Best Ozone Generator Reviews 2018 for Your Home

We all know about the atmospheric ozone layer. It is a sheath that protects the earth from the harmful rays of the sun. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas, which has three oxygen molecules. Apart from being an excellent natural protector, Ozone is a disinfectant and an air purifier. It is an oxidizer, which is generated with the help of a device called ozone generator.

Ozone generators are widely used in the industry for air cleaning and removal of smoke fumes. There are various manufacturers in the market, both online and otherwise, who deal in ozone generators. The web is outpouring with ozone generator reviews, both good and bad. This leads to indecisiveness and confusion. You wouldn’t want to let these reviews and starry commercials complicate things for you, right? Let’s dodge the complication and surf through the best ozone generator.

What Is An Ozone Generator?

Ozone generator is a device, which breaks down oxygen. One oxygen atom has two oxygen molecules. With the help of an ozone generator, these two molecules are separated and then reunited with a third molecule. The breaking of the molecules takes place when the atom is exposed to energy.

Thus, ozone generators use the ozone gas to clean the air. It is also a brilliant disinfectant and fume repellent. An ozone generator is capable of generating up to 3g of ozone in an hour. However, some environmental factors, like humidity and temperature, may affect the working of an ozone generator.

To get deeper into the matter and know more about ozone generators, going through the best ozone generator reviews becomes obvious.

Benefits to Customers Who Use The Best Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are widely used by people, all over the world. These machines are well-liked and there are valid reasons for that. Ozone generators offer great advantages to its customers. There are a number of positive health benefits and perks, which make these devices well-coveted. The best ozone generator reviews provide more relevant information about the benefits, these devices provide to their customers.


Following are some benefits of the best ozone generators provide to their customers:

  • Ozone Generators are excellent air purifiers. They filter the air and clear off the harmful germs, making the air breathable and healthier.
  • These generators increase the level of oxygen in the air, which pretty much explains the increased breathability. Ozone Generators eradicate disease-causing microbes such as viruses and bacteria and make the air fresh as new.
  • Because of the abundance of oxygen in the air, people who have conditions like low oxygen level in the blood are greatly benefitted by Ozone Generators.
  • Ozone Generators, with its goodness, can help customers who suffer headaches and head muscle tension.
  • These devices are also used for water treatment and purification. They purge out hazardous chemicals like cyanide and phenols out of the water. Ozone cleaning makes water fit for drinking and eradicates water-borne diseases.
  • Sewage deodorizing is also done with the help of Ozone Generators because of their air purifying properties.

All these qualities, directly or indirectly, benefit the Ozone Generator customers. If you go ahead and buy one, you will most likely love your decision. The amazing health benefits will definitely leave you awestruck.

Top 5 Best Ozone Generator Reviews For Your Home

Now that we have understood the working and benefits of Ozone Generators, it would be wise to talk about some of the best ozone generators available on the market.

1. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

This is a low maintenance Ozone Generator, which is a perfect example of value for money. With a portable design and compact built, the Enerzen Commercial is an ideal air purifier for your home and office. With a production of over 4500mg Ozone, this generator is a powerful odor eliminator.

Once installed, it will free your environment of all the undesirable fumes, smoke, stink, whiff and irritants. This product sure is compact, but the engineering is marvelous. The body is very sturdy and powerful.

The plates are very tough and well-made. The plates produce ozone in high quantity. The fan is comparatively larger than other generators of the same built. This ensures more distribution of ozone and hence better performance.


  • Comparatively inexpensive and affordable
  • Low maintenance because of no filters
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Strong fan and sturdy built
  • Cheap internal parts
  • Eco-friendly and cost efficient


  • Produces buzzing sound
  • Short cord
  • No wheels at the base

2. A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator

A2Z Ozone Aqua produces 600mg of ozone per hour which is commendable. It is an ideal air freshener and a water purification system. This ozone generator is very portable and compact yet sturdy and power-packed. It consists of two 36’ long polyurethane pipes and 2 diffusers.

These diffuser bubbles make ozonating quick and efficient. This ozone generator is perfect for home air and tap water treatment. The purifying properties of ozone are multiplied in this generator, as it gives out excellent quality results.

This lightweight ozone generator is crafted for odor removal and general hygiene. If you install one of these in your kitchen, you are sure to get excellent odor elimination and high-quality sanitation.


