Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews – Black Friday Buyer’s Guide 2017

Best Commercial Espresso Machine

If you are a coffee lover then you must know that how a good quality espresso machine can affect the quality of the coffee. A lot depends upon coffee beans, but a commercial espresso machine can significantly enhance the texture and taste of the coffee. By bringing out the real potential of coffee beans, an espresso machine can prepare a good quality gourmet coffee.

One of the important benefits of having an espresso machine in your home or office is that you can prepare espresso coffee to your exact taste and liking. Also, you can save some precious morning time and plenty of dollars that would have been spent at Starbucks and Barista. If you have the best commercial espresso machine in your office, then it adds a touch of class and style and you can also offer a variety of beverages with the help of it to your clients and your staff.

There are a wide variety of commercial espresso machines out there of different brands and specific functions; it is hard to choose the best commercial espresso machine. There are various options of machines in the market ranging from machines that can make espresso cocktails, cappuccinos, latte to machines that can prepare strictly espresso.

In this article, we will review top 5  commercial espresso machines to help you choose the right one for your home and office.

What’s a Commercial Espresso Machine?

Commercial espresso machines are specially designed espresso machines which have the capacity to work in a restaurant or café where it can perform consistently and in a glitch free manner on busy days.

A bad quality espresso machine can hamper your business and can also make your customer less frequent to your café. The number of drinks produced per hour, amount of steam released to froth milk depends largely on the number of groups, electrical rating and boiler size of the machine.

The most important thing upon which a commercial espresso machine is judged is the number of groups present in the machine. Simply saying, the larger the number of groups, the more easily the machine will handle the orders.

The Different Types of Espresso Machines

There are four different types of commercial espresso machines available in the market.

1. Manual Espresso Machine

Manual espresso machines are also known as piston machines and it is quite difficult to find a manual espresso machine in the market today because there are very few manufacturers who still produce them because of its less demand.

Manual espresso machines are easy to repair, reliable and durable. As the name suggests, major operations like infusion time are under the control of the operator. Manual espresso machines are best for the places which have low volume requirement.

2. Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

A semi-automatic espresso machine is rather difficult to operate because of the fact that an operator is required to both start and stop the pouring of the drink. Your staff must be highly trained to operate a semi-automatic espresso machine.

Most people prefer semi-automatic espresso machine with less number of groups as the number of groups increase, it becomes more difficult to get the shot right. One of the benefits of a semi-automatic machine is its low cost as compared to automatic espresso machine because of the absence of a computer board.

3. Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic espresso machines use a computer board which is pre-programmed to control various operations. Such type of machines prepares pre-set amount of beverages when activated. Most of the coffee bars and restaurants prefer automatic espresso machine because it can produce a varied variety of beverages.

There are many different options available in automatic espresso machines like the steam wand. Different steam wands which are available in automatic machines are manual steam wands, semi-automatic frothing system, and hands-free steam wand. The machine has five buttons including a manual button which can be used to prepare customized orders thus catering to a wide variety of customers.

4. Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Super automatic espresso machines are one step ahead of automatic espresso machines as it can grind coffee, pack it, brew the espresso shot and then ejects the grounds into a built-in dump box. Although these machines are much expensive, but given the quality of espresso produced by the machine, the price justifies itself. One of the main qualities of super automatic espresso machine is that it can produce the consistent quality over a large number of orders.

Top 5 Best Commercial Espresso Machine

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Breville BES970XL Barista Express espresso machine is one of the best commercial espresso machines as it is loaded with tons of functions and features which will help you in producing the best espresso right in the front of your eyes.

Available in three different colors, the Barista express has stunning looks and weighs just 23 lbs making it easy to move for cleaning purposes. The Barista espresso machine by Breville is a two in one grinder and espresso machine.

It has a stainless steel burr grinder, a half lbs sealed bean hopper and a 360-degree swiveling steam wand. It purge function will automatically adjust water temperature after steam so that an optimal temperature is maintained for espresso extraction.


  • It has a top mounted convenient built-in burr grinder, which has a sealed top so that the beans don’t get a stale flavor.
  • It is equipped with a low-pressure pre-infusion feature which helps in making the espresso full of flavor.
  • The Barista express can be programmed to prepare either one or two cups of espresso as per the demand.


  • The machine has a single boiler which can be troublesome if you are making a lot of lattes at once.

2. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine with Iron Frame and Stainless Steel SidePanels

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine is a durable semi-automatic espresso machine made up of stainless steel panels and iron frame. Rancilio has used its commercial grade group head in this machine which makes sure that it provides constant heat and its extraction levels are also minimal.

It is equipped with a 58 mm ergonomic portafilter which ensures the best extraction out of coffee beans for preparing a flavor rich espresso. It has the single boiler of the largest volume capacity when compared to the other semi-automatic machines of its class.

