Can Diet Cause Insomnia

Is there any relationship between your sleep and meal? Can diet cause insomnia? The questions about foods and sleep need to be answered. You’re worried about your sleep quality. You wonder if what you eat affects how well your sleep is. You will need some pieces of advice to improve your diet and sleep as well.

To have excellent health, you must balance workout, diet, and sleep schedule. The food you eat can change your sleeping duration or make you feel awakened. If you don’t control what you eat, your diet can lead to insomnia. Food can be a supporter or sleep thief. All is about how you control your diet. Ingredients and portions decide how diet affects your bedtime.

Let’s find how to build a sleep-promoting diet. What ingredients does a diet good for sleep need to have?

You should avoid eating some kind of food before bedtime. There are things to notice to have a good night. Only with some small changes in diet, you probably improve your sleep quality.

Control Caffeine Intake

As you know, caffeine is a stimulant. Because of its waking-up power, we often drink a cup of coffee in the early morning to power up our brain. Caffeine in the standard portion is not harmful, but too much caffeine can lead to insomnia.

Most of the people cannot sleep after getting some drink with caffeine. How does it happen? How does caffeine make you awaken? Well, caffeine prevents the brain from releasing chemicals that remind your body to sleep. Caffeine also rises up the adrenaline level. Each person is under the influence of caffeine at different levels. This explains why some people can drink coffee at night and still fall asleep easily while others only can drink a cup of coffee during the day.

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a senior businessman is drinking coffee
A senior businessman is drinking coffee.

About six hours after you drink something containing caffeine, this stimulant still stays in the bloodstream. Its active time lasts long. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a drink with caffeine in the afternoon or evening to avoid insomnia.

It’s not necessary to remove or decrease caffeine if you don’t suffer sleep problems. However, you need to pay attention to how much and when you get caffeine drink if you want better sleep.

Limit Nicotine and Alcohol

Nicotine is known as a stimulant that is likely to impact your sleep quality. You can have trouble falling asleep or your sleep is interrupted if you smoke cigarettes or tobacco before going to bed. Smoking is hazardous to your health. Harmful chemicals in cigarettes kill you slowly. Please give up smoking! Stopping smoking is saving your life.

Alcohol is kind of a sedative. You can feel asleep after drinking it. After having a glass of red wine cocktail, you will definitely feel drowsy. However, it interrupts your sleep later in the night.

Alcohol changes your sleep stages. When you drink alcohol, your body spends more time in the deep sleep stage than usual. However, your sleep cycle will rebound. Then your brain makes you stuck in the lighter sleep stages which contain rapid eye movement or REM sleep when you dream.

As a result, you don’t have a deep sleep because sleep stages’ duration is affected. A piece of advice is that you should drink a moderate amount of alcohol and avoid drinking before bedtime.

Keep Away From Heavy Spicy or High-fat Food

Why should you avoid heavy spicy or fatty food? How do they affect your sleep? Our stomach has trouble digesting spicy or high-fat food while it easily digests lighter food like grains or banana.

Imagine that your stomach must try having spicy or fatty food done before bedtime. Your body will be tired. It’s hard to chill out and sleep well if your stomach has to work and doesn’t feel good.

Snack Before Sleep

We bet that you don’t want to go to bed when you’re hungry or too full because your sleep will be able to be disrupted.  Eating too much in the evening can result in discomfort. Moreover, your body has trouble settling and relaxing.

If you desire to eat before bedtime, a light snack like yogurt, a banana, or a small bowl of low-sugar cereal is a good idea.

Cereal bowl

Some foods with chemicals are likely to make you fall asleep quickly or improve sleep quality. The banana has serotonin. Turkey contains tryptophan while berry provides some melatonin. These chemicals are the ingredients to create the chemicals that our brain uses to make us asleep.

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Limit Sugar

Can diet cause insomnia? Yes, what you eat affects how you sleep. Let’s talk about sugar that often appears in your meal. To limit sugar in your diet is to protect your health. The diet having too much sugar put a direct impact on the blood sugar level. Blood sugar level directly affects energy level during the day. Sugar raises energy fast, but it also crashes fast after that. Energy ups and downs may make you come to extra caffeine, temporary short naps or other foods you don’t often eat. All of these things affect your sleep.

Limiting sugar maintains a stable energy level during the day. You still do daily activities and your sleep is not disrupted.


Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is bad for your health. Your body cannot work well if you are dehydrated.

A short of water makes dries out your mouth and nasal passages dry. This probably causes a rising snoring problem and hoarseness of breath at midnight. Leg cramps also can be the result of dehydration. As you see, these issues ruin your sleep.

Don’t drink too much water close to bedtime because you wake up a few times to go to the toilet. The good thing is to stay well-hydrated during the day.

See this video to know what types of food are not good for sleep.

Wrap It Up

Can diet cause insomnia? Your diet can ease or ruin sleep. You must take care of your meal to have a good sleep. Foods or drinks you get have an influence on your bedtime. Select good ingredients for sleep quality and try to remove sleep problems from your life.


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