Pastels are ruling the color trend these days! From dusky pinks to frosted blues, pastels are everywhere. And that’s because they can add a sense of simplicity and calm to any space. So, it’s time to ditch the pop and bold colors and embrace pastels for a relaxing feel.

The best thing about pastel shades is they are on the lighter and softer side of things and thus perfect for giving homes a classy and sophisticated appearance.

No, they are not just for the walls but even for the other parts of the house. Try them once and see how dramatically they will transform your entire abode.

But how do you go about integrating this color palette into your house? Experts reveal several ways of using pastels for creating classy interiors. Remember, it’s all about how you use these cutesy shades!

1. Go Floral

Floral in the wall

What about using light and delicate floral designs for the furnishings- the rugs, the curtains, the bedsheets, and the sofa covers? For the ones looking to retain the bright colors of their walls, using pastels in floral design will be one good way of lightening up the environment and adding some harmony at the same time.

An added touch would be using different fresh flowers, from lilac to light sprigs to white roses or pale pink ones nicely placed in vases at varied locations. This touch will not only be affordable but accessible to blend pastels in your home.

Believe this; you will have fun filling empty vases with pastel-colored flowers. This way, you will be bringing nature right into your home. It’s your take on the pastel trend showing off in the mantelpieces and tabletops.

2. Go Pastel with Seating and Furniture

Go Pastel with Seating and Furniture

For those who like things to be subtle, committing to one bright and colorful wallpaper or painting an entire wall might seem intimidating. Such individuals should only have their focus on the accent and seating elements in their homes.

Upholstering the couch or painting the dining chairs in soft pastel colors will highlight the spaces where we place them. This tip provides a low-cost plus convenient solution, and it is one of the most popular ways of highlighting seating areas like the living area and dining room.

It’s not enough to use bright-colored textiles. It’s also essential to choose premium drapes and upholstery fabrics that will withstand the test of time. Otherwise, the vibrant colors of your fabrics may fade and turn dull in time. The last thing you want is to spend unnecessarily on brand-new drapes again.

Bring Spring into your abode with an assortment of soft and light pastel shades. These will give the boost your dull living space requires. From boldly patterned carpets to stylish chairs in powdery hues, creating an airy and fresh living area will be a breeze for you.

The best thing about this idea of using pastels in your home is that you do not need to redecorate completely to give the space a new feel. You can quickly achieve the appearance with crucial accessories and pieces of furniture.

For a laid-back appeal, combine the gentle pastel palette with tactile textures and natural finishes. Go for simple accessories to add interest to the space. As far as pastels are concerned, a touch of grey will also offer the right balance.

3. Pastel-Perfect Kitchen

5 Ways to Use Pastel Colours Into Your Home

Starting from serving sets to kitchen appliances, when you get everything in pastel, it will make the kitchen look stylish and add a bit of warmth to the space. Always consider going for a blend of dark and light hues to offer the area a vintage appearance.

What about choosing the happy color yellow to make the kitchen counters pop out? It will instantly lend a bright appeal to your kitchen. As has already been said, accessorizing in the right way goes well and is the easiest way of incorporating pastels in the interior décor.

Combining colorful and bright household items starting from pillows to lamps to appliances in the kitchen is always a safe bet. If you add even a bright toaster in the kitchen, it will lift the elegant feel of the space.

4. Wallpaper or Pastel Painted Walls – They are Trendy!

These options are either pastel-painted walls or wallpaper. Those are whimsical for a kids’ bedroom and elegant for the kitchen. But there are some details you need to remember when going for wallpaper.

First of all, avoid overdoing the wallpaper. Just go for a single wall making it your main focal point. For instance, if you are redoing your living area, you can install wallpaper behind the sofa to make that area the centerpiece.

Use the same trick around your home, offering the pizzazz for refurbishment. Speaking of paint, fortunately, this option is more versatile. You can have your hands on painting the entryway or the kitchen cabinets light blue, green, or rosy.

This tip is a simple but guaranteed solution to introducing pastels most elegantly into the décor of your home.

5. Pastels + Bright Shades: A Winning Combination

Many homeowners and interior designers do not know that pastels can offer the ideal background for bolder accents. Using accessories in bright colors as the perfect contrast for complementing pastel shades will give you magical interiors.

You can go for this combination in almost everything starting from lampshades and textiles to furniture, flooring, and other items for interior decoration. This décor is not just exciting but will also offer a gorgeous glow to your home, provided you use it with the right lighting.

A recent trend in modern interior design has neutral and natural tones around the home. The good news is that pastels blend very well with neutral tones and even with woods.

So, work on that. And remember, the simpler, the better!


From fridge freezers to soft furnishings and doors, there are several ways of incorporating pastel colors into the décor of your abode. Nevertheless, if you decide to go with this palette, don’t be afraid to challenge the unusual. Be bold, be creative, and above everything else, be experimental!


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