  • Provides health benefits
  • Lightweight and Sturdy body which is portable
  • Good deodorizing properties
  • Multi-purpose
  • Disinfecting properties making it ideal for dental sanitation purposes


  • Electricity incompatibility issues may arise
  • Wrong handling can discharge ozone
  • Plates need frequent replacement

3. Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator

A powerful odor remover, this ozone generator is specifically crafted to eliminate the worst smells. If you have a pet, you know the hassle. Ozone Power OP5000 is here to take care of the urine stink and other horrible odors. It drives the whiff away from the surrounding.

This ozone generator gives out the purest form of ozone that provides the best sterilization. You can freshen and disinfect areas as large as 5000 square feet with this machine.

This device is highly cost-effective, as it consumes less energy. The energy consumption factor comes from the high efficiency this product offers. You don’t have to use it for long hours to get the desired results. A few hours are sufficient to sanitize large areas.


  • 100% odor elimination
  • Extremely powerful mechanics
  • Suitable for all settings
  • Consumes less power and covers more area
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Highly efficient due to the high-quality sterilization


  • Cross ventilation is required all the time
  • Bulky built
  • Not safe for pets

4. Breathe Fresh 5-in-1 Air Purifier w/ UV, Ozone Power

This one is a powerful deodorizer, which produces about 180gm of ozone per hour. Breathe Fresh is an allergen repellent and covers areas as large as 3500 square feet. The remarkable odor removing properties make this ozone generator a great air purifier.

This ozone generator uses ionizer technology to eliminate smoke, dust and other obstructive particles in the air. The negatively charged ions, along with ozone work toward purification of air by balancing negatively and positively charged ions.

This unit comes with a remote control, which makes it all the more convenient and easy to use. The ozone deodorizers make sure that the surroundings are free of pollutants and impurity.


  • Removes smoke odors real quick
  • Comes with different settings
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Priced reasonably
  • Ozone produced is safe and approved
  • Comes with a UV function


  • Produces sound
  • Gives out mild ozone odor
  • Takes time to show effects

5. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Ivation Ozone uses ion technology to purify and clean the air. It is one of the most efficient ozone generators available in the market. It releases high-quality ozone, which ensures increased breathability and air sterilization. This device works great when it comes to driving dust and irritants away.

The ion technology gives it an edge over other devices. It uses negatively charged ions and maintains a balance between ions in the surroundings. It is designed to cover 3500 square feet and more.

The refreshing ozone eliminates bad odor and filters the air, making the air pleasant to breathe. The built in this generator is very clever and durable and the technology is top-notch.


  • Uses unique ion technology
  • Gives out a pleasant scent
  • Starts working within minutes
  • Compact but powerfulIdeal for large spaces
  • Great for eliminating allergens; helps people with allergies


  • The smell of ozone might be a bit troublesome
  • Gives slightly cold air
  • Makes noise

How To Use An Ozone Generator?

Ozone Generators are easy to use. Most of these devices come along with a user manual, so it becomes easier to install them. The safest way to use an ozone generator is by running it in an unoccupied space. There are many settings available on these devices. The ideal way to approach an ozone generator is by setting the timer.

Vacate the place after switching the generator on and return after the device shuts down. This will allow the ozone to dissipate and make the environment safe for you. Inhaling ozone can have dangerous consequences. Ozone generator disintegrates oxygen atoms.

As you know, we need two oxygen atoms to make one oxygen molecule, which is ideal for breathing. An ozone generator breakdowns oxygen and integrate a third oxygen molecule to the existing oxygen molecule. This molecule, which is an ozone molecule, is not ideal for inhalation. Thus, steer clear of it and use the generator safely.

If you are trying to control pet allergies, then an air purifier may be a better solution. Visit Home Clean Expert and find out what the best air purifier for pets is.


Before purchasing anything, a fair comparison between your choice and other alternatives is imperative. Comparing the two products gives an insight into the functioning of the product. It is always better to put two or more products side by side and evaluate their pros and cons. Also, considering their individual specifications and properties helps to understand the situation better.

Comparing ozone generators is important since these machines deal with technology. It is recommended to go through the best ozone generator reviews before purchasing one. These reviews provide a lot of information about the product. Since their reviews are based on personal experiences, you can rely on them.

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