Golf like any other sport demands regular practice, however as we all know hitting the golf course every other day is not always possible. If you are looking for more practice time or trapped indoors due to some reason, what do you do? Miss your practice and let your game suffer?

You can pretty easily consider the possibilities of golf practice at your home. These practice sessions at home do not take more much time and contribute considerably in improving your game.

Practicing golf at home

There are all kinds of gadgets and equipment available with the help of which you can practice at home. Mats, artificial surfaces, putting aids, different training aids and even simulators. Don’t let your passion for the game recede, as there are plenty of workable backyard golf ideas that you can try at home. You can set up a practice area in your garage, basement or backyard easily.


Moreover, with a little investment, you DIY route can reap significant benefits when it comes to your golfing skills. Here are some useful and productive exercises that you can try at home to ensure your game progresses in the right direction.

A full-length mirror

To keep your golfing fundamentals strong, mirror is of good help. For instance, by practising your grip in front of a mirror, you ensure that your hands are exactly where it needs to be on the club. Having a look at it from every angle gives you confidence when you go out in the course.

Same is with your posture. A bad posture in the golf swing ruins your game. Adjust the angle of your spine, the bend of the knees, and the mirror lets you know where you getting it right or wrong.

Putting at home

There is no better way to improve your putting than by practicing at home. You can start with a carpeted floor, although the ball will run quite slowly. Get a mug that you can use as a pretended target. Another drill that is of use is to balance a coin on one golf ball at one end of the room and the object of the exercise, is to touch the golf ball with another without knocking off the coin.

You can also get a rug at home and practice your putting stroke ensuring that your backstroke does not go over the line of the rug. Practice and it will help you build a solid, straight and repeatable putting stroke.

Mental Practice

The mental side of the game is a rather underrated and neglected area, especially when it comes to amateur golfers. Visualization techniques and trying to build confidence in your own game are great ways to improve your golf at home.


Many professional golfers have mind coaches and use various imagery exercises to help them be at their best on the course, so why shouldn’t we take a leaf from their book and sharpen up our minds as much as our swings.

  • Imagery – The first exercise is to visualize how you want your swing to look. Picture what you see as your perfect swing in your mind, how it feels, what your arms are doing and where your wrists are at impact for example. The mind can be a very powerful tool, and by visualizing the perfect swing in your mind, it can often help to create a better swing on the course.
  • Course Management – If you are playing the same course week in, week out, then going over your perfect round in your mind is a great way to help build confidence in your game, and to give you some sort of game plan before teeing off.

Seeing where you want your tee shot to land on each hole, which side of the fairway you want to land it on to give yourself the best shot onto the green, and where are the danger points on the course.

Visualizing your round like this at home is a great way to help build confidence in and improve your game. If you have played the course before, try to remember the best shots you have hit on each hole, what club you took, how you felt and what was going through your mind at the time.

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Final Words

This builds overall confidence in your game, and no matter where you are playing, these little mental tricks will go a long way in helping you to stay calm, positive and energized about your round, and more importantly your next shot.


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