Dyson DC28 Animal

Have you ever felt the backbreaking pressure of cleaning your large house with those heavy vacuums? If yes, then I have great news for you. The Dyson DC28 Animal is here to take care of all your cleaning efforts, the only Animal with the power to leave your house (or wherever you use it) spotless and sparkling.

This upright vacuum cleaner is brilliantly designed to work with babies, metals, pets, and even aliens. The product is laden with a set of the latest features, making it differentiate its better quality from the other vacuums. The Dyson DC28 Animal has worked its way in transforming the way people use vacuum cleaners. It is filled with the latest technology and assists humans in all their cleaning conquests.

Benefits To The Customers When Using This Product

  • If a vacuum cleaner has been able to revolutionize the world of cleaning, then obviously, it must have some mind-blowing benefits as well.
  • The customer enjoys the benefit of cleaning not just their floors but also their pet’s hair and walls.
  • The suction is easily manageable.
  • The cleaner comes with a set of free additional cleaning apparatus for you to enjoy vacuuming.
  • With this product, you get the benefit of vacuuming any surface and not just the carpet.
  • The Dyson DC28 Animal comes in a stylish design, so you needn’t worry if it is in the hall and some guests arrive.
  • You can rather flaunt it. This product also gives you a long handle to don’t have to bend even a bit for cleaning.

Great Features Of This Product

Dyson DC28 Animal

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Some advanced features of Dyson DC28 Animal make the product particularly unique. Like the lion, this Vacuum for pet hair can rule on any floor type. It can be carpeted or rugs or wood or marble or any other hard stone floor. Dyson DC28 will clean it. I would even use it for my walls. The Dyson DC28 Animal comes with the root cyclone technology, which provides powerful and steady suction to the vacuum.

It is laden with the magical HEPA filter. This filter has a lifespan of eternity and needs no replacement. It sucks all the bacteria, pet hair, and dander and is beneficial for allergy or asthma patients.

The cleaner has the advanced quick draw telescopic reach feature, enabling you to clean longer distances without any difficulty. Use this feature for reaching and cleaning the remote areas of your house.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Every product has pros and cons, just like every coin has two sides. Let’s take a look at the good and bad about the Dyson DC28 Animal here:


Since the product is filled with the latest technology and features, it has some astonishing pros to its name.

  • Power to clean pet hair – You can use the Dyson DC28 Animal to clean not just your floors but also your four-legged friends. The vacuum suction is designed to steady itself for cleaning the soft pet hair and dander.
  • Tools and cleaning instruments – The Dyson cleaner comes with a set of amazing attachments to enhancing the cleaning experience. You can use the spot cleaner for any marks left by spilled coffee or use the zorb maintenance powder for cleaning your carpets a little better. The product offers a set of accessories to get you excited about cleaning.
  • Warranty – The Dyson DC28 Animal comes with a long warranty period of 5 years. You enjoy the servicing of your vacuum from top to bottom for 5 long years.
  • Cleans varying floors – This cleaner has the air muscle technology to clean any floor by just clicking a button. This technology combines three cleaner heads and allows you to clean varying floor types.


  • The cleaner is styled innovatively. It does not have a bag but rather comes with dustbin storage, which can be emptied. Many people cannot adapt to this change and prefer the old bag storage method.
  • Although the Dyson DC28 Animal is not loaded with weight for suction, it is certainly heavy to carry. The cleaner also requires proper storage space, and it is not like any other store-under-the-stairs vacuums.
  • If the dust bin and filter is not cleaned regularly, the problem of rotten odor may occur.

This Product is Best Suited For

This vacuum, unlike other cleaners, requires your complete attention while dealing with it. It has a lot of features which can be used for cleaning even the remotest of the areas.

Dyson DC28 Animal review

Some Tips For You When Using This Product

  • The quick draw telescopic reach feature helps you to reach the narrow and far away regions. There is a wand cap on the upper side. Open that wand cap and pull out the wand moving in the upwards direction for using this feature.
  • The machine has a sturdy handle for you to carry it anywhere. You can take out the filter and wash it thoroughly.
  • The dustbin contains a Max mark, which signals for emptying it. It would help if you pressed the red button right below the power button to open and empty it.
  • You can choose the best – suited floor setting from the 4 options you get. When you switch on the vacuum, it will be on the “MED pile,” which can be changed accordingly.
  • It is designed for household use only. It would help if you stored it indoors above 0˚C temperature. Do not attempt to lubricate any parts or carry out the repair work yourself.


The Dyson DC28 Animal has been designed as a powerful cleaning technology. The product has come out as the best companions of humans, floors, and even pets. Some people have suggested that pets enjoy getting cleaned from this vacuum.

Other Dyson vacuum cleaners lack a lot of features in comparison to this Animal. It has fingertip controlling and works on a wide range of floors from carpet to wood. The telescopic reach feature is the latest addition, particularly unique to the Dyson DC28 Animal.

The pneumatic suction quality ensures that the machine is not heavy like others and enjoys a powerful suction. These features have made this Animal one of the best among the upright cleaners. You can now sit back and relax because you have just found an amazing cleaning companion for your home.


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