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Life is all about having a nice family, and a home that feels like paradise itself. This is an innocent enough expectation, but the reality is quite stark. Homemaking is perhaps one of the most complex and difficult jobs on earth, simply due to the huge number of sub-jobs included in it.

You have to clean, organize, de-clutter, decorate and renovate things on a regular basis. And just when you think you are done, you will have to start over again. This is why a number of people have come up as saviors and started their blogs about tips, hacks and solutions that might help you in your day-to-day chores.


Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

“Life should be full of pleasures, not chores. Let us help you keep it that way.” is the philosophy of Good Housekeeping, and they certainly live up to it. With a huge variety of articles about cleaning, décor, food, fashion and travel, the blog does its best to inspire you.

The range of topics is vast, with DIY projects, checklists and advises that not only change your home but also your wardrobe, your finances and your life. All of this, while making it, seems like fun. If there is one blog you might want to bookmark, this is the one.


You must have seen HGTV, and you must have lived it. Now, try visiting their blog and find more reasons to love it. The HGTV blog is filled with interesting ideas about cleaning and organizing, stuff that sounds so simple yet are greatly effective.

The blog features articles on everything about homemaking that you could think of. There is a lot more than that, of course, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Some names are too obvious, and this is certainly one of them. House Beautiful is a blog dedicated to making your home the heaven you always wanted it to be.

From great DIY projects to make decorations, to excellent catalog of products you might like to include in your home, this blog aims at making your home the ones you saw and loved in the movies.

Apart from the décor, there are also a great number of articles about cleaning, gardening and lifestyle. Overall, House Beautiful is one of those blogs which can revolutionize the way you stay at home, if only you care enough to read.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

“Better Homes and Gardens”, popularly known as BHG, is one of the most popular magazines about housekeeping. But for those who cannot buy the magazine, fret not: there is the equally amazing blog for you.

The blog features some really great ideas about cleaning and organizing your home, with simple and easy tricks. But it would be very boring if it was only about cleaning.

This is why the blog also features articles on a variety of other topics like home décor, home improvement, gardening, vacation planning beauty and home services. This blog is a wonderful all-rounder, and solely at your service.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart could be called the superstar among homemakers. She is not a blogger, but a celebrity- but that doesn’t stop her from simplifying the lives of homemakers. With a huge range of tips, hacks, DIY projects, advice and products, Martha Stewart has something for everyone.

Her range of home products is especially interesting, where you could find useful products that you didn’t even know existed. If you want to have a better home and even better lifestyle, perhaps Martha Stewart must be your new best friend.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Maxwell Ryan is unique in the sense that he is a man in a field that is dominated by women. What makes him even more special is the wild popularity of his blog, “Apartment Therapy”. What started as his individual efforts to make homes more beautiful has since expanded into a great community of ideas and solutions.

From cleaning and organizing to renovation and home décor, there is almost everything about housekeeping that you could find on Maxwell’s blog. It is a great place to look for ideas, so don’t miss this one.

Traditional Home

Traditional Home

Want to know what truly revolutionizing home décor looks like? Take a look at Traditional Home, a blog that take home décor to the next level. But when it is not busy making your home look larger than life, it is coming up with some amazing hacks and tips about cleaning and organizing your home.

Apart from this, the blog features articles on lifestyle, kitchens, gardening and entertainment. You could literally spend your entire day on this blog and never get bored. This blog is an uber-cool spot to be at if you want your home to burn others with envy.

Clean Mama

For almost a decade now, Becky has come up with truly inspiring routines on her blog, Clean Mama. Instead of instructing you on how to clean the entire house, she gives you small routines that you could incorporate into your daily schedule and keep your house clean with minimal efforts.

The good thing about routines is that they soon become part of habits and do not feel like chores anymore; so, full marks for improvisation. Oh, and she also has some great products lined up on her blog.

