How To Get Lipstick Out Of Carpet

A bright red lipstick stain can be a pain to remove if it lands right on the newly purchased light beige colored carpet. In most cases, children happen to use the lipstick as a crayon and the carpet as the canvas, at least my two-year-old did! I accidentally happened to step on it and what a mess it was! That’s when I thought it is so important to be prompt in removing the stains and actually knowing how to get started with the process of how to get lipstick out of a carpet.

What Must You Keep Handy For Such Situations?

One of the easiest ways of getting rid of the lipstick stain is to remove it by scraping off the excess part and using a remover to clean the mark. You will need for this:

  • Something to scrape off the material
  • A clean cloth
  • A cleaning agent like a dishwasher or detergent
  • Cold water
  • White vinegar
  • Alcohol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Hair Spray
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Sponge

Alternative Methods of Cleaning

Using cleaning agents like alcohol and isopropyl alcohol is also a great way in case the commercial product that you are using does not work. The old hydrogen peroxide trick is applicable for stains that have not been wiped away completely. A hairspray or white vinegar can be mildly effective because hair spray is not meant for wiping off stains, but you can still use it if alcohol is unavailable.

Vinegar, the white variety, contains smaller amounts of acetic acid, which is usually meant for removing grease. So, any amount of grease product used in the lipstick will be easily dislodged and then, a stronger cleaning agent can actually wipe it completely clean.

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Scrape The Lipstick

  • If the material has been laid thick on the carpet, then use a blunt object like a knife or metal ruler to scrape it off the carpet.
  • Simply remove the larger pieces without further grinding the pieces into the knitted threads of the carpet.

Use a Cleaning Agent

  • Next, you will need to remove the stain altogether. Use a dry cleaning agent which will dissolve the grease in the lipstick and help to dislodge the particles.
  • Take care, these cleaning agents may discolor the fabric. Check it on a corner of the carpet so that if any discoloring takes place it will not be clearly visible. However, if the color remains same, then, you can use it.
  • White vinegar is equally useful in such cases because the acid present in it helps in loosening the grease.

Remove The Cleaning Agent

  • Once the stain has been cleaned has been done, it is time to dab the cleaning agent and remove it.
  • Use a clean sponge or cloth to dab on the liquid and remove it completely. Don’t rub because it may ruin the strands of the carpet and allow it to spread. The dabbing part will help in removing whatever stain is left as well as the traces of the cleaning solution.

Repeat The Step If Necessary

  • The process should be repeated if the lipstick stain is still steadily getting lighter. Ideally, the process should be carried out twice or thrice till the stain has been completely removed.

Clean The Product With Water

Clean The Product With Water
  • The carpet should be washed with water so that the cleaning agent, washes away completely and no discoloration occurs.
  • You can either wash part of the carpet or the entire of it. Use a particular quantity of detergent depending on the amount of stain left on the fabric. You can even rub the moist detergent directly on the carpet if it does not contain bleach or lanolin or other harsh chemicals.
  • Dry the carpet in the shade to avoid it from getting discolored. If you are washing a part of the carpet then blotting the wet area is an option. You can use paper towels to dry the carpet because a wet one can be extremely heavy.

Other Methods of Removing Lipstick Stain

If commercial products are unavailable or unsuitable for your carpet, then, alternative cleaning liquids have to be used.

  • Using isopropyl alcohol or alcohol is a convenient option because it is a strong grease solvent and also evaporates easily. However, using too much alcohol is inadvisable because it might cause discoloration and damage the product altogether.
  • The alcohol should be rubbed in vertical motions to prevent damage to the fibers of the carpet’s fabric.

Nail Polish Remover

  • Nail polish contains acetone which can often react differently with fabric and color. Ideally, should be used in small quantities and tested on a side of the carpet so that any major discoloration can be avoided.
  • Clean the carpet in an airy space so that acetone fumes can be avoided by children.

White Vinegar

  • Do not use red vinegar because it can cause additional staining. The acidic quality can easily dissolve any grease stain and lipstick ones especially.


  • Hairspray is an excellent alternative for alcohol because it is the main ingredient of the product. However, a test should be conducted on the carpet’s edge before using it directly on it. Simply spray it for 10 mins and see the result.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical used in minimal quantity as small as three percent can help bleach the stained area, removing the mark completely. It is easily available in any drug store.

  • The tufts of the carpet should be moistened first so that the hydrogen peroxide wets only the tips. Using a dry sponge or cloth the chemical can be rubbed on the required area.
  • Leave it for about an hour.
  • If used properly, peroxide will bring an improvement, even though the stain may not have gone completely.
  • Since peroxide disintegrates into water, it is not necessary to wash or rinse the area.


Knowing these important lipstick removal tips can come in really handy at times because a lipstick can always slip from your fingers and ruin the carpet. The materials mentioned in the tutorial can be availed anywhere. In fact, some of the materials like the nail polish remover or Hairspray can be even carried around. I hope you enjoyed reading about the methods since they are easy to remember and apply. Drop in your comments in the box below or share if you liked it.


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