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The last few years have seen many fears come true. A pandemic has swept across the globe and caused significant damages to society as a whole. The worst possible scenarios may not have come true yet, but the effects that have made themselves known are not taken lightly. This article will discuss “Home Prepping To Help You Survive The Apocalypse” to clear out things you need before any catastrophe.

From panic buying to shortages, human nature both endured and broke down. Now more than ever, the importance of being prepared for the Apocalypse has become evident. Prepping a home for the Apocalypse depends on how you want to weather the end of the world.

Access To Water

Access to water

The most important resource to have access to is water. If the water source for the city is off, then we need to find alternative sources. Ideally, access to a well would provide a good source of fresh water, but when that option isn’t available, there are other ways of getting drinkable water.

Even better, a filtration system would ensure access to clean water for a long time. Once more, there are sustainable methods of building a filtration system at home. Activated charcoal is the most used method of filtration. Making activated charcoal is as easy as burning wood, and with some extra layers of filtration, like sand for sediments, you can make your very own home water filter.

This would do a great project, and it makes you less dependent on a single water source as it can be implemented wherever needed.

Food Supply

Home Prepping To Help You Survive The Apocalypse

At some point, hunger will hit. Water is the essential resource to find the quickest, as humans can’t survive more than three days without it, but after that, food becomes just as important.

Starting a farm might be the best way of assuring long-term food production, but short-term that might mean storing as much food before the end of the world. There might not be any chance to get to the grocery store in a post-apocalyptic setting, as most likely everyone would go to panic buy or loot. Evidence of this event happening in no less than a few years ago when people were panic buying toilet paper.

Nevertheless, even if the Apocalypse is not the main reason for gathering supplies, food storage for 90 days can be helpful in emergencies. Floods and hurricanes happen, and having enough supplies can spell the difference between life and death. In any case, storing food to prepare for a major global event will guarantee a head start until we find more food. For that matter, keeping seeds is also vital for future food production. You can find an international seed vault at the North Pole to ensure future food sources.

Survival Bag


Any prepper knows the importance of a good survival bag with all the necessary tools to have with you for a quick escape from the city. These bags are also popular as bug-out bags. They sell such bags as a bundle, equipped with several useful tools like water-resistant matches, multi-function knives, batteries, water purification tablets, and so on.

There is, of course, the option to tweak the contents of a go-bag and add whatever else is necessary, like an up-to-date map of your region (GPS systems might stop working), a compass, an emergency first-aid kit, medicine, and hygiene products.

Medicine & Hygiene

Home Prepping To Help You Survive The Apocalypse - You should have medicine

Universal health care will most definitely not be a feature of the Apocalypse, so storing up on medicine would be imperative. They will not last forever, though, as the drug expires, but a good supply of bandages and tape is essential. As for pain killers or medicine in pill form, this is where going back to research some natural remedies will come in handy.

Chamomile and peppermint are good medicinal plants, along with hibiscus for colds. Garlic is another medicinal and easy-to-grow plant. A little effort in learning to identify these types of plants can go a long way.

There is also the matter of hygiene, as soap and shampoo will no longer be accessible at the store. A sturdy supply of soaps will hold for a while, but we should have alternatives before we run out of them. Soap is not that hard to make at home, and it requires only a few ingredients, most of which are household items. The only harder-to-handle component is lye, but you can make it at home from natural materials. Lye is made by boiling ashes for a hardwood fire with rainwater. You can mix lye with animal or vegetable fat to make soap.

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The Perfect Shelter

As a starting point, your home will be the perfect shelter, at least temporarily. Big cities tend to fall quickly, so sticking around for too long might not be the best option. Finding a quiet place away from masses of people will prove safer in the long run.

A mountain cabin or a smaller community in a village could be a better choice. Getting there will require some means of transportation and a trusty bug-out bag, with all the necessary tools. We should prepare all the other essential supplies (food, a water filtration system, etc.) for your arrival.

Of course, every pepper dreams of a bunker as the perfect shelter. A bunker is not only well hidden but can even be helpful if fall-out is a concern. The world might not end in a pandemic, but the world’s superpowers might decide to wage all-out nuclear war. Political strife is already evident, and all opposing countries have access to nuclear warheads, which will guarantee mutually assured destruction if ever used to their full extent. That is the main reason it has not happened until now because there would be no winner in a nuclear war.


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