Its steaming wand is can be rotated 360 degrees and offers a wide range of motion and the presence of professional steaming knob ensures that the steaming pressure is controlled diligently.


  • Top quality build material has been used in manufacturing the Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine.
  • The heating element can be easily removed for cleaning and repairing purposes.
  • It has a chrome plated steamer wand which can help in preparing espressos as well as Americanos.
  • It has the ability to extract the maximum flavor out of coffee beans because of the 15 BAR water pump which provides heavy duty forcefulness.


  • It does not come equipped with a PID temperature control which can cause some variation in high point and low point temperature.
  • While operating the machine, you have to be extra attentive.

Breville BES980XL Oracle espresso machine is a one of its kind hybrid espresso machine which combines features of both semi-automatic and super automatic espresso machines.

It is a technological wonder which has been produced after years of testing and research and is undoubtedly the best commercial espresso machine out there. It features dual boilers with which you can brew and steam milk simultaneously.

It also provides temperature stability during brewing which will produce consistent quality every time. The Oracle has a dual pump feature; one for espresso and the other for the steam. The machine has 3 presets and 6 customizable settings which can be useful if you want beverages without doing much hassle and quickly. Users also have the option of descaling boilers.


  • The presence of both manual and automatic operation makes it suitable for beginners as well as intermediates.
  • Dual boilers and integrated grinder help in brewing the coffee fast and in a streamlined way.
  • Its automatic milk frothing is an interesting and useful feature considering the two given options of automating frothing and manual frothing using steam wand.


  • The shape of the nozzle of the steam wand is one holed pin shaped.
  • It does not heat up past 150 degrees.

Pasquini is one of the widest known and celebrated espresso/cappuccino machines in the world. It has aplenty of commercial grade features and parts which make it one of the best commercial espresso machine out there.

The 3-way solenoid valve easily clears the pressure, thus helping in the cleanup of the machine.

Livia 90 has 1.5 liter dual heat exchange boiler which can brew and steam at the same time. The espresso machine is durable and is made up of stainless steel which further ensures sturdiness. It is equipped with a 15 BAR pump which makes sure that the pressure is optimal every time a beverage is delivered.


  • Pasquini Livia 90 has stunning and attractive looks and its build quality is at par with others.
  • It can brew espresso and froth milk at the same time, making it a perfect espresso machine for smaller parties.
  • It comes with additional accessories like single espresso filter, a dosing scoop and a null filter for back flushing.


  • The water reservoir tank is made up of plastic which can crack due to heat.
  • The volume of water tray is small and it has to be cleaned out at regular intervals for the easy operation

Microcasa semiautomatic is one of the oldest continuous espresso machines out there. If you are fond of espresso which is flavor rich and has extracts of the coffee been for the last then Microcasa is the machine which you should own.

The 800-watt heating element is armor plated and is a piece of artistic work. It features a top loaded water basin, which makes it easy for easy refill and continuous water delivery. It has a heat exchanger system which helps in temperature stabilization thus providing a flavor rich espresso.


  • Have a vacuum breaker which enables the machine to be turned on or off with the help of an appliance timer.
  • It can even be used by newbies and intermediates as it has very easy to use functions.


  • The absence of a cup warmer may cause inconvenience to some of the users.
  • The group head is sort of difficult to clean.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Commercial Espresso Maker

As we told you, buying the best commercial espresso machine is not a cake walk and you need to consider some factors before buying one. Some of the factors which are note-worthy before buying a commercial espresso machine are:

1. Ease of use

If you are buying a commercial espresso machine, then, of course, you are buying it to get the comfort of flavor-rich coffee in your home or office. If you want to lay more pressure on the convenience side, then you should opt for an automatic or a super automatic machine.

2. Ease of cleaning

You can get an espresso machine which prepares rich flavor espressos and Americanos, but if cleaning it requires an additional hour, then it is most likely that you won’t use it much often. There choose a machine which is easy to clean.

3. Boiler type

Out of three main types of boiler machines, vis-à-vis single boiler, heat exchanger and double boiler make sure that you prefer buying a machine having a double boiler because it has the proper temperature stabilization.

Final Thought

Aroma of a flavor rich espresso can make your day and it is important to have a good quality and feature rich commercial espresso machine to get the espresso. As much important as buying an espresso machine is, more important is the art to operate it. Preparing an espresso is an art and you need to practice it over and over to be a master at it.

Preparing an espresso with the help of an automated machine is much easier and better than using traditional ways of preparing an espresso. We hope that this article would have helped you in choosing the best commercial espresso machine for your restaurant and coffee bar. If you have any further issues, then you can comment here and we will be delighted to help you.

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