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living is more than just a blog; it is a brand. Unlike single-user blogs that feature articles based on their personal experiences, Country Living takes the pain to research and verify the things they post on the blog.

Due to this, you could always trust the cleaning tips you find here. Apart from cleaning and organizing, Country Living specializes in home décor, crafts, DIY projects and food. You could see it as a sophisticated lady in a world of amateurs.

Also, look out for the variety of products it endorses, they are some of the coolest home products you could find.

Home Dit

They say that architects are the painters with bricks and cements. I don’t know how true that is, but becoming an architect is simple enough for even you. At least, this is what Homedit would make you believe.

This blog features some great advice and tips about home interiors, décor and architecture that you should never miss. But it is not all about architecture; the blog also features some great articles about home cleaning and keeping.

If you are planning to make a new home for yourself or moving to a new space, this blog must be set as your default homepage. There is always something new for you there.

The Idea Room

The Idea Room

We all need good vibes in life, and on the Idea Room, you will find plenty of that. Run by Amy and her husband, this blog aims to make the most out of life with great ideas and DIY projects.

From simple cleaning to renovating the entire house, you will always find great advice on it. There are also great recipes, amazing products and fancy giveaways. In short, it is definitely worth a visit.

Organized Home

Remember when they say that old is gold? Well, then this is certainly a goldmine. While most of the homemaking blogs have been around for less than a decade, this one has been there for almost 20 years, helping out people before blogging was a fad. There are innumerable articles about home cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering.

Even further, there are interesting sections like “Family Ties” and “seasonal spins” that you are going to definitely love and find useful. For the sheer amount of tips and tricks, this blog definitely deserves a visit.

Tidy Mom

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Tidy Mom

Cheryl Sousan is many things, and “crazy about cleaning” is definitely one of them. At first instance, her blog might resemble more of a travel-and-living blog mixed with a food blog, because travel and food is the other two things her love, and how! But that doesn’t leave her desire for a clean home neglect.

On her blog, she comes up with truly inspiring ideas about cleaning, decorating and organizing the home in simple yet effective manner. Her blog is filled with ideas that look so obvious, but you never thought about them before.

Her way of doing things is pure class, and she loves to keep things a bit sassy. In simpler words, you are going to love her.

Young House Love

Young House Love

Young House Love is unique in the sense that it is not just a sole endeavor, but that of a couple. Sherry and her husband Jon started this blog, particularly for helping couples to decorate and renovate their homes.

But over the years, it has also been filled with some amazing DIY cleaning projects and tips upon how to make your home greener and eco-friendly. Definitely not something you see everyday.

The Inspired Room

"You must love the place you live in", this is the ideology of Melissa, in her aptly titled blog “The Inspired Room”. Melissa is an expert in home décor, coming up with ideas that could transform your house into a paradise.

But she is not one-dimensional, her blog is also full of great cleaning and organizing ideas that are easy to implement. In fact, her long-term schedules once followed, would make home cleaning a piece of cake for you.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons

At first glance, this might look like any other blog about home keeping. But what makes “A bowl full of lemons” unique is its emphasis on budget cleaning. Yes, cleaning could be an expensive chore, and this blog aims to bring the best at the cheapest prices.

Apart from budget cleaning, it also gives tips about handling the overall budget of the household, regarding everything. If you are one to bargain, this blog is perfect for you.

One Good Thing by Jillee

One Good Thing by Jillee

Your home is one of the most exciting places in the world- or it could be if you listen to Jillee. “One Good thing” is actually about a lot of good things, from cleaning and home décor to recipes and life advice.

Jillee tries to bring up the most exciting solutions to daily problems, such that you would enjoy solving them. There are a lot of DIY solutions there for the creative souls and a lot of easy tricks for the lazy ones.

A Slob Comes Clean

A Slob Comes Clean

Cleaning could be a tedious job, which is why most of us don’t like. Well, not Dana. On her blog, Dana comes up with innovative ways to do the cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing the home, in ways that are fun in their own right.

