How to Get Dog Hair Out of Blankets

Don’t you just love cuddling with your dogs in bed? Surely, the dogs adore it too. As soon as they get up, however, the harsh reality of having furry friends will hit you. Now, there’s dog hair all over the sheets… yikes!

It’s quite normal for dogs to shed their fur, but cleaning up after this hairy situation is a painstaking task that takes too much time. You can spend 30 minutes dusting and brushing the sheets and get absolutely nowhere. Even vacuuming isn’t a guarantee if you have a crappy vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, washing your blankets each time this happens isn’t practical. So I wanted to see if there are simpler solutions to our dilemma. Needless to say, I found an amazing solution which I’m going to share with you today… here’s how to get dog hair out of blankets in 10 minutes with no washing needed.

You’d be surprised to find that it works on almost any fabric! (Bonus: Everything you ever need for this tutorial is already in your home.)

What You Need

1. Rubber Gloves

Get a pair of dishwashing gloves with nubs. Rubber is a high friction material, and if you use the gloves dry, it will cause dog hair to lose its grip from the blankets. The nubs add resistance when wiping, and help remove stubborn fur.

Rubber gloves work best on blankets that are made of:

  • Heavily textured fabrics (i.e. suede, velvet, brocade, velour, shaggy wool)
  • Synthetic clothes (i.e. polyester, fleece, nylon, acrylic)
  • Knitted material

Next best option: Squeegee. Its smooth surface produces more friction than a pair of textured rubber gloves. Even though it lacks resistance, it can effectively remove up to 95% of dog hair during the first wiping.

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2. Microfiber Cloth

When used dry, microfiber creates static electricity which attracts far away from the fabric. Microfiber works best on blankets that are made of silk, silk blends, or the same microfiber material. You can also use it as an alternative to rubber gloves or a squeegee if they’re unable to remove most of the hair.

3. Spray Bottle

Fill the spray bottle with water. We’ll use it to dampen the rubber gloves or squeegee. The added moisture will help remove excess dog hair. It encourages stubborn fur to stick to the gloves or squeegee.

4. Dry towel

The dry towel will keep your rubber gloves or squeegee nice and dry. In the early stages of the process, it is important that they are kept dry so that most of the dog hair will be removed from the blankets.

5. Disposable Trash Bag

You don’t want the dog hair to linger anywhere in your home, so keep a disposable trash bag by your side while cleaning the sheets. This is where you can safely dispose collected fur.

Optional: Lint Roller

If the rubber glove, squeegee, or microfiber cloth fail to get rid of all dog hair, use an adhesive lint roller as a last resort. It will take care of the most stubborn fur and remove them completely from any type of fabric. Lint rollers are readily available at pet stores or online websites like PetCareRx.

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How to Get Rid of Dog Hair Out of Blankets in 10 Minutes?

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair Out of Blankets in 10 Minutes

Step 1: Layout the blanket on a flat surface

Spread the blanket evenly on a wide, flat surface such as a table or the floor. Remember to find a clean spot – you don’t want the blanket to get any more dog hair or dirt! You can also cover the surface with plastic or cloth before laying out the blanket, just to make sure it stays clean.

Step 2: Clean the blanket

For “sticky cloths” made of synthetic, knitted, or heavy textured fabric, I’d recommend using rubber gloves or a squeegee. But if your blanket is made of smoother fabric such as silk, silk blends, and microfiber, use a microfiber cloth.

IMPORTANT: Using the right tool for cleaning is very important in getting this done as quickly as possible. If you’re not sure which one to use, test each one out on different sections of your blanket and see which performs the best.

Using a rubber glove: Place it in your hand. With your fingers together, firmly swipe across the blanket from top to bottom. This will remove dog hair from the fabric. Use your other hand to hold the blanket in place. Continue wiping it with the rubber glove until most of the dog hair is gone.

Using a squeegee: If you don’t have rubber gloves, you can use the squeegee instead. It works just as good. After 2-3 swipes, you’ll begin to collect a significant amount of fur. Keep doing this until there’s almost none left.

This video uploaded by Cathy Radu will show you how to remove pet hair with a squeegee:

Using microfiber cloth: Fold the cloth into a size which you can hold comfortably with your hand. Wipe the blanket with it in a sweeping motion from top to bottom. Microfiber has to be dry to effectively remove dog hair.

Once you get a clump of dog hair, throw it into a disposable trash bag.

Step 3: Clean your rubber glove or microfiber cloth

Use running water to remove dog hair that may have stuck on your glove or squeegee. Dry with a towel before each use. To clean the microfiber cloth, just shake off the dog hair outdoors.

Repeat steps 2 to 3 until you’ve removed at least 90% of the dog hair from the blanket.

Step 4: Remove excess dog hair

Remove excess dog hair from your blanket by spraying some water onto the rubber glove or squeegee. There should only be enough water to dampen it, but not too much that it becomes soaking wet. Now, repeat step 2. The moisture will help attract dog hair that may have been left behind.

Step 5: (Optional) Pick up any leftover dog hair

Use an adhesive roller to pick up any dog hair you might have missed. Simply roll it over the blanket in sections to ensure that everything is covered.


That’s all there is to learn about getting dog hair out of blankets. Wasn’t that quick and easy? I’m still shocked that this works on pretty much any fabric, so it doesn’t matter what kind your blanket is. You don’t even need to spend on anything for this tutorial since most of what’s needed are items you’ll find at home. This takes so little time to do. In fact, I managed to remove all pet fur from my favorite fleece blanket within 10 minutes.

My favorite part is that I didn’t have to launder the sheets every time they got furry. If you’re a busy householder like me, you’d love this too. Wouldn’t you agree? Let me know in the comments below!



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