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When was the last time that you went out and bought yourself a cup of specialty coffee from a café? Maybe you bought an espresso just this morning, or maybe a couple hours ago. Maybe you only drink it once a week, but no matter how often you drink that espresso, you could be saving a whole bunch of money if you were making it yourself. Of course, if you could find the best espresso machine under 100 you would be able to save even more, so why not take a look at the ones we’ve found and see which ones are best for you?

The Features You Love and What You Can Expect

Milk Frother

One of the best features that you should look for in an espresso machine is a milk frother. This is a great way to get a variety of different drinks and to make sure that you have everything you need in one. No one wants to buy a lot of different pieces to get one cup of coffee.

Size Options

Look at the ability to make different sizes and different strengths of drinks. You don’t want to be tied down to only a single shot of espresso if you’re interested in making a larger cup for your latte or cappuccino. You also may want the option for single and double shot espressos.

Coffee Methods


Take a look at how you can put your coffee into the machine. Some are able to use only pods to make that cup while others may be able to use pods or coffee grounds so you can save a little money and get exactly the cup of coffee you’re looking for. This is important in any choice for best espresso machine under 100.

Top 5 Best Espresso Machines Under $100

We’ve taken the time to look at all the espresso machines that we could find under $100 and created a list of the five best options. After all, there’s so many out there it would take way too long for you to do it yourself. So, let’s take a look at what we’ve got.

1. DeLonghi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The DeLonghi EC155 uses both pods and ground coffee to create the perfect cup of espresso quickly and easily. With two separate thermostats to program the perfect temperature for both the steam and the water itself, you can get espresso, cappuccino and lattes, complete with froth.

This espresso maker even maintains a constant temperature so you can brew as many cups of coffee as you want right in a row, but if you only want one you’re in luck, because it brews them one at a time.

You can even brew a double shot of espresso whenever you want one, because there are separate holders to hold just the right amount of your coffee or the pods that make it even easier to get what you’re looking for.

  • Brew cappuccino, espresso and lattes
  • Uses grounds or coffee pods
  • Self-priming function
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean
  • Uses small cups (can be hard to find)
  • Milk frother is difficult to use
  • Vibrates slightly during use

2. Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System

The Mr. Coffee Espresso System is able to brew two shots of espresso at the same time with a quick process that still provides even (and ideal) heating. Easy to fill and clean, the water tank holds 40 ounces of water, so you’re ready to brew several shots one after the other.

Even better is the one-touch brew and steam controls that help you get your coffee brewing right when you want it and the lights that indicate when it’s ready to go.

Choose a double or single shot and simply push a button to get the ideal drink. It even includes a milk frother to top off your homemade drinks. If you’re not sure what to make there’s a recipe booklet included to help you get the perfect cup every morning.

  • Produces espresso, lattes and cappuccinos
  • Pressurized portafilter
  • Water tank detaches for easy cleaning
  • Brews a double or single shot
  • Brews quickly and consistently
  • Screws inside water tank will start to rust
  • Must be set up in a proper order
  • Steam flow is somewhat weak

3. Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System

A little bit of everything is definitely what you get with the Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System. You can get everything from iced coffee to espresso, cappuccino and a whole lot more as well as getting your frothed milk right in the same glass (or mug).

Capable of perfectly customizing your cup of coffee to your personal settings, this unique system takes the guess-work out of brewing at home. You get the ideal temperature for your milk as well as the coffee itself in a unit that is just the right size for your personal use.

With this unit you can get a lot of the versatility that you would get with a café or specialty shop but you get to do it all at your own house. The big benefit with this is that you don’t have to buy pods but you still get the single cup of coffee that is the main hallmark of those pods, and in different sizes too.

  • Brews to four different sizes
  • Brews classic, rich or over ice
  • Café forte and specialty options
  • Built-in frotherSelf-cleaning and pre-heating
  • Does not use pods (no capability)
  • Beeps when finished brewing
  • Takes a little time to warm up

4. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

For anyone who wants a small espresso maker that won’t take up a lot of space on your cupboard or works well on the go, the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker is an excellent option. It is about the size of a thermos and allows you to put everything you need right inside and gets you a cup that’s ready to go.

It gets you one shot of espresso at a time and doesn’t require electricity or even batteries to get it going. This unit is great when you’re traveling or even if you’re going to be outdoors.

Easy to use and lightweight, you can get a very good cup of espresso that’s exactly the same every time that you brew it. You will need to do a lot of the work yourself, however, and much of it before you even put anything in the unit.

  • Excellent for on the go
  • Relatively quick to brew
  • Very lightweight
  • Good quality espresso brewed consistently
  • High level of foam
  • Must hand pump the espresso through
  • Must boil water before putting it through the machine
  • Not easy to clean

5. Espresso Machine – For Nespresso Compatible Capsules

The Mixpresso Espresso Machine looks very futuristic and definitely very professional as it’s brewing your favorite beverage. Capable of brewing two different sizes of drinks, this is a safety conscious machine that will shut itself off after 9 minutes of not being used.

All you have to do is fill up the water tank, which is conveniently located on the outer side of the unit so you can always see how much water is left in the tank. You then add the capsule and push the button for the size drink you want and you’re ready to go.

Brewing a foamy cup of coffee each time, this unit looks great sitting on your counter in either of the two colors it’s offered in. You’ll also have the ability to make anything that comes in an individual serve pod but you are not able to add your own coffee grounds.

  • Auto-shutoff after 9 minutes
  • Brews espresso or lungo sizes
  • Works with coffee, tea or other pods
  • Very quiet when running
  • Small size for home use
  • May leak over time
  • Not as good of espresso quality
  • Water collects in drip pan

Cleaning and Maintenance

The best thing to do is make sure that you clean out your machine at least every couple of days. That way your water doesn’t start to get bad and you don’t end up with stale coffee grounds. When you take everything out run a cleaning cycle or wipe it all down with a damp cloth to clean it out and make sure everything dries before you put it back together. It’s really as easy as that with any of these options for the best espresso machine under $100.

Final Thought

Finding the best espresso machine under 100 isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but you’ll be surprised just how well each of these units works. If you’re looking for on the go, you can’t beat the MiniPresso, whereas the Ninja Coffee Bar is the best for versatility. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that uses whatever you have on hand, the DeLonghi is a great option as well. It’s going to be up to you to decide what really works the best for your situation.

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