do you need more sleep as you get older
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As your age increases and you become elderly, you will find that your body changes and your health changes too. You desire to maintain your good health. You will have many questions and need to know more about healthcare. One of the popular questions is about sleep problems. Do you need more sleep as you get older?

The answer is old people don’t need to sleep more. They also don’t need to rest less than younger people. About seven to nine hours are fine. An old person should sleep seven to nine hours each night.

Sleeping Problem In Aged People

For many old adults, sleeping insufficient time is an issue. They don’t fall asleep or their sleep is interrupted. They toss and turn all night, so they cannot sleep tight. One study shows that many old people take more than 30 minutes to be asleep.

In the day, seniors tend to take a nap in a longer time than younger. Because their night sleep is interrupted. They wake up a few times at night and don’t sleep deeply. Since you get older, your sleeping schedule at night can change. So many old people fall asleep earlier in the evening. They also get up earlier in the morning.

Sleeping habit changes when we become older, but insufficient sleep is a problem with your health. Don’t ignore it. Poor sleep can damage your physical and mental health gradually. Sleepwalking or disturbed sleep are symptoms that you need to keep an eye on. They are not a part of aging. Do you need more sleep as you get older? You only need to sleep enough and well.

Should you get insomnia, you are advised to see the doctor. Some tips are available to try. You can follow them to improve your sleep quality.

Natural Tips To Enhance Sleep Quality

  • Practice going to bed and getting up at certain time every day. For example, you always get up at 6 a.m and go to sleep at 10 p.m. You will have a body’s circadian clock that runs stably.
  • You can nap in the day, but don’t nap too much. You will be less sleepy at night if you nap too a lot in the daytime.
  • Do exercise every day. Your health is improved greatly. Playing sports is good for your health too. Moving during the day helps you to fall asleep easily at night. You had better end your activities at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  • Receive sunlight every day. You shouldn’t be under sunlight in hours with high UV rays.

Try some natural methods to enhance sleeping time. You can find out helpful tips in this article Natural Ways To Improve Sleep – How To Sleep Well.

  • Foods and drinks affect your sleep quality. Caffeine is an example. You will be hard to fall asleep if you get some drink of caffeine in the evening or even in the afternoon. This stimulant makes you awaken. Don’t get too full at dinner because it will be hard to begin your sleep with a full stomach.
  • In case, you feel hungry at night, it’s fine to have some cookies and a warm drink. Many people drink warm milk to fall asleep more easily.
  • Keep away from alcohol and cigarettes. They are harmful to your body and mind. They ruin your health slowly. You don’t get any benefits from them. You don’t feel asleep because of them.
  • Increase the quality of the sleep environment: You need to make your bedroom and your bed become an ideal place. You feel comfortable on your bed. Make sure your bedroom has a suitable temperature and be cool and dark. The atmosphere should be peaceful and quiet.
  • Form a sleeping routine. You can repeat the activity to build a sign for falling asleep. Reading a book, listening to music, or taking a warm bath to tell your body it’s bedtime. These activities will help you to relax, stress out and ease your mind.
  • If you feel so exhausted during the day that you cannot do daily activities and your insomnia lasts for more than 2 to 3 weeks, you will have to see a doctor or a sleep disorders specialist. This is necessary to avoid your poor sleep issue being worse.

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This video will show you several methods to get back a good sleeping time.

Wrap It Up

Do you need more sleep as you get older? You don’t have to sleep more. However, your sleeping habit can be affected by age. It’s essential to enhance your sleep quality if you get a few troubles with the sleep disorder.

You’re responsible for your health. Sleeping is very important for your health. Improving sleep is protecting health. You always have a better morning after a good sleep.


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