When selecting a safe and sound location for summer camps for children, we become so confused and super worried sometimes. Especially in this lockdown period of covid-19, it’s quite risky and unimaginable to even think of going out in the wild.

But, that won’t deprive you of enjoying your summertime! How many of you have explored your backyard, which could be a perfect location for such summer fun?

If you are also thinking the same, then this article about planning a backyard summer camp is what you need right now.

Why Summer Camp in Your Backyard?

Like physical growth, children need to have enough resources and opportunities for their mental and intellectual development. In most cases, they are either busy with school or home other than the time of vacation.

Vacations are about fun and enjoyable moments in a productive way. And, what can be more fun other than summer camp during summer vacation? In this pandemic, they are mostly shackled in-home prison for months with limited access to go out.


They need to refresh their minds through some outdoor activities during summertime.
In that case, your backyard is almost a perfect location for exploring nature within your limits.

Not only kids but also adults can participate in such a near-home camp for their refreshment. Experts at IBC7 Outdoors emphasize that camping in your backyard is safe, and it will stir creativity, make your children active to engage socially, know nature in-depth, and close to learning to survive in difficult moments.

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Planning the Backyard Summer Camp

Once you decide to play your summer camp game in your backyard, you need to plan wisely before starting. The more you are prepared with your plan, the more it’s going to be fun and fruitful enough. But make sure you have a clean backyard.


#1. Recruit Potential Campers

Summer camp doesn’t necessarily mean a family picnic with your kids only. It’s way more diversified than that. Children of different families within the community join together to learn and have fun engaging in other exciting activities in a summer camp.

So, if you plan to make it happen in your backyard, let other community children know about your plan who are known and familiar to your kids. In this way, they will be meeting and exploring things together without having the chance to get bored.

But, make sure the health precautions are practiced the right way in such pandemic times. While fixing the number of total people, it shouldn’t be too less or too much, better to go with 6-12 campers at least.

#2. Plan Your Schedule

As it’s going to be a backyard summer camp, it’s hard to plan for more than two weeks.  You can also set your time limit one week or less based on your budget and availability. But, it’s better to make plans for at least two weeks for practical camping. It can be only morning camp or even 3/4 days a week camping as well.

So, once you have decided the duration, now it’s time to fix the activities you would love to introduce in your summer camp. Each day should follow a theme based on which you will design the activities accordingly. As it will be an engagement between kids, make sure you share the adults’ responsibilities to monitor everything.

You better select two counselors from the adults for each day who will be controlling all the indoor and outdoor activities. Also, don’t forget about the budget to arrange all these things together, you can share the amount between parents. In this way, it might seem pretty affordable to every camper.

So, you have to fix the time, select each day’s theme and activity type, your budget, and finally, your availability to accomplish the things you have planned.

#3. Kind of Activities

Now, you might be wondering what kind of activities you should plan for your summer camp. It’s not necessary to go with complicated, time-consuming, and expensive activities. Instead, you can choose the easy, affordable, and enjoyable ones for everyone.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

  1. You can make an obstacle session by using chairs, cones, balls, and jump ropes. It’s better to divide the children into two teams and make sure you arrange awards for them.
  2. There can be a treasure hunting event for kids. You can hide the treasures into sandboxes and put them in at least ten different underground locations within the yard. It’s a great fun activity, and children love this even unconditionally.
  3. You can add a painting event for kids to paint things. It can be the patio furniture that kids can paint with big brushes and soapy water.
  4. Children can also make paintings by outlining the body with chalk and coloring them with water.
  5. Making a self-painted camping t-shirt is a great activity that everyone can join.
  6. Creating camp murals by using craft papers is also a fun activity. There are lots of other things you can introduce with craft papers.
  7. You can also try card games, Campfire, stargazing, water balloon games, hula hoop race & catch, Kitchen utensil bubble wands, Sensory scavenger hunt, and so on.

To give them outdoor wild camping fun, you can make a temporary tent house for children to spend nights under the naked sky, obviously with necessary precautions. You can add any summertime fun activity according to your interests and suggestions.

#4. Additional Reminders

To make your summer camp fruitful, try to remember a few things more.
Start the camping session with spirit and motivation. You need to ban all kinds of digital media from camping places. Let’s make it feel natural! Start outdoor cooking, campfire and keep a first aid kit box for any injury for having the real vibe of camping.

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Final Words

Summer camp is a name of great excitement and fun when you are exploring it out in the unknown wild nature.  But, things are not always in our favor to do things exactly the way we want. So, if you do not have the privilege to go out camping this summer, then plan a backyard summer camp as an ultimate alternative.


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