Nowadays, you will get a microwave oven in every household. What can you use to cover food in microwaves? Well, there will be several ways to do it. Want to know how? Let’s find out in my article!

Microwaves make cooking more accessible and faster, and at the same time, there are many foods to cook where the microwave oven is inevitable (if you want to cook them perfectly). That is why this appliance has gained immense popularity. The microwave makes sure the quality and safety of your food. Moreover, microwaves are also the quickest way to defrost a chicken. But here, you have to maintain some restrictions. You need to cover food in microwaves.

In this regard, it is a frequently asked question what I can use to cover my microwave? This article will answer this question and explain why it is essential to cover food.

What can I use to cover my Microwave?

You can’t use any cover in a microwave because microwave covers are not microwave-safe. Here is a list of products that you can use to cover the food for cooking in the microwave oven:

Wax paper

The wax paper helps you to hold heat for cooking quickly. This paper is best for cooking meat and fruit.

Plastic paper

Plastic wraps are the most used cover used in the microwave. They are the best thing you can use for covering fish and vegetables. Here I can recommend you to use those plastic papers which are microwave-safe.

Parchment paper

Parchment paper and baking paper are considered microwave-safe. You can use this paper also.


You can also use foil paper for cooking your food thoroughly. But I will not recommend you to use it. Many researchers say we should not use that foil in the microwave.

Microwave cooking bags

Microwave cooking bags are the best ones for holding the maximum amount of moisture. It helps to provide even heat distribution and retain food juice. Here one caution is you need to open it very carefully.

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Heat-proofing glass

We can use glass covers for covering foods instead of using plastic. For cooking vegetables, meats, and casseroles, heat-proofing glass is the best one. But it would help if you were very careful when you will open the glass.

Paper towel, napkins, or bags

Paper towels can absorb extra moisture for cooking foods like bacon, sandwich, and so on. I recommend you to use a white and unpainted paper towel for getting the highest safety.

Storage bags

Storage bags are mainly used for reheating or minimal cooking. These bags are not capable of tolerating very high temperatures. So, you have to use these bags very carefully.

Different types of microwave cover

There has a lot of microwave-covering products in the market. You can choose one from the market and use it very quickly. They are straightforward to use.

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What are the things you should not use for covering the microwave?

There also have some things that you will not be able to cover food in microwaves. USDA’s FSIS has given some restrictions on doing this.


Here are the things you should not use for covering the microwave:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Metal pans
  • Cold storage container
  • Newspaper
  • Foam insulated plates
  • Brown paper
  • Plastic grocery bag
  • Thin plastic grocery bags

These are the materials you should not use according to the FSIS. So, it would help if you avoided these.

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Why should you cover your food in the microwave oven?

You should also know why it is essential to cover your food in the microwave oven. That is why here I am giving you the most important reasons for it. These are as follows:

Promote uniform cooking

Have you ever eaten microwave-cooked food which’s some parts are still cold? I have eaten. It is one of the most significant disadvantages of a microwave oven that it cannot heat food thoroughly.

In that case, you can use a microwave cover there. It will ensure that the heat reaches every inch of your food.

Help to kill harmful bacteria.

A research report says that covering food in the microwave traps moist heat and kills harmful germs. Simultaneously, the center for disease control and prevention says that home microwaves can destroy germs and bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, and some viruses within 1 to five minutes.

I hope that you will quickly understand why you should use a microwave cover by these two research reports.

Prevent the food from splatter

Another vital significance is, covering foods will prevent your food from splattering in the microwave oven, which is very unhealthy. It is better to cover food, avoid this type of situation, and chill when cooking.

Make cleaning easier

As I have said before, covering foods will prevent splattering, so you don’t have to give much effort to clean your microwave oven and your plate because it will not be dirty at all. This advantage is a great significance of using cover in your microwave oven.

Keep nutrients of the food stuck.

When you cover your food for cooking in the microwave, the cover will keep the moisture inside. That means you can hold the necessary water in the shell, which will allow you to control the nutrition in your food.

Bottom Line

You will get the safest and healthiest food by cooking in the microwave if you can maintain some rules and restrictions. Using the cover of your food when you are cocking it in the microwave is one of the most important ones. In this article, I’ve given you the best answer for what I can use to cover my microwave. I hope, after reading it, all of your confusion regarding this topic will be clear.

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