6 Relaxation Techniques To Try

Below are six relaxation techniques that can help in evoking relaxation response and also reducing stress.

1. Breath focus

This is a simple but powerful technique where you take long, slow, and deep breaths (it is also known as belly or abdominal breathing). Your mind is going to be gently disengaged from sensations and distracting thoughts when you breathe. This can be great for people dealing with eating disorders because they have the chance of focusing on their own bodies more positively. This might not be the best option for people dealing with health problems that make it hard to breathe, like respiratory conditions and heart failure.

2. Body Scan

This technique uses breath focus and relaxation of muscles. Deep breath for a couple of minutes then start focusing on one body part or group of muscles at a time. Release any tension you feel there. Doing this body scan can help in boosting the awareness of the mind-body connection. If you recently had a surgery that has affected your body image, or you are having a hard time with your body image, then this technique might not be that effective for you.

3. Guided imagery

This technique involves conjuring up soothing places, scenes, or experiences in your mind. This will end up making you feel focused and relaxed. There are many free apps that you can download that have recordings of calming scenes – you should ensure the one you choose is both soothing and something that has a personal significance. This technique is effective in reinforcing a positive vision, but people who have intrusive thoughts or those who find it hard to conjure mental images might not benefit from this technique.

4. Mindfulness meditation

This is where you find a comfortable place, sit, then focus on your breath. You will be bringing the attention of your mind to the present and avoiding drifting to thoughts about the future or the past. This technique has continued to be more and more popular in the recent past. It can be effective for people dealing with depression, anxiety, and pain.

5. Yoga, tai chi, and qigong

The three ancient arts will employ a combination of rhythmic breathing with a series of flowing movements or postures. The physicality of this technique is what offers a mental focus that can distract a person from racing thoughts. It can also improve balance and flexibility. If you have a health problem, disabling condition, or pain, then this can prove to be a challenging technique. Before you start, check with your doctor.

6. Repetitive prayer

This is a technique where a person repeats a phrase or prayer silent while practicing breath focus. If you find spirituality or religion means a lot to you, then this method might be your best option.

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