eco-friendly upgrades for your bedrooms

The time has come for you to renovate that bedroom. But, what you don’t have is an inspiration. Don’t worry – that is why we are here. We have some fantastic eco-friendly upgrades for your bedroom that you can try.

And yes, you read that correctly – eco-friendly upgrades! And, why is it essential for the upgrades to be ‘green’? Because they help save our planet. And because they look as impressive (if not better) than regular ones. Thus, let us not waste time anymore. Keep reading to see some tremendous eco-friendly upgrades for your bedroom.

Declutter Your Bedroom

First things first – before implementing all the eco-friendly upgrades in your bedroom, make sure it is decluttered. Decluttering, that is, getting rid of excess stuff, is a big part of being ‘green.’ It is simple – you generate less waste when you have fewer items. Moreover, when you buy fewer items, you save the resources needed to produce those items.

eco-friendly upgrades for your bedrooms 2
It is always better to declutter your room before upgrading or renovating.

Thus, declutter and limit the number of items in your bedroom if you want it to be eco-friendly.

Start by setting apart the things you want to keep and the ones you want to eliminate. The former, put someplace else while you finish decorating. And, the latter – declutter. Of course, when we say declutter, we mean eco-friendly declutter – donate to charity, give to friends and family, sell online or organize a yard sale, and throw away (or recycle) only the useless things. This is simple yet effective green home improvement (even if it doesn’t seem so).

Buy Recycled Furniture

If your bedroom furniture was on that get-rid-of pile, you need some new furniture. Some new eco-friendly furniture. Eco-friendly furniture comes in two forms – used furniture or recycled furniture. You can get used furniture from somebody or buy it in second-hand or antique stores. Recycled furniture you can buy in stores – it is furniture made of recycled materials. Both versions are significant eco-friendly upgrades for your bedroom.

Moreover, if you don’t want to get rid of some of your bedroom items but want to upgrade them using new eco-friendly pieces, no worries, there is a solution for that too! You can just put excess items in a unit, that is, in a storage unit. There are many of these in your town, so give this idea a thought.

Repaint Your Walls Using Non-toxic Paint

Speaking of eco-friendly upgrades for your bedroom, we cannot but mention repainting your walls. But how is that an eco-friendly upgrade, you ask? Well, if you use non-toxic paints, it is!

Non-toxic paints contain low to no VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds. This means they will be less toxic for you and the planet. These paint also don’t have that strong chemical smell, so that they will suit people with sensitive noses and allergies.

Moreover, don’t shy away from these paints just because of the belief that natural colors are not as strong. They can be as strong as you want them to be. You can tone it up or down depending on your needs and preferences. And these natural paints come in all colors, so if you want to use pastel colors in your home, that is, in your bedroom, you can find them in an eco-friendly version.

And, Buy Eco-friendly Mattress

Did you know that even your mattress can be eco-friendly? This differs from older mattresses – those made with coils and dusty fabrics. But it is the case with newer mattresses, especially those made of bamboo or memory foam.

eco-friendly upgrades for your bedrooms 3
Sleeping on an eco-friendly mattress is good for the planet and your body.

Bamboo is a natural material; thus, it is a great eco-friendly addition to your bedroom. But remember that bamboo mattress is excellent for those who prefer sleeping on their backs as they are relatively firm. If you want something softer, go for a memory foam mattress!

P.S. You can also replace your old pillows with bamboo or memory foam ones!

P.P.S. For help figuring out how to transport this new big mattress to your home, ask the lads from A2B Moving and Storage for some moving advice.

Buy Natural Bedding Materials 

eco-friendly upgrades for your bedrooms 1
Natural bedding materials can improve the quality of your sleep.

To create a comfy and sustainable bedroom besides the mattress, you also need to get some bedding. If necessary, you need a mattress cover (and a topper), pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, duvets, etc. The good news is that you can also buy all of these in the ‘green’ version! Just look for bedding made of natural materials. For instance, you can buy a mattress cover, pillows made of memory foam, sheets and pillowcases made of bamboo, and blankets made of wool or organic cotton.

Replace Your Old Rug with a Hemp One

All bedrooms should have a carpet as it makes them comfier. Luckily, in today’s day and age, even eco-friendly rugs can beautify your bedroom. The most widespread natural material for rugs is the so-called hemp. Hemp is a plant whose fibers can produce many different ‘textile’ things. So, consider replacing your old rug with a new one made of hemp.

As you have seen, there are many eco-friendly upgrades for your bedroom that you can try out. We mentioned just a couple of the most basic ones. Thus, feel free to keep on researching. That perfect ‘green’ decorating tip is just a click away.


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