Find The Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors

Best steam mop for hardwood floors

All of us have come across the list of steam mops for hardwood floors. These are used to remove the dirt and debris like oil, stains and more. The selection of the best steam mop for hardwood floors seems to be a simple task, but it shall be done diligently to get the best results. There are several hacks that must be considered before buying any of the steam mops for hardwood floors.

If you think that you just need to rush to the nearby market and buy any of the available steam mops then you are seriously mistaken. This will not only part you from the money, but also lead you to many other complications. The top five mops detailed here in the article will help you in choosing the right product. It will also help you to get the idea about selecting the best steam mop for hardwood floors.

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Benefits To Customer When Using This Product

  • Bacteria and Germ-Free surface
  • Complete removal of Dirt and Debris
  • Pleasant fragrance and cleaner areas
  • Hassle free dusting and mopping
  • Keeping away from the dry dust and dirt for health reasons

Top Five Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors Available On The Market

This is not just the list of the popular products available in the category of steam mops but provides you the detailed comparisons of the products. It gives you the overview of the silent features of the individual products which help in making an informed selection of the steam mops for the hardwood floors. It also helps you in selecting the right product as per the usage and the choice of functions. The best five of the steam mops for hardwood floors are as below:

1. Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner

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This is considered as the top of the five best steam mops that offers the deep cleaning for the hardwood floors. It is designed to offer the steam cleaning with the feature of scented cleaning. This is effective to clean the 99.9% of the bacteria and germs with its unique designed flip-down scrubber. This helps in cleaning the toughest areas grout and sticky stains that are tough to clean by simply mopping.

The mop uses the Microban antimicrobial protection to safeguard the floor from the bacterial and other infections. It has got the digital control panel that allows you to set the steam cleaning process as per your requirements. It is gentle on the floor surface and gives excellent cleaning with the minimal efforts.

Apart from this, it is easy to handle because of its weight that is 8.3 pounds making it light for usage. The product is covered under two-year limited warranty along with the frustration-free certification.


  • Lightweight
  • Three cleaning modes
  • Digital controls
  • Frustration Free Certified
  • Two years warranty
  • 9% germ-free


  • Unfit for heavy cleaning
  • Smaller coverage for cleaning
  • Difficult to clean due to flip design

2. Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

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If you are looking for the sleek and compact tool that allows you to get rid of the dirt and the debris then this is the best product. It is quite handy as per its name and you may easily carry it in the pocket. The deep clean features of this steam mop are best to clean the hard floors that have the surfaces like that of wood, linoleum, tile or vinyl.

The mop is using the super-heated steam that cleanses the areas easily within a fraction of a minute. The controls of the product allow you to use the various stream of steams that can be used for various purposes.

For example, you may get the highest range of steam for harder cleaning and the low-grade steam flow for cleaning the tapestry-clad surface and other soft surfaces.


  • Compact and handy size
  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Triggerless control for easy handling
  • Deep clean feature
  • Multiple steam streams
  • Cost effective


  • Too compact for mid-sized cleaning coverage
  • Continued power consumptions due to switchless control
  • Unfit for heavy cleaning

3. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

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This is the right choice for the users when looking for the big size steam mop for hardwood floors. It is the best in cleaning the areas where you cannot work with the compact and small sized steam mops. This is a perfect product that comes with the dual tank design that doesn’t allow the recycling or reuse of the dirty water again and again for cleaning.

It has the spin scrub brushes that give perfect cleaning experience on the large surfaces. Apart there are two modes that allow the user to select among the wash and dry mode for cleaning the damp areas as well as the normal surfaces easily.

Along with this it is foldable and can be dethatched into various parts that can be cleaned separately. You can easily detach the brush nozzle and the tanks for cleaning the unit.


  • Suitable for heavy cleaning
  • Wash and Dry Mode
  • Detachable parts for easier cleaning
  • Dual tank design
  • Clean water usage
  • Fragrance filled cleaning


  • Heavy to use
  • Require large amount of water
  • Doesn’t suit for cleaning smaller areas

4. O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

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If you don’t have enough time to spare but you need to clean larger areas, then this is a perfect choice. It takes only 20 seconds to heat up after plugging. There are multiple steam settings that can be used for various purposes.

These adjustable settings for different steam modes allow you to clean the different surfaces easily. It is known to give the 99.9 % germ and bacteria free surface without using any of the chemicals. This is the biggest advantage that allows the users to get cleaner surfaces.

The handle mounted switch gives the control to the user for putting it off and on as and when required without moving to the power switch every time. The unit can be cleaned easily by separating the nozzle and the tank for getting better cleaning experience. This is a perfect choice for the mid-sized inside areas.


  • Faster heating for rapid use
  • 9% germ-free cleaning
  • Multiple steam jets
  • Excellent for bigger works
  • Handle mounted control for easy usage


  • Ineffective on precise surfaces
  • Single type nozzle attachment
  • Consumes more power

5. Bissel 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

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Now comes the huge product for the extra-large areas. This is a product that is a combination of the vacuum cleaner and the steam mop for hardwood floor. This is best known to reduce the cleaning time by just half; as you may use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning and the steam mop for mopping.

It allows you to get dual function within one product. Just pick this one if you require a vacuum cleaner that not only pulls out the dirt and debris but also mops the area with sanitized steam. This gives 99.9% germ protections through its Microban microfiber pads.

Along with this the digital controls and adjustable handle give ease of control and usage for faster cleaning. The dual functionality makes it a perfect choice for domestic usage.


  • Micro Fiber pads for deep cleaning
  • Dual functions for multiple usages
  • Top rated in commercial usage
  • Digital Control99.9 % germ protection


  • Difficult to clean the unit
  • Unfit for cleaning precise surfaces
  • Too heavy for domestic usage

Considerations For Mop Use on Hardwood Floors

Considerations For Mop Use on Hardwood Floors

The steam mops are excellent for cleaning the hardwood floors as the steam not only kills the germs but also removes the dirt and dust that is accumulated in the micro-pores and the difficult areas of the hardwood floor.

While using the mops the area of the hardwood floor, types of debris or accumulated stuff and the cleaning requirements shall be considered for getting best results.

How to Choose The Best Steam Mop For Hardwood Floors

The selection from the best steam mop for hardwood floors shall be done after keeping the below points in mind.

  • Cleaning areas: It is quite important to choose the right fit product for the different areas. The larger areas require the heavy products while the small surface can be cleaned by using the compact steam mops.
  • Ease of Handling: If you are unable to use the heavy steam mop then you will not be able to get the desired results, therefore, select any of the products that are easy to use. This helps you in taking complete control over the mop activity giving you perfect results.
  • Choice of product: If you have average usage and nothing specific requirements for cleaning you can choose the mid-range products. In the case of the larger cleaning areas and limited time, you shall go for the heavy duty product like a combination of vacuum and mopping system.

If you keep these things in mind you can easily make a perfect selection.


The steam mops are quite useful for cleaning the hardwood floors. It is quite important to choose the best steam mop for hardwood floors to get a clean and germ-free surface. The steam allows the micropores of the hardwood floors to wash the dirt and debris accumulated in the fine linings and the grooves. This helps in cleaning the hardwood floor with utmost perfection. It is inevitable to select the right product for getting the best results.If you are using a compact or a handy product on the larger surfaces you may not only the loose heart but get extremely tired. Therefore; the appropriate selection is the key to getting the best steam mop for hardwood floors.


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