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Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most irritating jobs, but you can’t ignore it. You must clean your bathroom regularly to make your bathroom shine and hygienic. Well, the only thing that could make this dreadful chore of bathroom cleaning exciting and easy to perform is to find some hacks and tricks. After all, every moment of your time is precious. So, why waste it when you can act smart?

Below are seven tips and tricks you need to know to make your bathroom cleaning job more straightforward than ever:

1. Shine Up The Mirror

Leave your mirror for a few days without cleaning it, and you will observe layers of dust, dirt, and water droplets deposited on the surface, thereby hindering the clear reflection. All you do is that you instantly take up a wet towel or any cloth and clean it.

But is it giving you the best results? No, not at all! A better way is to brew some strong tea in the spray bottle, sprinkle it on the mirror and clean it using a newspaper rather than a towel. This will save your mirror from unwanted streaks and bring a new shine to it.

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2. Get Rid Of The Spots On Your Tiles

You won’t even realize it, but the grouting between your tiles adds to the nasty look of your bathroom. Indeed, it’s hard to notice and reach these places while doing bathroom cleaning, but there is a solution to every problem. Create a paste by mixing Borax, baking soda, and water in a near equal proportion and use it to scrub the grouts.

Preferably use a toothbrush to reach every crevice. A much easier solution is using toothpaste containing some teeth whitening agents. Also, household bleach is equally effective in this regard.

3. Clean The Toilet

Well, here comes the most difficult task. To accomplish the mission why not switch to some natural products this time? For example, white vinegar is known to act hard on all types of bacteria, germs, and microbes that might create a toilet mess.

Pour a good amount of the vinegar and wait for 2 minutes before you rinse it off. You will be amazed at the results for sure. Use the same solution to get your hand over the rim of the toilet.

Whereas if you are on a day off and have enormous time to spend on the bathroom cleaning, make a solution of lemon juice and borax to apply on the stained toilet bowl. It would demand at least 1-2 hours to react and give a sparkling shine to your toilet.

4. Get a Better Showering Experience

Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and submerge the shower head nozzle in it for a night. Clean it with Luke water the next morning to see a new face of it. As far as the shower curtains are considered, the plastic ones can be used washed in a normal washing machine using the detergent. But if it’s about the cleaning of shower doors, get on your toes to work a little. Mix white vinegar with baking soda to prepare a thick paste.

Apply on it and leave it for an hour or so. Post this, a microfiber cloth would be recommended to clean off the door to get better results. While for the tub, all you need is to fill it up with hot water or in extreme cases with half vinegar and half dish soap to get rid of the dirt.

5. Remove Rust And Hard Water Stains

Lemon is the ultimate rescue for every problem. Use it either with Borax to remove the hard water stains or rub it as it is. You won’t find a better and simpler solution than this. Though as an alternative, you can prepare a paste of turpentine and salt. It’s equally effective and will help you get rid of those rust marks spoiling the beauty of your bathroom.

Using these readily available products, which will turn out to be better than those chemicals available in the market, you will also be able to save a lot of money simultaneously.

6. Clean The Ceiling

It happens all the time that getting busy in cleaning the tiles and fixtures; you get ignorant about the ceiling of your bathroom. Do not forget that it’s equally important. Those spider webs, mildew, and spots need to be immediately cleaned. The easiest way is to add vinegar to a bucket of water and clean the dirt using a long-handled sponge mop.

Moreover, to clean the areas which usually are missed out turn out the hot shower so that the steam gets filled up in the surroundings. The vapors built will bring the dirt on the surface of the walls and ceilings thereby making your task easier.

7. Do Not Forget The Sink

A sink is that one place where the deposition of germs and disease-causing bacteria is largest, of course after the toilet. Pouring white vinegar in combination with baking soda will help you get rid of these bacteria. Take note of using hot water to rinse off the substance. This gives better cleaning results besides vanishing off that stinky smell which might be probably messing up with your mind.

Also, it would be far better to order some disinfectant wipes to clean it. Because clothes usually promote cross contamination as they are used for various purposes.


Were these tricks helpful to you? Were you aware of these bathroom cleaning hacks earlier? Try these tips the next time you are going to clean your bathroom. These will give you better results apart from saving your time. Moreover, I guess you noticed that none of the above-mentioned tricks involves buying and purchasing of those expensive cleaners. Why waste money when the best of the cleaning ingredients are available from your home.

Being social creatures, it is essential to share what we have so as I did. If you have some better tricks to add on to the above information, do not forget to mention it in the comment. Also, share the post so as to help those who are still struggling with this dreadful house chore.

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