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Did you know that your home flooring comes with a warranty? You shouldn’t worry about this because most warranties of home items consist of flooring limitations. This article will be looking at home flooring warranties and what you should know. We will reveal what these warranties include and what they do not include. We will also look at artistry warranties during the installation and why it is essential.

What Is Included In Flooring Warranties

As expected, the warranty is only valid provided that the flooring is used and installed according to the manufacturer’s design and installation. Any installation or usage is different from what the manufacturer has specified voids the warranty. An excellent example of this is when a product designed for residential buildings is installed in commercial buildings.

Most of the guarantees you get from manufacturers of floor coverings are manufacturer defects, including poor joint reliability or faulty planks. Apart from these two, other coverage you might benefit from, dependent on the floor covering you chose, include:

  • Water resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Scuff or wear protection

As with other products, the warranty length varies and could last up to 10 years or even for a lifetime. The cover from the lifetime manufacturer’s assurance depends on the fact that the individual who purchased and installed the flooring resides in the house where the product is installed. If, at any time, you change residence, the warranty becomes void.

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What Is Not Included?

No matter how great and reliable the manufacturer is, there are certain assurances they will not include. Below are some of these issues, which are other wear & tear forms:

  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Pet accidents
  • Warping or buckling. Visit https://50floor.com/ to find out what causes hardwood floors to warp and how to prevent it.

A significant exclusion is any damage due to unfair practices during the installation.

Why Workmanship Guarantee Is Important

As much as the manufacturer’s warranty is essential, the quality guarantee is equally essential. As we mentioned above, the cover provided by the product manufacturer does not include damages that occur during installation. Therefore, it becomes vital that the installer also provides you with a written artistry guarantee.

Flooring Warranties For Your Home

Any installer that doesn’t guarantee that the product will be installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and will pay for damages and replacement should they breach those rules shouldn’t be hired.

The performance of the floor covering and how long it will last is dependent on its installation. When installing the product following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can rest assured that the flooring will look great and last long. Furthermore, such a floor covering will be a part of a warranty in case of any issue in the future.

Warranty on Each Flooring Type

It is no doubt that one of the factors that folks consider when selecting a floor covering is the product’s warranty. Given that there are different floorings, one can get confused when selecting.

As a result, we have decided to share some vital information in this section to help you have a good idea about the manufacturer’s assurance covering each of the most common flooring types.

1. Carpet

This product’s warranty varies; therefore, warranties of 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or even a lifetime, depending on the product brand.

As we said earlier, most producers stipulate that lifetime warranties become void when the owner no longer lives in the house. However, some producers have an exception to this rule. Therefore, you need to confirm that you can transfer the warranty. This is important if you intend to sell your house. Click here to learn how to sell your home.

The cover includes stain, soil, pet urine, quality assurance, fade resistance, and abrasive wear. However, depending on the brand and manufacturer, the warranties you get might differ; this is why you might find specific exclusions not found in other products.

Therefore, we recommend that you read the information about the manufacturer’s guarantee carefully when buying a carpet: Doing this will keep you well-informed about the cover you will be getting.

As we said earlier, the warranty for the flooring, which includes carpet, does not cover improper installation or poor maintenance. Therefore, if the carpet is not installed correctly, or you fail to care for it accordingly, the warranty becomes void.

Apart from the above, the cover can be made void if you use unapproved cleaners to clean the carpet. Also, flood damage is another factor that voids the guarantee.

2. Hardwood

Most of these floors have 25 years and above warranties. The standard warranty types covered are structural and finish. The guarantee from the covering maker is only valid if you install and maintain the flooring as instructed.

There is no cover for scratches and indentations made by pets and furniture, wear or buildup caused by wrong cleaning products.

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3. Vinyl

There are different vinyl floorings. The vinyl material has its pros and cons depending on what price range/ type you choose. Therefore, the warranty you get is different by the product type. These warranties cover fading, wear, ripping, tearing, curling edges, and staining. A waterproof guarantee is an exclusion that only applies to waterproof luxury vinyl. Nevertheless, if the subfloor is damaged, there is no cover.


Regarding flooring warranties for your home, you can only void them if you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the product and caring for it. Therefore, it is essential that you only hire a reliable installer who will guarantee a job well done.

After the installation, you must maintain the carpet by cleaning it as when due. It would help if you only used approved cleaners for the flooring.


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