can hydrogen peroxide kill bed bugs

Bed bugs are an obsession for many people. They hide in your bed and your house. They wait for the night to show up and bite you. Bed bugs are tiny enemies that we have to remove. There are multiple ways to eliminate insects. Can hydrogen peroxide kill bed bugs? We will look for the answer, investigate this chemical and find out other methods in the article.

As bed bugs destroy our sleep, people hate and seek ways to take them away from their houses. House owners try several ways to eradicate bugs. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the detergent used. Can hydrogen peroxide kill bed bugs? Let’s find out.

Usage of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide. It’s used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and disinfectant.   Like bleach, hydrogen peroxide can eliminate bed bugs, larvae and eggs; however, it has some disadvantages.

Because hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, it can blow away the color of clothing, rug, bedsheet, and other pieces of furniture or even ruin them. You should choose a suitable method among multiple ones.

Some tips advise you to spray hydrogen peroxide on your skin to remove them, but this is quite dangerous. It’s not good to spray bleach on the skin.  Bed bugs don’t live on the skin, so spraying hydrogen peroxide on the skin cannot kill them. This method is not effective. This even may be harmful to your health.

Hydrogen peroxide can kill bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. Nevertheless, their eggs are very small and hard to access. You spray an area with bleach, but it’s possible that eggs are not affected.  Larvae can be killed by bleach, but it’s difficult to find them all. They are tiny and hide everywhere.

Steps To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bleach, hydrogen peroxide as well, is one of the most popular home remedies. If you spray bleach directly on bed bugs, they will die for harsh chemicals. However, they can survive if they hide and avoid infestation.

To remove the insects from your house, you need to follow steps:

  • Seek for places where bed bugs are hiding
  • Move stuff out of the drawers and the wardrobe. Take all the clothes and clothing stuff, and soak them in bleach.
  • Prepare a spray bottle. Fill it with bleach and hot water at the percentage 1:1
  • Spray the solution on the places like crevices, holes in wall & furniture.
  • Wipe the floor surface with this solution.

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Other home remedies


This cleansing device helps you to get rid of clutter and clean entire your house. You will keep away bed bugs and eggs from their hiding places.

Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold

  • Wash pieces of furniture on the hottest water setting (above 140° Fahrenheit): You can use a washing machine to do soak items in hot water.
  • Freeze non-washable stuff
  • Steam clean: If you cannot soak big items like bed mattresses in hot water, a steam cleaner on the hottest setting is a good idea. Move the steam cleaner over the bed. You have to repeat steaming. Don’t miss places where bed bugs often hide like crannies and nooks.

Diatomaceous Earth

How to use this type of powder? Diatomaceous earth is known as naturally occurring sand. This powder is extremely sharp and rough to bed bugs because these insects have weak exoskeletons. Bed bugs are cut into pieces when crawling into or over diatomaceous earth.

Rubbing Alcohol

This chemical can eradicate bed bugs, eggs, and larvae. Spray alcohol dilution of 90% on bugs. You need to look for hiding places and spray rubbing alcohol on harmful insects. Be careful because alcohol is hazardous when you inhale it.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil cheats bed bugs. It modifies the smell of sweat which attracts adult bed bugs. You can spray the oil on your bedsheets, mattress, and other stuff.  You also can spray tea tree oil on bugs but it cannot eliminate all insects.

Baking Soda

This is a temporary solution to prevent bed bugs. Baking soda makes bugs dried out but cannot kill them. You can this method before finding an effective way to remove bed bugs. However, you will have to clean baking soda after sprinkling it on the floor or other places.


It’s necessary to combine vinegar with other remedies. This liquid eliminates adult bed bugs but doesn’t kill larvae. You spray items and cracks on the floor with vinegar. Bed bugs will die for it.

Watch this video to know bed bugs well


Can hydrogen peroxide kill bed bugs? Yes, it can. However, you shouldn’t spray it all the places in your house as fabric and color of items will be damaged.

Remember to choose the best method to remove harmful insects.


  1. Multiple sources on google say that hydrogen peroxide won’t do anything against bed bugs. This is bad advice. Same with vinegar.

  2. Once the pharmaceutical remedy was ineffective I was grasping at straws. Consequently, I filled spray bottles with table salt Plus Edson salt diluted with water And hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and saturated all my skin Area after showering. After it was dry, I peeled pure aloe Vera stalks thickly smearing the gel over all skin areas then dressed with light cotton clothing sleeping clothes until showering in the morning. Of course all other cleaning remedy’s in your living environment also have to work in conjunction. Now, I use hydrogen peroxide regularly in a spritz bottle much more because it also helps clean stale indoor air reducing cold/germs.. hydrogen spray bottle spritzed near my doors and screens keeps insects away and away from areas where the dog hangs Outout

  3. Your Theory on hydrogen peroxide kills bed bugs SUCKS ! sprayed one and all it did was lift one tiny leg give me the finger and keep on running so hydrogen peroxide has been MYTH BUSTED !


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