how to deep clean a mattress urine

You try to keep your house clean all the times. You have to fight with dirty marks and a disgusting smell to protect your house and make it a comfort zone. It’s not an easy thing. Cleaning and tidying up is a part of household chores.

If you raise pets or have kids, you must do more cleaning stuff. They play around and mess up. You have to do more housework when having them in the house. Nevertheless, children and loving domestic animals bring love and energy to your life.

One thing you must face for sure is urine in mattress. How to deep clean a mattress urine? It could be a nightmare at the first time, but with tips and magical cleansers, everything becomes easier. All you need is following tricks we mention below.

How To Deep Clean A Mattress Urine?

Let’s see what we can do. We will show some instructions to keep urine stain from your mattress. There are different tips for wet stain and dry stain. Please notice!

It’s necessary to prepare tools for cleaning the urine stain. You easily buy and use them. It’s a piece of cake.

Stuff you need to clean a urine stain in the mattress:

  • Paper towel, dry towel or clothing rag
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • A spray bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dish detergent

Now we show you the rope to wipe out ugly dirty marks.

If your pet makes the urine stain, here is the right guide!

Remove A Wet Urine Stain

Step 1:

The sooner you find out the stain, the more easily it is removed. You should feel lucky if the stain is fresh and wet because you will not try too hard.

Take off all dirty sheets and bedding wraps. The washing machine helps you to clean them.

Use a paper towel, dry towel or clothing rag to blot up the liquid. Dab the wet stain to remove all liquid. Change the towel if it is wet enough, then use another dry one.

Try not to rub the stain. You must do gently since; otherwise, you will spread the urine deeper into the mattress. Don’t make the stain become worse.

If you have a vacuum, use it to soak up the urine from your mattress.

Step 2:

Use baking soda to cover the wet stain. Baking soda will absorb remaining moisture. It’s ok if you use a lot of baking soda. This chemistry doesn’t harm your mattress.


Pour 1 portion of vinegar and 1 portion of water into an empty spray bottle. Find a bottle that has a suitable size. A big stain needs a lot of liquid mixtures, but a small one just doesn’t need too much. Sometimes, you have to use a big bottle.

To make the mixture take effect more strongly, you can cut down the water. You also can spray pure white vinegar over the stain on the mattress. The white vinegar will solve the awful odor and remove the stain. Its smell is strong, but it wafts quickly in the air.

Step 4:

Please spray the liquid mixture over the urine stain and wait for 5 minutes. Use a suitable portion. Don’t use the liquid too much. Spray until it’s completely saturated.
If the liquid isn’t used up, you can keep it and use later.

Step 5:

Use a dry towel to remove the remaining moisture. Dab or rub the stain to remove the liquid as much as possible. You must make the mattress dry. The towel can wipe out some baking soda powder. Don’t worry! You can spray extra baking soda later.

Step 6:

Scatter baking soda on the surface of the mattress. You can use baking soda as much as you want. Baking soda will remove the unpleasant smell from the mattress.

Step 7:

You need to wait within 18 hours before vacuuming the mattress. It needs time to dry. After 18 hours, check if the mattress dries totally. If yes, turn on the vacuum and vacuum up baking soda powder. Scan the surface of the mattress carefully including small crevices to remove all baking soda.

That’s all. You solve the problem of a wet urine stain. The mattress is ready to be used now.

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Remove A Dry Stain

Step 1:

You have to create a liquid detergent to take a dry stain away. It’s a little bit difficult to remove it. However, you can do it if you follow our guide.

The liquid solution is made from hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish detergent. Pour 240 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 43.2 g of baking soda in a bowl. Add 2 drops of dish detergent to the bowl. Stir ingredients thoroughly.

Hydrogen peroxide is only for the white mattress. For colored mattress, you use white vinegar. You have to use a hydrogen peroxide solution immediately after mixing it because it decomposes within 1-2 hours.

Step 2:

Dip a clean towel into the solution. Make the towel wet, then dab the urine stain. You repeat many times until the stain disappears.

Step 3:

If the stain is still on the mattress, use dry foam to remove it. Combine 50g of dry laundry powder with 15ml of water in a bowl. Stir them and apply the mixture on the stain. You should not use a laundry powder that contains oxygenated bleach because it can damage the mattress.

Step 4:

Wait within 30 minutes and rub dry foam off the mattress. You can use a spoon to eraser dry foam.

Step 5:

Vacuum up to remove all baking soda and dry foam. Vacuum carefully and clean whole the surface of your mattress. You also can blow away the remaining powder.

Watch this video to see an expert remove a urine stain from a mattress:

Wrapping It Up

Have you got tips to learn how to deep clean a mattress urine? Please follow the tips above to keep urine dirty marks away. You also can buy water-proof covers to protect your pillows and mattress. Sealed protectors prevent your stuff from absorbing urine.

Bring the convenience back to your bedroom! We make sure that our family will have a good sleep with a clean mattress.


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