Like she says, normal is boring and she doesn’t want to be normal. Once you get impressed with her blogs, you could buy her book which is like a Bible for homemakers.

I Heart Organizing

I Heart Organizing

On a normal day, Jen is like any other mom from a small town. But on her blog, she is THE lady who won’t rest till “perfection” is achieved. She considers herself addicted towards home organizing, and her passion shows in her work.

With this same zeal, she comes up with interesting ideas to beautify your home and everything in it. "So how about you stop wasting time and visit her?"

Ask Anna Moseley

Anna is a regular mom of two with a passion for a clean and beautiful home. What makes her unique is her knack to address the most difficult problems about home cleaning and attempt to answer them.

And these attempts are not simple Q-and-A, but like a story that ends with “happily ever after”. Beyond cleaning and organizing, Anna Moseley also specializes in home décor, while her passion for greener homes could be seen easily in her blogs.

For a clean, beautiful and eco-friendly home, Ask Anna is your ultimate destination.

Molly Maid

It has been about 3 decades since Molly Maid have been in the cleaning business. This alone testifies the fact about how good they must be. But rather than jealously guarding their tips and tricks about efficient cleaning, Molly Maid believes in sharing.

On their blog, you would find a range of tricks and hacks for easy, faster and efficient cleaning. All your daily chores could be finished in a much simpler way if you care enough to believe their advice. Of course, it is your choice in the end, but a mere visit can’t hurt, eh?

Clean and Scentsible

Clean and Scentsible

Jenn is a pediatrician, wife, mom and owner of a successful blog that aims to solve the problems of many homemakers. With brilliant ideas about cleaning and decorating the house, Jenn has been helping ladies over many years for making a better home.

Apart from the usual cleaning tips and amazing checklists, she also has a dedicated section for holidays and festivals. If you are looking for ways to make a special day more special, this is the place to visit.

Style at Home

Style at Home

If you ever looked at a home in a movie and wished you lived in a place like that, you have come to the right place. Style At Home is all about beautifying your home into something grand and exquisite.

From home décor and interiors to budget cleaning and organizing, there is everything you might need to transform your home. Once you start reading, you will be captivated into keep reading more.

What makes Ideal Home unique is that the blog knows that your home isn’t a single entity. It is made up of the component, like a bedroom, kitchen, dining hall and so on. Thus, Ideal Home brings out cleaning, organizing and décor solutions tailor-made for each of these rooms.

As a user, this greatly simplifies things for you; you could simply go to the room you want to clean up. The articles are friendly and effective, and you are sure going to love them.

Making Home Base

Making Home Base

The best advice is those that come from a friend. Chelsea knows this, and thus on her blog “Making Home Base”, she speaks like a friend that gives great suggestions. All her articles are about her tried and tested techniques, and ones that you would find as easy to do yourself.

From faithful tips to amazing DIY projects, Chelsea is not afraid to tackle most difficult problems and converting into fun adventures. For the lovers of art and homemaking, this is the great blog to read.

The Laundress

Amidst the horde of home cleaning blogs, you need to be unique in order to survive. And this is precisely what “The Laundress” has achieved. When we think about home cleaning, all that comes to mind is dusting the furniture or cleaning stains or clearing the appliances.

But what we always miss out is cleaning the laundry. The Laundress comes up with great ways to clean the laundry in simple and effective ways, with tricks and hacks that will make washing clothes a whole lot easier for you.

The Organized Housewife

The Organized Housewife

Cleaning is all well and fine, but how do you find the best products to do the dirty deed? Katrina has this answer, on her blog “The Organized Housewife”.

With an array of product reviews and her own collection of cleaning products, she makes sure you never regret your shopping choices. Apart from that, her blog is filled with cleaning and organizing tips, and great lists about everything related to your home.

How many cleaning blogs tell you about the best dogs you should think about adopting? Well, this one does. For this and more of such amazing blogs, do visit her.

