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4 Ways To Improve Your Backyard Security

improve backyard security

Backyards are often targeted by thieves and burglars who want to cash in on your patio furniture or lawn care equipment. Some high-end ticket items are in the backyard, but many homeowners lack a security system to mitigate risk. The good news is you can quickly implement that backyard security with the following four simple methods:

Install a Camera System

You can easily install night-vision cameras that are activated upon detecting motion. While this may seem like an obvious way to tighten up security in your backyard, many people neglect to make good use of at-home technology. When people realize that you have a camera system, they’ll be much less likely to view your home and backyard as a target for their schemes. 

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add backyard cameras

If this seems outside what you’re capable of doing with a DIY approach, security companies in Calgary can help you find the perfect system to catch burglars in the act

Add Security Lights

While it may add to your utility bill, it can give you peace of mind that thieves won’t view your home as a target. Most burglaries and mischief occur under cover of darkness. For installing new light fixtures, contact your local electrician. 

Well-lit homes are less of a target because thieves are easier to see and catch in the act when it’s bright. Even if the lights aren’t on all the time, motion-activated lights can play a significant role in helping you secure your property. 

Add a Privacy Fence

One way to eliminate meddlesome trespassers is to ensure that your backyard isn’t accessible to the general public. Aim for fences that are more challenging to scale, such as privacy fences. A chain-link fence may be too easy for a determined thief to climb up and over, whereas a 6-foot privacy fence offers a bit more challenge. 

It makes it especially difficult for them to make off with your lawn furniture, etc., because they’ll have to scale the fence with your goods in hand. Contact a local fencing company to discuss the types of residential fencing available.  

Add Locks

Perhaps the easiest way to protect yourself from thieves in your backyard is to add locks to the items themselves. Many homeowners have sheds in the backyard but don’t lock them adequately. Make sure you place padlocks on the doors to sheds and garages, locks on fence gates, and possibly even a cord lock on furniture. 

Final Words – Secure Your Backyard

Fortunately, securing your backyard doesn’t have to be as challenging as many people make it out to be. With a few of these simple steps, you can implement greater security, eliminate the likelihood of a robbery, and protect your belongings and the safety of your home. Contact a local security company if you need more assistance securing your backyard. I hope this article is helpful enough on the topic. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below! Thanks for visiting GHC! 



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