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6 Common Late-Season AC Repair Needs

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The fall season is almost here! Does it mean we can all turn off our air conditioning system and begin using our heating system for the next few months right? Not really. If you live in Allen, TX, you will understand how unsteady the temperature is and how warmer the weather is. It may take you by surprise at any moment. And after the long scorching season, there is a possibility that your air conditioning unit may require repair and service. After all, your air conditioner had served you well and had been a dependable unit this year.

Most AC repairs required can be avoided by regular AC maintenance. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you had spring maintenance done this year and followed the necessary repairs during that time. However, if you do not have AC maintenance in the spring, this article is for you!

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6 Common Late-Season AC Repair Needs

Your AC unit has been under a lot of pressure in the summer and other seasons of the year. In some situations, it is beyond that. For that reason, as summer is about to end, you may have one or two air conditioning repair needs.

#1. Failed Capacitors

Your AC unit has two electrical capacitors that enable it to work as it should- the start capacitor and the run capacitor. As you may think, a start capacitor is responsible for turning on the compressor, and the run capacitor is responsible for keeping it working.

These two capacitors are sensitive to high heat, and over time they lose their capability to hold an electric charge efficiently. It is usually during an extended heatwave.

When it kicks on, you might see your AC unit producing a clicking sound. Or you might observe the compressor is hard starting, as one of the capacitors breaks down.

It is best to look after and put care and attention on mow, so you will not be surprised by a failing AC unit when you need your air conditioner in the following summer season.

#2. A Dying Motor

Do you notice a sharp, burning odor coming from the AC or room vents? First, this is a warning sign that should not be overlooked, as the cause can be electrical wirings. But we can pinpoint that it is the cause of this stench in the AC motor that is overheating, and the verge is burning. It can occur due to loss of lubrication, dirt, and dust buildup on the air conditioning motor. You will want to shut off the air conditioner and call an AC emergency repair in this situation.

#3. Frozen Evaporator Coil

It is never usual to see frozen coils anywhere on your AC unit. If you notice this, it indicates something is wrong with your air conditioners, such as refrigerant leaks or too low thermostat settings. If your AC has ice on it, it will not perform its job. Please do not melt or remove the ice yourself, as you can add strain to your air conditioner.

#4. Low Airflow

It is the final repair that you may need, but certainly not unusual, and has a couple of different possible reasons. For example, it might not be an issue with your AC unit but instead a problem with broken ductwork. Regardless, the best thing to do is to call our professional technicians a call.

#5. Short-Cycling

It is when the ac unit turns on and off quickly without ever operating for a very long period. Your ac system uses more energy when it goes on and off than it does simply working, so you want your ac unit to work for at least 15 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it is usually an indication that something is wrong.

#6. Odd Sounds

It counts as something outside the norm of what you commonly hear coming for your air conditioning unit. It might include moaning, buzzing, humming, or hissing noises. Since some odd noise can signify a dangerous problem, it could be a buzz from an electrical issue. If you hear any of their strange sounds, the best thing to do is call a heating and cooling company immediately.

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