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Have you hosted a backyard wedding or a garden wedding reception? Do you know how to make invitations for a wedding? Are they budget-friendly wedding invitations?

These are just some of the questions that would click on your mind once you decide to host or organize a backyard wedding. If you are the groom or the bride, with no experience in organizing such a feat, we can probably help you. This guide will also benefit wedding planners.

Here is a quick guide on how to get your yard ready for a backyard wedding.

Preparing Your Garden For A Backyard Wedding

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Here are the most crucial preparations you should make:

  • Turn greener grass: It is a garden. It better appears as it is. Make the grass greener on the quad by growing it weeks before the occasion. You can hire an expert on this matter but be careful with your budget.
  • Prepare the lighting: You will need lighting once daylight fades. So, prepare hanging string lights on trees or whatever post is available. But make the arrangements safe and not messy.
  • Build a dancing area: Many guests will surely want to dance out with the newlyweds, so build a dance area. You can build a dancefloor on the lawn using recycled pallets. The grass and dust may not be an excellent dancefloor for guests on high heels.
  • Set up a cohesive garden landscape: It might be more attractive if the courtyard corresponds with the wedding color motif. So, infuse your garden with a diverse spectrum, making the landscape more inclined to the wedding color scheme.
  • Restore a weed-less lawn: Your backyard may have an average weedy and patchy lawn. You can do a reseeding job on it, maybe once a week, before the wedding. However, keep the soil damp with regular watering four weeks before the event. By the time the wedding bells sound, the greens will be weed-free and awe-inspiring to the eyes.
  • Clean the concrete: You can clean it with soap and other cleaning agents if you have rusty or dirty concrete. You can also use a pump sprayer if you have one. Do this undertaking two to three days before the event, so the concrete will not gather dust during this time.
  • Keep pests away: You wouldn’t want to make your guests scream when they see cockroaches near them. They can also suffer from bugs or mosquito bites once the sun fades away. So, it is better to spray pesticides in the area days before the wedding.
  • Brighten up a functional courtyard design: When planning a backyard wedding reception, you may want to add more functional patio designs. For example, upgrade the grilling area into a polished outdoor kitchen patio if you want an outdoor kitchen. The space is perfect as a bar or hors d’oeuvres (appetizer) station.
  • Rent a generator & additional restrooms: Your home may not accommodate the surge of restroom users at once. So, rent a portable toilet depending on the number of your guests. Also, you may need additional power to supplement the surge in electric needs in your backyard: renting a generator is the best option.

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How To Make Invitations For A Wedding

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Here are the elements that should contain on wedding invitations:

  1. Who is hosting the wedding reception
  2. The request to come to the wedding
  3. The bride & groom’s names
  4. Date and time
  5. Location
  6. Info about the reception
  7. The dress code
  8. Separate RSVP card

Here are some of the best examples of invitations for a wedding.

How To Make Budget-friendly Wedding Invitations

You can make wedding invitations DIY. Here are the cheapest ways to do wedding invitations:

  1. Make your invitations at home.
  2. Ask a crafty friend for help.
  3. Utilize your cover stock & pasteboard.
  4. Do thermography instead of embossing & engraving.
  5. Simplify with eco-friendly designs.
  6. Use cheap but presentable envelopes.
  7. Shop around neighborhood stores.

Here are some of the best examples of budget-friendly wedding invitations.

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Hosting a backyard wedding may be elaborate, but if you have the will to do it and affordably, why not? This quick guide on how to get your yard ready for a backyard wedding helps you do something about it.


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