frigidaire washing machine won't drain

Modern technology and smart appliances support us so much in house chores. It’s a good idea to buy multiple devices for your house and reduce the pressure on housework. One of the popular appliances is the washing machine. Do you know about the Frigidaire brand? You can try this brand. However, some issues may happen while using a washing machine. What should you do when a Frigidaire washing machine won’t drain? Let’s adopt a few solutions!

Washing Machines Of Frigidaire Brand

Frigidaire brand is a famous appliance manufacturer. Its founder invented the first refrigerator. The company has created many kinds of appliances that are recognized by consumers. The washing machine is a popular product of Frigidaire. Most of the washing machines have colors such as black, white, even red, and blue. However, they don’t perform well in capacity and noise control.


The price of Frigidaire washing machines is quite reasonable. You can afford a good-quality washing machine of Frigidaire while other brands sell similar models at a higher price.


Many customers are interested in the look of devices. Eye-catching appearance and style will attract more buyers. Frigidaire manufactures modern and good-looking machines. Several colors are painted for washing machines. Structures and style also bring easy use control.


Frigidaire washing machines provide 7 washing cycles to deal with soiled loads and the different sizes of clothes. They also give 15 washing options, such as Energy Saver reducing operating costs. There is a super-fast 25-minute washing cycle for smaller loads in some washers.

Simple features

Washing machines of Frigidaire have basic features. The manufacturer doesn’t participate in the race of new features. Its devices work properly for their responsibility that is washing and wringing. New features like washing by steaming are difficult to see in Frigidaire washing machines.

Energy Saving

You can make sure that your Frigidaire washer has an Energy Star rating label and helps you to save electricity and water. It has certain cycles to use colder temperatures and less water for less soiled clothes. This helps you to decrease the costs of energy while using the machine.

Many consumers use, trust, and recommend Frigidaire washing machines to others. The advantages that are often mentioned are smart settings, energy-saving, consistent cleaning, and wringing in the final spinning cycle.

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Why Frigidaire Washer Not Draining In The Last Spin?

While using the Frigidaire washing machine, you can face some popular issues which also happen to devices of other brands. In case your machine stops draining in the midst of a cycle, you need to check some parts. Let’s solve the problem when the Frigidaire washing machine won’t drain.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain can prevent a Frigidaire washing machine from removing water before starting the spin cycle. The drain can be clogged by a piece of clothing, small object or soap scum. Depending on the position of the block, water can go through the drain slower or cannot flow if the drain is clogged completely.

It would be best if you read the tips to remove clog in the manual. You will have to remove water manually and clean up wet laundry before resolving the blocked drain.

Stubborn Soap

A washing machine may stop draining when it has too many suds inside the device and lack water. The machine can detect suds and increase the drain time by a few minutes to limit excess suds. Unless the soap isn’t removed after the extra drain time ends, the device can turn on the “Pause” mode and doesn’t start the final spin.

A digital readout display in modern machines can show a warning when the washing machine doesn’t pump out water fast enough or soap scum is stuck in the machine. It’s necessary to press the “Pause Cancel” button, pause the washing process, and start the cycle without pouring detergent.


You must ensure the door is permanently closed while the machine drains and starts the final spin. Even a partly opened door hampers the draining cycle. Please check and ensure that the door is closed completely. The door needs to be tested, fixed, or replaced if necessary.

Dispenser Drawer

Like the door, the dispenser drawers to pour detergent, fabric softener, or bleach in a Frigidaire washing machine also need to be closed. This is a condition for the machine to drain and spin. If the last spin cycle doesn’t run, you must check if the drawer is closed completely.  The drawer needs to be tested, fixed, or replaced if necessary.

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Common solutions

#1. Drain Pump

Sometimes, a small object or piece of clothes can get stuck in the drain pump. You must remove the pump and inspect the obstructions. If you don’t see anything and you hear noise while the drain cycle runs, you should replace the pump.

#2. Clogged Pump or Hose

Small objects or socks can enter the drain system and block the pump hose. Get rid of the hose from the pump and look for any objects.

#3. Door Lock

The door lock ensures the door is closed while the machine is running. After the door closes, the washing machine can start working. If the door is not closed, the door switch will prevent the machine from working. If the door lock has an error, the machine won’t spin or start.

The door lock can have an issue with the mechanical field or electricity. Check the door lock. You must replace it if it doesn’t work well or latch properly. Use your washer’s wiring diagram and a multimeter to check the continuity of switches. If you see any problem, you should change to a new one.

#4. Lid Switch

When the lid opens, the lid switch assembly won’t allow the washing machine to spin. If the lid switch assembly doesn’t work, the washing machine cannot drain. Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the led switch. If you see any problem, you should change to a new one.

#5. Water Pump Belt

Some old models have a water pump belt. If it’s broken, the washing machine cannot drain. Inspect the water pump belt and change it if it’s time-worn.

#6. Coin Trap

Some washing machines have a coin trap to capture any objects outside that go into the drain. You should inspect and empty the coin trap periodically. If objects gather in the coin trap, it will become blocked, and the washing machine cannot drain properly.

#7. Drain Hose

Test the drain hose to see if it’s twisted or bent. If the drain hose has an issue, make it straight out. If there are objects in the drain hose, you have to remove them. In case the drain hose is poorly damaged, you should replace it.

First, check the drain hose to determine if it is kinked, twisted, or bent. If the drain hose is bent, straighten it out. In addition, remove the drain hose and check it for obstructions. If the drain hose has any obstructions, try to remove them. If necessary, replace the drain hose.

#8. Door Lock

Check the door strike assembly. If the door strike is damaged, change it. You have to replace a door strike if it’s damaged because it’s not repairable.

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Don’t worry if the Frigidaire washing machine won’t drain! We must check some parts to find the reason and apply the right solution.


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