Clean My Space

The tagline of the blog reads “the cleanest place on the internet”. It might sound like an exaggeration at first, but the more you read the blog, the more you will be convinced that they have written the truth.

Clean My Space is all about cleaning; it is like a person with excellent writing skills and an absurd craze for tidiness decided to create a blog. You are assured to find here everything about cleaning; from dusting the furniture and cleaning the appliances to organizing the room and getting rid of unwanted smells.

If you are a novice in home keeping and want a place that would teach you from the basics, this is the right place for you.

Stay At Home Mum

Stay At Home Mum

Not many people understand what it means to be a mother. In fact, only a mother could understand what it means to be a mum and a homemaker simultaneously. This is where “Stay At Home Mum” stand out. It is created with the perspective of moms and how to simplify things for them.

There is a huge array of topics covered in her blogs, like parenting, money, food and life. You could always find some great articles on cleaning and organizing, but you are guaranteed to find a host of useful articles on a variety of topics.

Queen of Clean

Queen of Clean

You don’t get a title like “Queen of Clean” for no reason. Linda Cobb was once the owner of a successful cleaning company but now focuses on providing home solutions to millions of homemakers.

And she is definitely good at her job. With a great number of humor-filled articles that tackle the most devious problems housewives face, she comes up with equally clever solutions.

Most of her solutions are natural and eco-friendly, making use of home products to perform the most difficult cleaning tasks. She believes in budget cleaning, which is what you would like the most about her. Do subscribe to her, and you would never regret it.

House Keep

Don’t we always wish there was some magical person that could finish all our tedious jobs like cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing for us? Well, House Keep doesn’t promise anything magical, but it sure does have a lot of persons who could provide you with the best cleaning services.

But it goes beyond that; it actually gives you great tips and advice about cleaning and organizing if in case you are not willing to hire a cleaner yet. Call it charity or clever marketing, but these excellent blogs do contribute in making one trust the company. Try visiting it once, and maybe you might fall for them too.

Speed Cleaning

Life is busy, and we don’t have time even for the most interesting of things. Compared to the other stuff, cleaning is one of the most tedious jobs around and often gets neglected. Yet, it is also one of the most crucial ones, and cannot remain neglected for long.

So save us from this dilemma, Speed Cleaning comes up with some truly inspirational solutions. These hacks are simple and effective, yet so easy that it hardly takes any of our time. The blog is filled with dozens of such tricks that would make our life so much easier while not negotiating with the quality of the work.

If you are one of those working professionals who cannot make enough time for household chores, this blog is absolutely perfect for you.

Parade of Homes

Parade of Homes

“Parade of Homes” is many things, and ‘an attempt to make homemaking easier for you’ is one of them. The blog features a wide range of articles, right from buying a new home to selling it, and covering everything in between.

Yes, every aspect about homemaking could be found in one article or the other. For most of you, this blog must be enough to satisfy all your queries about cleaning and maintain your homes.

Life Storage

It initially might look like an odd choice- after all, Life Storage is known primarily as a relocation company. But once you look closer, you realize that the company is an all-rounder.

Moving to a new place is a messy job, which is why Life Storage helps you with all the cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. For the wanderers who work takes them to new places, this is a must read.

Mrs. Clean House Cleaning

Think about a wise old man, with knowledge about anything under the sun. Now, imagine this knowledge was about homemaking, and the wise man was instead a blog. This is what “Mrs. Clean” is all about.

There are articles about everything related to home keeping, and I know what everything means. Even the problems you might think don’t even exist; you could be assured to find its solution on this blog. It is not a good move to miss out this one.

King of Maids

King of Maids

It might look stupid for a cleaner-providing company to give cleaning tips. After all, if the customers knew how to clean stuff efficiently, why would they need maids for? But King of Maids is above such trivialities.

