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With all the global warming and high energy costs, homeowners need a new solution for their heating and cooling needs. High-velocity air source heat pumps have become a popular option for heating and cooling in homes. They have many advantages over older forced air systems, but their energy efficiency is most prominent. For those who are considering an upgrade, here is why HVLS fans can efficiently warm your place during winter.

#1. Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant energy costs for most homes is their heating and cooling system. Even with the lowest heating rates in the country, high energy bills put a massive dent in any homeowner’s budget. When you increase the efficiency of your cooling and heating system, you can significantly reduce these bills, lowering the overall cost of ownership. An increase in efficiency can also reduce your carbon footprint, reducing the amount of money spent on gas or electricity.

Moreover, by changing how the air flows over the fan’s coils, an HVLS fan can improve the efficiency of its operation. The atmosphere floating over the waves of an HVLS fan is much more relaxed than the air traveling over an open coil fan. An efficient HVLS system will require less energy than a similar-sized fan with available coils. The efficiency improvements achieved by switching to an HVLS system will also reduce the maintenance needed for the equipment. Regular servicing of an HVLS system will help it work as efficiently as possible, improving the comfort of your home and lowering your energy bills.

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#2. Reduce Heating Bills

How HVLS Fans Improves Heat Efficiency During Winter

Fans are very efficient at removing heat from the air around them. Homes with skylights and south-facing walls can significantly benefit from the use of high-efficiency fans. Homes with inadequate insulation may also find that using one or more fans will dramatically reduce their heating bills during the winter months.

Using an HVLS system in your home can also reduce the amount of noise generated by your heating unit. Most homeowners notice a decrease in noise when their HVLSare is operational. Air moving through large open areas such as in the chimney can generate plenty of noise. Homes with double-hung roofs or pitched roofing show the same thing.

#3. A Perfect Combination With Insulation

The HVL (High Visible Light) system can drastically reduce your electric bill when combined with insulation. These systems can save you more than three thousand kilowatts of energy annually! If you’re spending that much electricity every month, then you know it’s time to pay attention to how you use your power. If you are spending significantly on your power bills, it’s time to use an effective alternative. An HVLS fan isn’t going to just cut down on the amount of power you use, but it will also reduce the amount of heat that escapes drastically. This results in your power bill being lower.

Your HVLS will work together with your insulation during the winter season to effectively keep your home well-ventilated. It works on two levels by pushing the warm air up and out and sucking it in. When this happens, you significantly reduce the money you spend on heating your home. Your utility bill will be lower, but you will find that you are more comfortable in your home, and it will be easier to escape the chill of the winter weather.

#4. Suitable For Any Sized Window

One of the most incredible parts of how HVLS fans improve heat efficiency is working with any sized window. You don’t have to purchase expensive rugs to enjoy high efficiency. When used with the right type of window, you can even get the windows of your home heated up for a warmer, comfortable experience! With all of the benefits that you receive, there is no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of this technology during the winter months. There are a wide variety of ways that you can utilize these efficient appliances throughout your home.

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Final Words

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It’s the end of my article. I hope you guys have learned some information about HVLS fans. I wish you good health, and thanks for visiting Greenhouse Center! 


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