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Do you often have difficulties when going to bed every night? In fact, the activities occur before and during bedtime have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. If you do not experience one good night sleep as you may expect or find it difficult to do things when the sun goes down, then it’s time to check your bedtime habits at night.

To solve this problem, individuals can find various recommendations from online websites or books about health. For example, it would be great to take a warm bath or listen to some smooth and lyrical songs before bedtime.


Recommendations From Health Experts

Besides the good habit and theory based on books, individuals can consider some suggests from health experts. Since those people are researching about the health and benefits you gain from forming a healthy lifestyle, it would be easier to have suitable methods for different types of people.

Therefore, it is better to take a look at the precious experience from famous health experts above. Each individual gives out the methods which are the best when applying to there daily habits. You can take a look and follow some which you may interest in.

Amy Landolt, Acupuncturist

  1. Whenever you feel tired, it is better that you should go to sleep. For some people, they still want to finish all the tasks although feeling so exhausted. However, just by focusing too much on those works, individuals will find it hard to sleep even during midnight.
  2. When designing the bedroom, it is important to cover the wall with dark papers and shades. In addition, try not to use electrical clocks or Television about one hour before going to sleep. If you often have trouble with sleep every night, you can try to diffuse an Essential Oils Calming Blend to create the comfortable atmosphere.
  3. If you are the type of people who love to fulfill your life with sporty activities, then you should not forget to do some low-intensity workouts or even yoga to relax all the muscular parts of the body. Through this time, the brain tends to release stressful thoughts which lead to a better sleep.

Dr. Gregg Schneider

Dr. Gregg Schneider

Mentioning about Dr. Gregg Schneider, he is a nutritionist as well as a dentist. For those who are suffering from sleep disturbances, he can give you more advices to reduce this symptom.

Personally, he always spends up to 8 hours for sleeping at the same period of time during his daily schedule. It is better that you should not take caffeine after 3 pm. In addition, practice exercises regularly help to boost the health and quality of sleep as well.

Besides applying some methods for the surrounding environment in your bedroom, individuals can take some medicine or ingredients which can help boost the amount of melatonin including:

  • 150mg of bio-active milk, which contains peptides
  • To boost the melatonin inside your brand, you can consume 1,5 mg of melatonin for roughly 45 minutes before going to sleep.
  • It is better to have a mixture of jujube and magnolia about 2 hours before bedtime

For those methods we have suggested above, you can combine with other supplements or just consume one particular amount of ingredient.

Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean is not only one nutrition expert, but he is also a medical doctor who specializes in offering effective treatments for insomnia.

When mentioning about sleep, individuals also need to understand which supplements they can take to boost the quality of their sleeping time as well. Particularly, magnesium is one ingredient which both help release the stressful thoughts and enhancing the quality of natural sleep.

In terms of research, the number of women who suffers from enzyme reactions accounts for approximately 75%. Therefore, besides the magnesium, individuals can consume two more forms of this ingredient (which can be found widely in the market).

  1. Serotonin – this supplement depends on the function of Magnesium to boost the amount of melatonin in your body.
  2. Magnesium citrate–In fact, individuals will find it hard to consume different types of supplement inside the body, especially when they are not available in various forms. Therefore, this ingredient is one absorbable form which allows individuals to combine with hot and cold water for drinking every day.

Dr. Richard Shane

Dr. Richard Shane is working as the Physicians and founder of Sleep Easily – one group of people, which provides enough medication and methods to reduce the insomnia problems for individuals, especially elder.

sleep easily method

If you often have trouble in having a good night’s sleep, let’s sick on the chair and close your eyes. During this period of time, take some deep breath without letting yourself distract from surrounding environments. As a result, you will experience the comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Just take a glance at Sleep Easily website and follow different methods. Keep your tongue stay balance in the mouth then try to keep yourself sleep deeply.

For those who often research about science features, then it is obvious when the temperature of your body tends to drop out at night. Therefore, decreasing the temperature of air-conditioner also helps boost the depth of your sleep as well.

When making researches, there is a great number of people have come up with the difficulty in having a good night’s sleep. With those methods above, you can apply to find a better way to enhance your quality of sleep. As a result, individuals can strengthen their health and form an effective habit during their lifetime.


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