How To Make Hardwood Floors Look New Again

I really love my house, so I try to look after all of its parts. And the floor is important stuff. You walk, run, sit, lie or even sleep on your floor.  It’s so close to you. It can make you feel comfortable. Every moment you stay at home is monumental if you have a good-quality floor. The wood floor is a nice choice. Today, I will share some tips about how to make hardwood floors look new again.

Remove Dried Paint

You need to prepare some tools including a solid scraper, vacuum with a brush, and a bottle of scratch cover.

Step 1

Clean the floor part needed to improve. You wipe out the trash and remove dust with a vacuum. The floor has to be dry at least 6 hours before you start. A wet floor can lead to a bad result.

The paint marks need to be dried and sturdy to remove them easily later.

Step 2

Use the scraper to remove dried paint stains. You apply suitable pressure to the floor. You shouldn’t push too much. Remove gently.

In case you must do it again, you will have to use more pressure. Use enough pressure to flip pain stains. Make sure that you don’t destroy the floor or create any scratch.

Remember that dust and dirty marks will cover your scraper. It’s ok.  You just need to remove them with a dry rag between flicks.

Step 3

Scrub the floor with the brush of the vacuum. Use gentle pressure to erase loosened paint crumbs and dirty marks.

Repeat until all surface paint stains have been abolished.

Step 4

You must apply scratch cover on floor parts where have scratches or bare hardwoods. You can see them on the edges of the tiles.

Step 5

Let scratch cover dry for 24 hours before you mop or surface floor is allowed to get wet. You remove paint stains in 1×1’ sections until the whole floor is clear.

Keep an eye on the border of the floor because the paint layer can be quite thick in the border.

Remove Dried Varnish

You need to prepare a non-acetone nail polish remover, paper towel, and water.

Step 1

Define the floor area that needs to be cleaned and wipe it with a damp hot rag, then wipe with a dried rag. Wait until you see varnish. Maybe you have to stand and observe at a specific angle to see varnish. Check the condition of varnish. It’s clear or marked with dust.

 Step 2

Dip a paper towel into a nail polish remover. Apply the towel firmly to the mark of varnish. Keep within 10 seconds.

Step 3

Lift up the paper towel and clean surface with a water-damped rag. Then use a soft dry cloth to rub and make floor dry. Do steps again until all varnish disappears.

Don’t let nail polish remover be on the floor for more than 10 seconds. It’s because your flooring finish can be damaged seriously. It’s possible to take steps many times in one area. However, you have to mop with water and dry between steps.

You wonder how to make hardwood floors look new again. You have to know that the condition your floor is under and choose a good way.

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Repair Water Damage on Hardwood Flooring

You will need several tools including a sturdy scraper, sturdy brush, palm sander,
paint, craft paintbrushes, and construction towels.

Step 1

Please make sure that floor tiles are not cracked. If the wood surface is destroyed, the cover of varnish will be peeled. There are white spots and black spots showing up.

Use a scraper to rub gently the surface. If you see chunks appear, you shouldn’t repair the floor by yourself. Ask help from an expert. You will have needed some pieces of advice because the damaged floor needs professional repairing.

When you make sure that the floor is not damaged, you can rub until no chunk is created.

Step 2

Vacuum the varnish. You use a detail or upholstery brush. Remember to apply light pressure.

Step 3

You clean up chunks with a coarse brush or paddle.

Step 4

Gently rub with a 120 – grit sandpaper. It’s likely to use a palm sander but you shouldn’t apply too much pressure. Repair only the areas with damaged varnish. Don’t rub in a circular pattern. Run the sander lightly with the grain.

Step 5

Clean dust and residue. Your tool is upholstery or crevice detail attachment.

Your surface should now be smooth. If the surface is not smooth, you need to repeat steps 1 – 5 until it is unwrinkled

Step 6

Pour wood stain liquid to a clean towel. Apply your stain + poly in one to the unfinished flooring areas

Tap in the direction of the grain.

Wait for 12 hours until the floor is dried. You can repeat steps until the floor has the original color.


How to make hardwood floors look new again? You can bring a new appearance to your house after answering this question. You need to understand your type of floor, define the damage and choose the most suitable solution.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert if you think that homemade methods are not useful.


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