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Millions of people around the world these days have houses which are overloaded with “stuff”, from toys, gadgets, and kitchenware to clothes, books, sporting goods, tools and more. Most of these things not only don’t get used, but also take up space, and cause a lot of stress on owners, and on the planet.

If you’re in this position, it’s time to take some steps to tackle the excess in your life. Doing so can benefit you and your family and help the environment at the same time. By reducing your purchase of consumables, you’re helping the Earth because fewer resources are used in manufacturing, less pollution will be emitted into the atmosphere and items will have the chance to be used again instead of going directly to the landfill.

To start getting your life organized today, and to stress less about stuff and help the world while you’re at it, read on for some tips you can follow below.


Break Organization Into Multiple Steps and Areas

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the tasks of home organization, so support yourself by breaking the job up into multiple steps. Rather than trying to get your entire house, garage and backyard in order over a day or weekend, choose to work on sections at a time. For example, you might decide to go room by room in your property or arrange certain types of items at a time.

If you have a particular date that you want to get the organization done by, break up the work into steps, and then figure out how many elements you need to tackle each week to make your deadline. If possible, you might even be able to delegate certain areas to different family members.

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Declutter and Arrange

Of course, one of the most important steps involved in getting your home in order is to declutter. Most people have way too many possessions; they have more things than they can afford or need, use or even fit into their home properly. As such, you’ll never feel happy in your property unless you get rid of the clutter and pare back your possessions.

Evaluate each item in your home for its usefulness and the joy it brings to you and your family. If something hasn’t been used for many months, or was once lovely but is now past its prime, it’s time to recycle it or, if necessary, toss it in the trash.

You will probably also have many things in your home which can be sold or donated. This is particularly the case when you have children, since kids can grow out of clothing, toys or other items very quickly as they develop. It’s wise to get your whole family involved in the process, too. The sooner you teach your children to give back, the sooner they will learn how to become more global, empathic citizens.

Happily, it can be much easier to purge yourself of items when you know they can be used to help others and the planet. There are homeless shelters, thrift shops supporting not-for-profits and many other types of charitable organizations which are always desperate to receive goods. Don’t just limit yourself to items inside your property either. Your garage and other outdoor areas will probably be loaded with things you can pass on to those in need. For example, you could donate a boat, trailer, motorcycle, lawn mower, tools, outdoor furniture and more.

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Picture How You Want Your Home to Look

Next, something which will help you to stay on task, motivated and able to keep going even if you hit a low point in the process, is picturing your preferred result. Visualize how you wish your home to look when you’re done organizing, and remind yourself of this picture over and over again.

Think about not just what you will see in front of you, but how the progress will make you feel. For instance, when you arrive home from work each day, will you feel calm and centered because of your light, bright, airy, decluttered space? Will you be surrounded by greenery that not only adds a more natural feel to your property but that also cleans the air for you? Will you feel safe, secure and comfortable in each room of the house, too? It often helps to put together a scrapbook or inspiration board where you can collect all your ideas together.

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