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During the recent pandemic, many people turned to their garage to create a space that allowed them to work from home, exercise, or fix other house parts that needed improvement in a bit of workshop space. No matter the use, garages are an integral part of a house and can be used for way more than just storing your motor vehicles away safely and protected from the elements.

Before you look into inspirations on refurbishing your garage, though, you should have settled on the use of the space as this will determine the look and the various materials you might want to use.

Whether you are planning on building a garage or just looking into making your existing space more efficient, here are five design ideas to assist you in getting the right inspiration to make your garage work for you.

1.  The Room Above The Garage

The attic of a garage can be a good storage space, become an office space for you or your spouse, or work as a more independent living space for a teenager that requires more privacy.

Whether you are building a new garage or want to upgrade your existing one, considering the space above your garage and its use can be integral to the overall design of this room.

2.  Flooring

Once you have decided on the use of your garage, you can look into which flooring will work for your design.

Naturally, a wood workshop or tool and vehicle storage will require different flooring than an actual living space.

One of the most popular flooring options people tend to go for when it comes to a garage is concrete paint. It is an accessible, low-maintenance material for your floor that doesn’t steal the focus from other areas in this space and will be incredibly easy to clean.

If you plan to have a workshop in your garage or keep your vehicles in there, a similar but more resistant option to concrete paint you might want to consider is epoxy. Thanks to its oil-resistant characteristics, it is way more suitable for a space like this and will be easier to clean.

3.  Shelving and Storage

Whether you want to turn your garage into a gym or a woodworking space, you will require storage options.

To avoid your weights, mats, and other gym equipment from lying on the floor for you to stumble over, look at how you can cleverly use hooks and shelves to make it easy for you to stow your items away after a workout.

You might also want to leave some space for a potential pull-up bar or, if you are crazy about climbing, why not consider installing some rock-climbing walls in your garage (depending on its height, obviously)?

For your workshop, you would need adequate shelves, a working bench, and some drawers for smaller items such as screws, nails, etc.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on storage. A pair of brackets, some screws, and some shelf boards can be made into a sturdy mounted shelf. The materials are not difficult to find, and you can easily do it yourself, even the shelving units for heavier items. Most reliable storage options are affordable, but it’s best to buy them on sale days, like Target’s Black Friday Sale, for the best value.

4.  The Outside Of Your Garage

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Depending on the location of your garage, its look should or should not match your house’s appearance. Using durable materials for the doors and walls is essential to ensure your garage will withstand any weather and keep its contents safe and sound. To keep your door running smoothly, you should consider having some high-quality garage door gears.

Suppose you plan to have a workplace or a gym in your garage or any space where you will be spending extensive amounts of time. In that case, you should also consider the insulation of your garage to ensure you will be warm and comfortable while working (out).

5.  Different Types Of Material

Why not try something different and stand out from the garage crowd? There are many inspirational ideas on what to use as a garage space. You could avoid the building phase overall by getting a shipping container that you could upcycle as a garage space. Or you could look into using more environmentally friendly materials for the interior of your garage and case it with cork, which is excellent for its insulating properties in general.

Regardless of your design choices, don’t forget to stay safe and careful during the entire process. Ensure you have the proper protective equipment before starting any tasks on your to-do list. Invest in suitable safety gloves and goggles, steel-toed boots, dust masks, and ear protection. Use high-quality welding curtains to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce the amount of noise, and prevent burns. Welding umbrellas are also helpful if you work outdoors in the rain or direct sunlight. If you’re unsure about handling a particular power tool, don’t leave it up to chance and get help from a professional.


No matter the material or the space, think of your garage as an extension of your house and your lifestyle and then decide what you could use the space best for. This will determine the design of your garage and how you will make this space come to life.


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