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How to paint a room with a sprayer? Using a paintbrush or roller to color an entire wall can take half of your day if you’re a rookie. To get rid of this problem, we are here to talk about how to paint a room using a paint spray in a short time.

Using a sprayer to paint the indoor look may seem like a hassle. But actually, it’s not. It will only take a little time to complete the whole painting procedure. A paint sprayer leaves color on the wall in mist and coats the surface with an even layer of fresh paint.

So in this guideline, we will show you the most straightforward steps that you can follow to get done with your room with new colors in less time.

How To Paint A Room With A Sprayer

If you’re a beginner and don’t know a thing about paint sprayers, then you’ve come to the right place. All it takes is these three steps to Spray Walls using the least time to

  • Prepare the room
  • Gather the equipment
  • Spray the colors
How to Paint a Room Quickly Using a Paint Sprayer

The room preparing steps is what takes time. Otherwise, the spraying process takes less than 20 minutes to complete with the proper equipment in hand.

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#1. Before painting

If you want to start the painting process, the first step is to clean and prepare the room. In this section, we’ve gathered all the necessary steps you should take to prepare the room before getting your hands on the paint sprayer.

Protecting the furniture

To take the initial step of preparing the room, you need to make sure that the furniture is secured.

  • Move furniture from the room to another space from unnecessary color stains. Moving furniture will also allow more free space and move around freely while using the sprayer.
  • You can use sheets to cover the remaining furniture that you couldn’t move from the room. Applying masking tape to the paper cover won’t move from the table.

Covering floor

The paint mist will fall on the floor when you start using the sprayer. And there’s no doubt that removing the paint from the bottom is unbearable pain and a waste of time.

To avoid facing the problem, you can use clothes or paper to cover the floor after removing the dust and furniture from the room.


This crucial part of preparing the room is for painting. Why? Well, you wouldn’t want the wall to look uneven or damaged even after having a newly coated wall with paint.

Look carefully to locate the damage or dump on the wall so you can repair them before painting.

  • Patch any holes you can see on the walls.
  • Make sure that the walls are in even condition to coat with paints.
  • You can use water and trisodium phosphate solution to clean the wall if it’s dirty.

Getting the gears ready

Once you prepare the room, start gathering all the equipment you will need to paint the room. There isn’t much equipment required for spray painting.

Required Tools

Here is the suggested list of tools you should prefer gathering for spray paint a room:

  • A powered paint sprayer
  • Interior paint
  • Masking tape
  • A Paint stirrer.
  • Paint sieve
  • Paint Brush(Optional)

After gathering the required tools, take a look at the below-given list. The given equipment is the safety kit you must wear before starting the painting.

  • Safety Goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Shoe covers
  • Aprons

Preparing the Color

If you are using a previously used or opened color can, then the color can have lumps or layers of color skin. Use a paint stirrer to mix the dye and filter the liquid to eliminate the bubbles.

The limps can cause hassle for you as you are using a paint sprayer. The more smooth and liquid your color is, the more minor obstacles you will face using the sprayer. After mixing the paint sieve to eliminate bubbles and lumps, lift the stirrer to see if anything is left unmixed.

Spraying steps

Finally, when you’re done preparing the room and gathering tools, now we can move forward to the final step: painting the room quickly using a paint spray. There are two ways you can follow and paint the whole room in less than 20 minutes-

Painting Walls With Paint Spray

  • Step 1-  If you’re ready with your paint sprayer, start with an edge. Better if you can start from beside the window. Staring from the window will give you proper lighting to have more visuals of the color you’re applying.

Ensure that each coat of spray covers 30% of the previous layer. Move the sprayer vertically, keeping a safe distance of 15 to 20 centimeters from the machine.

  • Step 2 – Use the same technique as step 1 to cover the other corners and edges with color.
  • Step 3 – Once you’re done spraying paint the whole room, you can leave the room to air dry the color as mentioned in the can. Repeat the two steps above until you’ve reached your desired result.

Painting Ceiling With Paint Spray

How to Paint a Room Quickly Using a Paint Sprayer 2

Using a paint sprayer on the ceiling follows the same procedure as the wall. The only difference is in the movement of the paint sprayer. To spray paint on the top, you have to horizontally your gear.


Once you’re finished with painting the room with a sprayer, it’s time to clean up the colorful mess. No matter how many precautions you follow, coloring something will always mess with the place.

  • Wait until the color has dried so you can remove all the tape you placed on the wall.
  • Remove all the covers you used to protect the furniture and others. Move all the things back to their place after coloring the room.
  • Clean the sprayer after each use or every time you change color.
  • Use a water-soaked cotton cloth to eliminate the color splashed on the floor or any other place in the room.

Pro Tips

Till now, we’ve talked about the basic steps and procedures you should follow to paint a room quickly using a sprayer. To have a better result from paint sprayer, you can follow these suggested tips from professionals:

  • Always plan before starting the painting steps.
  • Use lights from different angles to have better views on rough edges. Having more light will help you find holes and damages that a single light source won’t help detect. You’ll also see if there is an imbalance in colors after spraying.
  • Turn off the electricity supply before starting the painting procedure. Try to use another room’s power source to plug in your paint sprayer.
  • Move your body before you start moving the sprayer for a better result.
  • If using a sprayer to paint the corner seems complicated, you prefer a paintbrush. You can also use the paintbrush to give a final and smooth touch-up in the ending.
  • And to stop the sprayer, release the trigger slowly before you stop moving.

Final Words

Every next day, the popularity of paint sprayers is increasing. A paint sprayer makes the painting task more effortless than a paintbrush or roller. Using a paint sprayer may seem tricky or troubling to use two or more colors to paint a room.

How to paint a room with a sprayer? Since we’ve described the easiest way to paint a room in less time, we hope it saves your valuable hours to go in vain from using a tiny paintbrush or roller. In the comment section, you can share your thoughts and suggestions regarding the quickest way to paint a room using a paint sprayer with us.


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