How to clean my driveway with a pressure washer?

With years of serving you and your vehicles, maybe it’s time to erase the wear and tear on the driveway.

A pressure washer is what you need for this case to retain your shiny path and curbs.

In this article, you will learn how to remove whatever stains and hurts the surface and return its former condition.


Why People Pressure Wash Their Driveway?

It happens when you pull off your car, pressure from the wheels leave marks on the drive path; either it is concrete or brick.

Oil stains leaked are also the element that will damage the surface. Many people believe the garden hose is enough to clear the dirt. But in fact, pressure washers make the process faster.

If you have a driveway that needs a bath once in a while; invest in a pressure washer today.

Pressure wash your driveway

Pressure wash your driveway

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How A Pressure Washer Works

The portable machines can run either on electric or gas to operate the water pump.

It will pressurize the water through a hose to strip dirt away from the surface.

Water pressure is measured in pounds per square.

For average homeowners, power washing the driveway is a cost-efficient solution while making life a lot easier and saving a bunch of time.

Wash The Driveway With A Pressure Washer

Tools you need:

  • Broom
  • Pressure water machine
  • Garden hose
  • Detergent or washing agent designed for the machine
  • Safety gears (gloves, glasses, rubber boots)

Pressure Wash The Concrete Driveway

Step 1: Get the area ready

To begin any cleaning process, you will need to clean the surface. Use the broom to wipe off particles or any removable objects.

You will need to get larger items out of the way or at least cover them with a tarp to prevent splashes.
You may degrease the surface if some chemicals stay too stubborn. Apply the agent by using a stiff-bristled brush or push broom.

Step 2: Prepare the machine

Attach the garden hose to the nozzle. Then, connect the spray wand to the washer.

Typically, the wrench tip nozzle gives a fan spray at 25-degree pattern which is not as aggressive on concrete. But note that this type may leave uneven stripes on the surface.

The turbo nozzle, or a rotary nozzle, puts a fan spray of 12-inch circle which is a lot faster. However it was said by an experienced user of the pressure washer that it may cause some damage.

Step 3: Wet the surface

Add a bit of moist all over the place before you can apply any cleanser.

For spreading detergent, set the machine at low-pressure mode and attach the soap nozzle at this stage. Make sure you read the washer instruction to use the right type of cleaner.

Soak the driveway and don’t leave any nook with stains. Wait for the detergent to work its magic for at least 30 minutes.

Step 4: Pressure wash

You are ready to blast away all the grimes, mildew and anything that bound to the concrete.

Set the machine at its highest pressure for the most powerful spray. You will disperse water from the higher end and work your way to the other. Sweep the nozzle back and forth and overlap each stroke several inches away.

If the stain didn’t get blasted all the way out, you can point the nozzle closer and draw slowly occasionally so that the strong waterway to peel up the dirt.

Step 5: Rinsing

Once you’re happy with the cleaning, wait for 15 minutes and turn the nozzle to rinse mode. Repeat sweeping the path to wash out the detergent.

Make tighter spray to clean up all the stains left.

Step 6: Seal the surface

Leave the place to dry completely then apply sealant to ward off future dirt.

Let the sealant manifest a few days before using the driving pathway.

Pressure Wash Brick Driveway

Such a surface demands your most delicate spray nozzle.

The point is to stay low in pressure and use more detergent if you don’t want to destroy the mortar.

That said, make sure you apply a larger amount of cleanser to get rid of stains more effectively while spraying in low mode to wash out every detergent drop on the surface.

Gird Up Your Loins

Pressure washing a driveway is not a rocket science but requires specific technique. Though it may sound like man work, any adult can put their hands on the job and get done in a blink.

So, follow our steps, and you should be fine.


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