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Regular Cleaning

Wearing the gloves every time you clean the house might sound irritating and fussy, but sometimes it becomes mandatory to protect your skin from damage. Certain chores demand you to work with cleaners. These cleaners have a high consistency of harmful chemicals that turn your skin harsh and dead. Also, the toxic substances lead to irritation, itching, and other allergies. So, before you do any such task, sprinkle some talcum inside the glove and wear it. After all, you would never want to clean your house at the cost of your skin.

5. Sponge – Can Get into the Nooks to Clean the Dirt

Well, it is quite understandable that broom and mop cannot reach the nooks and corners. It is where a good sponge helps. Having a set of sponges with the abrasive side and few others with microfibers will help you get rid of those stains on the walls and the dirt trapped amidst the tiles. Soak it in a cleaner detergent and rub it on the surface directly. If you are planning to reuse the sponge over again, make sure that you have cleaned it properly.

6. Vacuum Cleaner – the Tool of the Modern House

Finding carpets and rugs in today’s houses is common these days. But can you rely on a broom to clean these carpets? Well, of course not. The vacuum cleaner is the latest invention, which has been in use to clean those particles and dust trapped in the carpet’s fibers. The vacuum cleaners save our time and spare us from that tiring process of dusting off the carpets. Owing to the different kinds of attachments that come along, vacuums can be used to clean walls, upholstery, etc.

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Watch this video to know how to clean carpets and floors using a Vacuum cleaner:

7. Squeegee – the Best Attachments to the Extension Pole

EIt is either about cleaning those mirrors that are difficult to reach or hanging it to a shower from the suction cup hook to protect the glass doors from any spots; squeegees are used for all such tasks. They are used widely in the cleaning process as they save your time and give better results in house cleaning. Nobody likes those dirty spots on the mirrors and glass. This one tool helps you get rid of all such marks within a few minutes.

8. Microfiber Cloths – Can Remove the Stains Without Damaging the Surface

This is one of the Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have and a quite important one. Soak the microfiber cloth in clean water and rub it on the surface to get rid of those stains on your carpet or floors. Without damaging the surface, it will quickly remove the stains. It’s best to prefer white cloths over colorful ones as the color dyes may worsen the problem by adding to the stain. Also, never use bleach along with such microfiber cloths. They are enough in themselves.

9. Spray Bottles – Stores the Homemade Cleaners

Instead of buying the expensive cleaners from the market, which are useless anyway, prepare your house cleaners by yourself and store them in spray bottles. These spray bottles prove to be of great use when you need to rinse off the mess. Just make a few sprays and wipe off the dirt with a microfiber cloth. Such spray bottles are handy and an essential part of the cleaning kit.

10. Toothbrush – Gets into the Spaces Where You Can’t Imagine

Are you tired of rubbing the nooks and crannies with a normal scrub but still can’t get rid of the dirt deposited in those small spaces. Well, a toothbrush helps when everything fails. Collect the discarded old toothbrush to clean the dirt accumulated in the nooks of your house. Do not forget to disinfect the brush before using it to clean the sink and rims.


Did you notice that these small basic tools can be of great help if used in the right manner at the right place? This list was an attempt to help you in making the hectic task of cleaning a bit easier and effortless. So, you won’t be banging your hand against the wall on the Sundays when you are supposed to clean the house properly.

You have all the tricks and tools to deal with it. If you liked what the list mentions, don’t forget to share these 10 Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have. Also, if you are aware of some other tools to help in day to day cleaning process, feel free to mention it below in the comments.


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