Things Not To Do With A Carpet Cleaner

Floor carpets adorn and beautify our living areas. Their intricate and royal designs can upgrade the look of any basic living space. These pieces are both gorgeous and attractive. But there is something that needs attention. Maintaining their brilliance is very important to preserve these beauties. They are susceptible to withering, as they trap dust, debris, and grime over time. Clean carpets are appealing, more sustainable, and hygienic.

Thus, it is important to opt for carpet cleaning methods. The most efficient amongst all these methods is the use of carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners are those machines that specialize in carpet cleaning. They are expensive and so it is important that we take good care of them. In this post, we are going to discuss 7 things not to do with a carpet cleaner.

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Here is a list of 7 things everyone should not do with a carpet cleaner:

1. Ignore The User Manual

Every carpet cleaner comes with a manual/user’s guide. These manuals are for your good only. They make it easy for you to install and begin working with the cleaner. Read the instructions step by step. Make sure you are aware of all the dos and don’ts before putting the machine to use. Every machine has some unique operations. Their manuals elaborate on these operations. Some manuals provide pictorial descriptions or videos for explaining the installation and use.

Do not start your new cleaner on the basis of your experience with your previous cleaner. Remember, you are dealing with a new electronic appliance.

If you feel that some instructions are ambiguous and not very clear, contact the company. It is important to have clarity of instructions to avoid any mishap.

2. Forget To Clean The Nozzle and/or The Lint

After every use, the carpet cleaner tends to collect lint. Lint is present in the fibers of the carpet. Do not forget to clean the lint which gets collected and stuck in the filter trap. The gradual accumulation of lint can slow the efficiency down. It can also result in malfunction. Lint can influence the functioning of your cleaner and reduce its longevity. Thus, it is necessary to keep a check on this.

It is also important to clean the nozzle after every use to remove gunk or grime. This accumulation can block the airway. You need to detach the nozzle and place it under running water to clean it. This step is necessary to increase the cleaner’s durability.

3. Forget To Clean The Brush:

Carpet cleaners suck in things like hair, gum, and fibers. All these things get collected in the cleaning brush. This filth, if left unnoticed in the brush can hamper the efficiency of the cleaner. This also weakens the bristles of the brush. The bristles of a carpet cleaner’s brush tend to be fragile. Thus it is important to maintain the cleaning brush and its bristles.

It’s very easy to clean the brush. First, remove all the trash and debris trapped in the brush. Next, detach the brush from the machine and put it under running water. Keep the brush clean to maintain the newness of the carpet cleaner.

4. Forget To Empty The Tank

The tank is the space that stores the cleaning solution in the carpet cleaner. After every use, do not forget to remove the solution. It is important to get rid of all the cleaning solution from the previous use. Skipping this step can clog the machine and reduce its efficiency.

To clean the tank, you need to empty the tank and remove all the solution. You must flush every bit of the solution out of the tank with water. This will ensure complete removal of the solution.

Before keeping the machine back to its storage, do not forget to dry it completely. A damp tank can create the foul odor.

5. Use Of Wrong Cleaning Solution

Every carpet cleaner comes with a recommended set of cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions are best fitted for the cleaner. They render the best results. There are other products that you can get at a bargain but they will not give the desired results. They might even damage your carpet.

Moreover, cheap products can degrade the performance of the cleaner. They might even disrupt the functioning of the carpet cleaner. Some manufacturers cancel the warranty if you don’t use the recommended products. So it is always advisable to stick with the mentioned cleaning agents.

6. Ignoring The Exterior Of The Cleaner

The interior of the cleaner is crucial but you should not ignore the exterior. The maintenance of the outer design is as important as maintaining the interior. Keep the carpet cleaner away from dust. You should always dust it off after every use. Use a damp cloth to completely remove the dirt. When you are not using the cleaner, clean it every once in a while. The dust collected on the outer cover can percolate the insides of the cleaner. This can lead to malfunction. This can also cause a considerable amount of deterioration.

7. Poor Storage

After every use, keep the carpet cleaner away in an appropriate manner. Before proceeding further, read the storage instructions. Do not keep your carpet cleaner in extreme temperatures. Very hot or cold temperature is not advisable. A moderated temperate is suitable and manufacturers often recommend the same.

Apart from temperature, the place of storage also plays an important role. Store your carpet cleaner inside, away from sunlight and dust. Keeping a carpet cleaner in a garage is a very bad idea. Keep them in a damage-proof place, packed and covered.  This will ensure the longevity of their use. Good maintenance and storage can increase the life of carpet cleaners.


You can go ahead with your carpet shopping with these guidelines in mind. These tips will not only maintain your new shiny carpet but also save your money on carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners can be expensive. You need to do your research before getting your hands on any of them. After you get yourself one, keep these guidelines in mind to ignore the things not to do with a carpet cleaner. These will make your carpet and carpet cleaner last long.


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