How To Choose Solar Panels? Several factors are worth considering before buying the right solar panels for your home. For example, you need to calculate the amount of space to install a solar panel, the types of solar panel, your home’s location… . When choosing the right solar panels for your home, it is essential to consider the amount of light your area receives.

You should evaluate the amount of sunlight your home receives, which can help you decide which solar panels are right for you. Furthermore, it would help if you considered solar panel prices since more expensive panels don’t get you more electricity out of them, while cheaper options might not be as durable. Once you understand the basic solar panel options, you can use the following information to find yourself.

Solar Panels: Why Install Them?

Solar panels can bring plenty of benefits to your home, so if you’re interested in installing solar panels, you probably already know the advantages. 


Although solar panels are not cheap, here are a few good reasons to look at them:

  • Savings on energy bills.
  • Operating costs are nil.
  • You can reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Longevity.
  • You don’t have to do much maintenance.
  • You can charge electric cars for free.

Photovoltaic (PV) or Thermal?

With solar PV panels, you can generate power for a home full of appliances, while with solar thermal panels, you can heat water. Typically solar thermal systems are only capable of being installed in properties where a hot water cylinder contains the hot water.

Solar Cell Types

Silicon solar panels come in two main types: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. They both generate renewable energy free of charge using the sun; however, there are some crucial differences.


Black monocrystalline panels are considered more stylish than other options. It operates efficiently and is cost-effective, even though it costs more. Despite being more affordable, polycrystalline solar panels can’t achieve such high-efficiency levels as other panels.

Power Production

We can measure solar panels’ power output in watts, a measurement unit that indicates how much energy they can produce. The power output of most solar panels is between 250 and 360 watts; however, 400-watt models are available.

The amount of electricity used in your house will determine the power output required for it. Note the amount of electricity used over a specific period using a recent electricity bill to decide which type of panel you might need.

If in doubt, you can look for solar installers near you to get their advice.

How Efficient Are They?

People rated solar panels according to their efficiency or how efficiently they convert solar energy into electricity. An indication of per-watt efficiency expresses as a percentage, with the higher rate being better. 


With solar panels having such a long life – around 20-25 years – the efficiency drops – approximately 0.5% each year, and manufacturers offer a warranty to guarantee a specific efficiency after a particular time. A comparison of warranties can help you decide which panels will prove to be more reliable later down the line.

Many factors can affect the solar panels’ efficiency, including placement, shading, angle of the roof, cleaning process, and even the outside temperature (high temperatures can reduce efficiency). 

Your solar installer will recommend the optimal position for your solar installation.

Warranty Options

There are two types of warranties on solar panels, the product warranty and the power warranty. When installing solar panels for several years, the power warranty gives us a picture of how well they will perform. Otherwise, solar panels come with a manufacturer’s warranty covering you for a certain number of years if something goes wrong with them.

How Will You Mount Them?

Installing the solar panels involves mounting them at an angle to face south and avoid large trees’ coverage. There are several mounting options available to enable the solar panels to be in an optimal position.


What Is Your Total Cost?

As the cost of solar panels varies, you will see the same return on investment. There is a range of solar panel prices, which are dependent upon the amount of electricity your home uses. Therefore, installing with professional service will find a suitable system for your home.

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The popularity of solar energy is rising among mainstream media and the general public. It’s a great way to reduce your energy consumption and save money. By finding a reputable supplier and installer, you will be able to save tremendous amounts of money from your utility bills and do your part to reduce carbon emissions.


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