Choose the right pillow for good night sleep

In fact, besides the comfortable bed, having a good quality pillow is very important to bring a good night’s sleep for those who have to work so hard during the weekdays. People typically do not pay any attention to the pillow they use every day; however, purchasing the right pillow and following the correct position will allow you to sleep without having to wake up immediately at night.

Let’s think about this element, do you know that you have purchased the right pillow or not? For most people, they tend to pick the huge with lots of wool or cushion. It actually depends on the position and the construction of your bed. In this article, we will suggest some types of pillow that individuals can consider to pick the one that best suits themselves.


What Happens If You Do Not Use A Pillow?

Commonly, people only think that pillow basically brings the comfort for you to have the good night’s sleep. However, there are many advantages that individuals haven’t know.

  1. Besides offering the comfort, purchasing the pillow made of high-quality materials offers the chance for individuals to have their spine and neck supported effectively.
  2. Besides the problems related to parts of the body, pillow also creates an allergic case for people who rarely replace the pillow case. According to research of scientist, within two years, more than 1/3 of your pillow weight contains the dust, oil and dead skin exposed from the natural environment
  3. For teenagers, it is necessary that you replace the pillow case regularly or you will come up with the growth of pimples and oil on the skin.

Type Of Pillow Based On Sleep Position

The first element when choosing a right pillow is individuals must understand which type of position they use to sleep at night. For those who have not known, the ideal position for sleeping is to keep your head stayed in the neutral alignment, and also stayed squarely with your shoulder.

In fact, it does not matter which type of sleeper you are, the pillow must be designed firmly so that it won’t change the shape after using for months. Let’s take a look at this part below to see which type of pillow is the best suitable for you.

1. For Back-Sleeper:

pillow back sleepers

If you are the back sleeper, then it is better to pick the pillow with thin construction (so as to keep the pillow stay balanced instead of throwing too far). Besides the pillow for the bed, you also need one more to put under the knee for reducing the pressure put on your lower back.

The suitable type of pillow is memory foam type. Played as one water pillow, it offers the great form to support effectively for your head and neck.

2. Stomach-Sleep:

In fact, there are not many people sleeping using this position since it may bring uncomfortable for your nights. Therefore, we recommend that you use the thinnest pillow among those found in the store or local showroom. And it is not a big problem when you sleep without any pillow.

When sleeping on the stomach, you are actually relaxed on the belly and put more pressure on your lower back. So it would be better to sleep on the face and prepare one pillow with the size measured as the length of your body ( this is an ideal method for people who like to have something for putting the pressure on the stomach).

3. Side-Sleeper:

This is the common sleeping position people often find when mentioning about the sleeping position. When sleeping followed one side, there should be one pillow to support the head and spine for maintaining them in the midline position.

  • Find one firm and strong pillow goes along with an extra-wide gusset to lessen the distance between your shoulder and the ears.
  • Placing one small pillow between the knees is also a great method for balancing the midline.
  • For women and girls with hourglass body form, having one small pillow placed under their waist will help offer more support when you are sleeping.

Note to self: As mentioned above, pillow tends to contain dust, oil, and mold from the natural environment after using for a long period of time. Therefore, replacing the pillow every 18 months is a must.

On the other hand, there is one common method individuals can use for checking the quality of their pillow. You just need to fold it back, if the pillow does not spring back, which means it has lost the elasticity. Then you need to purchase a new one for maintaining the quality of your sleep.

How To Choose The Good Pillow Filling?

choose the good pillow

In terms of materials, each pillow is made of different types of material to offer the right protection. They not only available in different stages of elasticity and firmness, but also offer a wide range of price for customers to pick based on their financial stage.

  • Feather: Typically, this material offers the great comfort when using for the good night’s sleep. This feature is very smooth and soft, it can support the neck and head, reduce the pressure stayed on your joints and boost the function of facial circulation.

However, if your pillow is exposed to water or humid atmosphere during the rainy season or just simply when people are going on their holiday, this will be a great condition for developing the bacteria and mold. If you are suffering from asthma or having an allergy, stay away from this material.

  • Latex: Since every pillow offers the great comfort for individuals when using, Latex material is one basic type of rubber polymer which allows the pillow to return to its original shape after using for months thanks to the reactive function towards high pressure. One bonus point when choosing, this is the hypoallergenic characteristic.
  • Synthetic: When mentioning about the combined materials, it can be man-made material or commonly polyester. Although this is an ideal choice for people who often allergic to the strange element, the lifespan of this pillow type is very short.
  • Memory foam: Made of various thick sponge, it is temperature-sensitive which can offer the strong performance and support for parts of the body. Since pillow made of this material often molds the foam into your head and neck, people can get rid of the neck pain or head problems when waking up on the following day.

Final Thought

For people who are looking for one high-quality pillow, hopefully, this article provides enough information for you to consider when purchasing the right pillow. Always remember to figure out your sleeping position and some health problems you are suffering from so as to pick the best suitable to meet the needs.


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