With a variety of articles that touch various aspects of home cleaning and organizing, King of Maids sure looks like it genuinely wants to help you. Be a sport and give them a visit.

You've Got Maids

You've Got Maids

Founded by the Berger couple way back in 2005, You’ve Got Maids have been helping people get the perfect type of cleaning services for a while now. But when they are not busy supplying you the best maids, they write some amazing articles about home cleaning and organizing.

They know tips and tricks that only someone in the cleaning business for over a decade would know. This is a great read, and much helpful.

The Domestic Lifestylist

The Domestic Lifestylist

Cleaning, like many other chores, is methodical and boring. But a personal touch can do wonders towards making the tedious job fun. This is why Lisa’s blog “the Domestic Lifestylist” is such a fun because it is filled with Lisa’s own adventures.

Apart from the homemaking, Lisa talks about food, travel and fashion; in short, everything interesting in life. When in need of a friend, do care to visit Lisa.

Better Housekeeper

Like the name suggests, Better Housekeeper is about everything that could make you better at housekeeping. And yes, I mean everything. From what must be in your tool box to the best ways to grind coffee, there are tricks, hacks, DIY projects and routines for everything about home keeping.

There is a never-ending supply of articles on cleaning, organizing and decorating your household. If you want to be better at your job as a homemaker, you would do well to subscribe to them.

Life Maid Easy

Life Maid Easy

When Life Maid Easy is not providing great eco-friendly cleaning services, they take up the mantle of providing great cleaning tips to their users. Of course, who would know better about cleaning than those who pride themselves on providing the best cleaning services?

Their blogs are humor-filled, making even the most mundane chores seem like fun and interesting. There are some great tricks and tips that most cleaning-service providers would like to keep secret, but this blog bears them all. For this reason alone, you would do well to visit them.

Clutter Bug

Our lives are messy, and so are our homes. The pile of stuff just keeps reappearing, and you remain helpless against it. This is why Clutterbug wrote this blog for you, in order to keep your home clutter-free. There are amazing articles on organizing, de-cluttering and cleaning solution, that are bound to make your life much easier.

The writing style is humorous and friendly, making you fall in love with it. Oh, and do care to check out “What Clutterbug are you?” it is excellent.

Clutter Busting

With so many objects and devices in our lives, it is hard to keep everything organized. Sooner or later, you end up with a clutter of things that you can’t hope to move. Or, can you? Brooks has been helping thousands of people in de-cluttering their homes for 17 years.

But the best thing about Brooks is that he is not restricted to things. His blogs also talk about the activities and people that “clutter” our lives, and must be sorted or removed. Free cleaning tips with a few life advice, what more could you want?

Maid Complete

Some advice work, and some advice work better than the others. Maid complete is one such blog, with easy hacks that you are sure to not have seen anywhere else.

The blog is filled with cleaning ideas that look so simple, yet are extremely effective. Apart from that, there is an entire section dedicated to home organizations; this means, no more stacked things in a haphazard manner.

There is also a Kitchen section, with great recipes, tips on cleaning kitchen appliances and interesting uses of vegetables, fruits and herbs. This is a great site for those who are crazy about cleaning.

Maid to Shine Cleaners

Maid to Shine Cleaners

“Maid to Shine” is a company providing cleaning services, but they do not shy away from sharing expert advices on their blog. Their years of experience in the business clearly show in their writing, where they help out people with tricky cleaning solutions.

And when you are done with the blogs, you would do well to try viewing their cleaning products. Try visiting their blog; you just might learn something new.


So, we have reached the end. Throughout this post, you have come across a lot of blogs about home keeping. Some of them might not appeal to you, while others might seem redundant. But while making this post, we have kept in mind that there would be something here for every reader.

From the casual cleaners to the homemakers with OCD, from the artistic souls to the materialistic ones; we tried to find something for everyone. We hope you found the one you were looking for. After all, homemaking is one of the toughest arts; it is only natural that you must seek help from the best.


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