Pruning around the hedges on a lawn is the perfect way to keep adorning your environment. There are different types of trimmers available and among them, a pole trimmer can be the best choice if you have long and tall hedges on the lawn. Reaching the high-end tips of the branches becomes accessible with the best cordless pole hedge trimmer. It eases the job and keeps your shoulder and waist easy.

For rookie users, here are some useful tips to use a cordless hedge trimmer like pros. Keep trust in the trimmer and your ability:

Powered by batteries

Cordless hedge trimmers are mostly powered by batteries. This can be advantageous for the user as it does not include handling long cords. Also, the trimmers are not prone to emitting toxic fumes. This means, these trimmers are portable and make them reachable anywhere you want.


  • Make sure to start working with the trimmers only when the battery is fully charged.
  • Remove the battery from the device after your pruning session is complete.
  • Don’t leave the battery on charge for too long. When the charge is complete, consider taking it off.

Working with Angles

Working cordless pole trimmers allows the user to adjust the trimming head as per the angle required. Most novices fail to determine the angles required to make the pruning in the right way. If the trimmer’s head is at the wrong angle, the ability to determine what you are working on may be limited. Never mind, with constant use, you will understand the art and science of right angling your trimmer.


  • Some cordless hedge trimmers come with attachable cutter options so that you can work on them as per the requirement.
  • If you are working on heights at chest or waist level, make sure not to leave the blade straight as it will only bring you closer to the hedge.
  • Setting a slightly angled head will allow you to get a better view of the pruning job.


The volts used by cordless trimmers range from 18V to 36V. If you need to trim the hedges of thin branches regularly, a lower-powered trimmer can be a suitable choice. Powerful models are recommended when the hedges are dense and thus, more strength is required. Cordless pole trimmers are ideally built to prune small or medium-sized hedges.


The models are known for their maneuverability due to their design, lightweight, and absence of cords. Depending on the battery, some may last for about 30 minutes while others keep pruning for more than an hour. For most models recharging times requires less than 90 minutes.

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Final Words

When you are using trimmers for pruning, make sure to prioritize safety first. These are potentially dangerous tools and thus, you should do the basic concept of handling. The techniques of using trimmers matter a lot. You don’t have to be a pro but can certainly follow their guidelines.


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