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Lemons have been and will forever be a prized possession in the diet, with unique properties that make it considerably better than most other fruits. If you get hold of the ideas you can see the wonders that lemons can do in our daily life. The high valued properties make cleaning with lemons simpler and easier and with a broader perspective you can get hold of every fact put forward.

Recent researches have shown the chemical nature of lemons facilitating the process. Let’s check out a few ways of cleaning things with lemons.


1. Cleaning Your Microwave

If you are finding litters all over your microwave after intense usage in everyday life, this is the perfect cleaning solution for you. The process is very simple, where you have to use lemon mixed in water in 1:1 ratio and let the mixture in the microwave boil to spread all around. The cleansing chemical structures bind perfectly with the litters and loosen them from the walls of the microwave.

Afterwards, they detach easily and some others loosen and can easily be removed by wiping with a cloth. The process is as efficient as it sounds and you can get a clean & shining microwave interior every time after cleaning. The acidic property of lemon makes it a great cleaning agent. The acids work on the alkaline compounds by combining with them and neutralize them.

2. Cleaning All Your Cookware To Stove Top

If you are looking for ways to clean your stove top that has turned greasy with time or the cookware with a lot of burnt remnants in it, then you can find the perfect solution nature. Cooking litters are mainly alkaline in nature and the acidic properties of lemon including citric acid make the lemon turn neutral. The ways of using it include using the lemon slices as a scrub and including a tinge of coarse salt. The medium is perfect to loosen any kind of burnt litter below or above utensils.

The cooktop gets its original glow back easily when treated with lemon juice and vinegar. Together they use their acidic properties to clean up those greasy remnants and work on the chemical reactions with them. Therefore stove tops can have the real glow from the original state making the cooking habit work.

3. Removing The Smell From Cookware

Removing The Smell From Cookware

The smell of vinegar is long lasting when used in the preparation of dishes and tend to stay even after using dishwasher soaps. Those days of smelly food are over for you. You just need to introduce lemon juice to overpower the smell. The acids present in lemon juice are stronger than that of vinegar, making your cooking get the smell out of your sight.

The chemicals in lemon juice like citric acid bring out a fruit like the smell in your cookware. That smell never creates any sort of problems with the newly made dishes, making it an easy way to remove the vinegar smell. The best way to introduce lemon juice, in this case, is by spraying them on the utensils.

4. Glass Cleaning Property

We all know that glassware has been one of the top problems when it comes to building up of dust. Glasses are carbon polymers that always attract dust because of their chemical nature and that dust sticks with the glass building up a layer of dust.

In this context, cleaning with lemons has been one of the best possible ways to remove the thin layer of dirt. The chemical reaction taking place with glass loosens the dirt. This has become one the best natural solution to get the previous glow in glassware.

There is a mixture to be made to prepare the cleaning solution. Some amount of vinegar and lemon juice needs to be mixed with mild hot water. The solution is then sprayed on the glassware making ways of cleaning glass simpler than ever. The end process requires simple ways of wiping with a cloth.

5. Polishing Copper

copper cleaning with lemon


Copper has been one of the chief products available in the market and they are more prone to burn and catch up litter. Therefore using lemon juice can be one of the chief ways to clean those. The instruments are made of copper the dishwashers make harmful chemical reactions and may create a deformed state of the utensils.

It is very important to keep in mind the chemical nature of utensils. The citric acid in lemon works in a big way when it comes to keeping the cooking environment healthy. The polishing needs to be done to keep the copper intact in the utensils so that the food can be again made properly.

You need to always think about the adverse effects of a dishwasher. Lemon, being a natural ingredient, does not have many effects with regard to copper making it favorable for people.

6. Freshening Garbage Disposal

If you have the problem of getting an intense smell from the garbage, a slice of lemon can be your solution. It is very easy to take up this process, where you have to throw a slice of lemon into the garbage basket. The smell of the organic acids in lemon overpowers the old smell of lemon, making it best for keeping the kitchen out of rotten smells.

The garbage disposal is cleansed off its smell with a natural ingredient. This is why every household should introduce this system in their garbage management to get the best result.


Cleaning plays an important role in our day-to-day life and we all know how much important it is. You must have faced difficulty in cleaning many things around you, but cleaning with lemon can help you in this greatly. It has helped me in making my life easier, and so I am excited to share these lists here.

Thank you for reading. I hope you like what you read. Since this was written on the basis of my personal experience, comments are welcomed and suggestions are even more welcomed. Share the article if you think it’s worth it.


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