Planning To Buy An Eco-friendly Condo

Eco-friendly ready condos and apartments have been rare in the real estate market over the past few years. Recently, there has been a rise in prospective buyers seeking LEED-certified buildings or condos. This designation recognizes buildings designed to be more sustainable. Such dwellings are a boon for the environment as they help improve air quality, use energy efficiently, and contribute to personal wellness.

Here are a few things to ask and consider in a search for sustainable condo living:

#1. Look for Green Builders and Developers

Original green condo buildings are constructed with a serious commitment to design sustainability. Green builders and developers also utilize non-toxic materials and natural lighting for these condos. Eco-friendly features such as micro gardens, rooftop greenhouses, geothermal heating, and other advanced innovations should be part of their pre-construction development plan. The Plant Condos are a prime example of such. It has modern architecture featuring micro-gardens, which provide its residents with an intimate greenhouse-like atmosphere. Green living, efficient systems, and other innovations that positively impact the environment are also highlighted in these buildings. For additional information about these condos, see more here.

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2.    Check for Energy Efficient Appliances

Condominiums with energy-efficient appliances are trendy nowadays since they help generate savings while maintaining eco-friendliness by reducing energy usage and carbon footprint. Some condominium units already have essential appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioning, and washing machines, which can affect your carbon footprint. In some cases, these appliances may be outdated and have some issues that make them inefficient in power consumption.

There are also situations where the devices installed in the condominiums are not EPA-approved (Environmental Protection Agency). Why? Because the developer may buy knock-off or cheap products that have barely passed quality tests to save money, keep in mind to check for these points. In these cases, it is better to choose a bare condominium unit and buy your EPA-approved appliances. You will also have the option of selecting the devices based on your preferences and budget.

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#3. Choose Strategic Location

The condo’s location is an excellent factor in deciding which condo unit to choose. A good option would be condos that are near your work, supermarkets, health care facilities, and other essential establishments so that you can travel faster, saving more time and energy. A strategic place like this would be convenient and would also reduce your carbon footprint since you are more likely to walk and will take fewer resources (i.e., gas, money, etc.) in traveling between your unit and another area where you need to go.

Planning To Buy An Eco-friendly Condo 2

Condos near markets are preferable due to the proximity and convenience.
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#4. Green Initiatives and Practices

Waste disposal is one of the most common problems for condominium dwellers. Most people living in condominiums always have one option for disposing of their waste: into the trash bins. Unlike people with houses with garden spaces where they can compost biodegradable waste, people in condominiums will always have to dispose of their waste through trash bins. A common practice to deal with this problem is using efficient waste removal tips, recycling wastes, and segregating them. Recyclable materials included in their litters are cardboard, paper, and plastic. Choose a condo that implements a waste segregation system and values its impact on the environment.

Recycling materials or selling them to junk shops will be profitable for the person, management, and environment. Also, by segregating the waste, it is possible to reduce the rubbish going to the landfills since we can donate biodegradable wastes to environmental groups or individuals who have access to compost pits and biodegradable waste processing systems. By making this simple effort of segregation and recycling, we can reduce waste disposal significantly.

#5. Choose Water-Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Water consumption in most households is primary for bathing and toilet functions. A large percentage of a household’s water consumption is for flushing the toilet. Technology has upgraded the water-saving fixtures.

An example of these inventions is motion sensors in sinks, which can prevent excessive water use. Another example is water-free toilets and urinals. These fixtures require no water to flush urine since the surfaces allow fluid to flow down the drain without collecting into a puddle at the bottom. These can also be easily cleaned without too much use of water. By reducing the need for flushing down these urinals every time someone uses these, at least a liter of water is saved, significantly reducing water consumption in the long run.

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#6. Select Place With Natural Lighting

Keeping a condominium well-lit is one of the contributing factors to an expensive electricity bill. Some condominium units are built with no windows access since they are stacked together with other departments. This can cause a lack of much-needed ventilation, view, and natural lighting. Any room must have windows strategically placed in areas where natural light can enter, whether it’s sunrise or sunset.

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Natural light saves energy and adds aesthetic value to condominiums.

Since most condominium units require a light source per room, we can save much energy by using natural light. A lot of natural light can reduce the need for electrical lighting, so you don’t have to use lights from morning until afternoon. So, choose a condominium unit with windows to provide a well-lit area.


  1. Very useful tips! Choosing an eco-friendly condo is not so easy. There are many aspects that should be taken into consideration.


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