All slipcovers may look alike from the functional perspective of protecting furniture and adding good looks. The type of material you select, whether any fabric or faux leather material, makes all the difference in quality and price. When buying slipcovers, pay utmost attention to the material to ensure durability and aesthetics to underline the covers’ quality.

From cotton to linen and from denim to polyester to microfiber and faux leather, there is a wide range of materials available that suit every taste, style, and budget, but you should know the material’s characteristics matter most for any sectional covers.

Easy to install

The covers must be easy to fit so that you can remove them quickly for washing and cleaning and fit it again to maintain cleanliness around the year.  The material must be breathable and durable, and it should be easy to install for a person within a few minutes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions about installation to ensure satisfactory installation so that the cover stays in place without slipping.

Dimensions and color

Getting the right measurements of sofas and couches is most important to ensure the right fit of covers. Although all covers have some tolerance in the dimension to allow comfort fit, the measurement must be s much as possible close to it. Moreover, understand the kind of tolerance of size because, in some cases, there is no extra leeway to the height.


While polyester and microfiber fabrics have fast colors, they are not right for cotton, linen, or denim fabric.  Ensure that you get the right color for the size of the cover that suits you.

Follow the cleaning instructions.

When washing the covers, follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer to avoid any damage. Every fabric has its characteristics, and you must know the best way to wash it. Even if you are cleaning it in a washing machine, maintain the temperature specified in the instructions. Moreover, do not try to iron or bleach the covers if the instructions do not permit it.

Secure fit

Some unique features like non-skid elastic bottom and non-slip foam anchors that are appended to the cover design ensure proper fit of the covers and ensure that it stays in place even during extensive use. The features ensure that the fabric remains stretched on the sofa without wrinkling, no matter how much rubbing it undergoes. You will enjoy sitting on the sofa without shifting or slipping.

The cover material must be able to protect your sofa or couch from the mess that it might encounter when invaded by pets and kids whose antics may cause a lot of abuse to the furniture. From spillage to stains and accumulation of dust and dirt and scratches from cats using its paws to damage the cover material, covers must be suitable for withstanding all kinds of misuse to keep the sofa protected.

When covers meet all the above requirements, then you get the best value for the money.


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