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Platform beds are one of the most common types of bed frames these days. One of the major highlights of this type of frame is that it is closer to the ground level than other bed frames.

However, if you’ve purchased one of these beds and now you’re looking to upgrade because you want more height, it can cost you some serious money. Furniture items are usually not one of the cheaper items to upgrade, let alone a bed.

So instead of buying new, we are here to give you some hacks on how to raise a platform bed that wouldn’t be too expensive and get you your desired bed height.

What is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a type of bed frame that doesn’t need a box spring to support the weight of your mattress – with or without you on it. Platform beds are much closer to the ground, usually around 12 inches from the ground level.

These beds offer a good amount of ventilation for your memory foam mattress. Therefore, no moisture will be there in your bed frame. Also, the low profile look of a platform bed usually blends well with the rest of the room decor or furniture in modern home designs.

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Best Ways to Raise a Platform Bed

When it comes to raising the height of your platform bed, here are a few ways through which you can achieve this:

Raise the Height of Your Mattress

One easy way to increase the height of your platform bed is to raise the size of your mattress without making any amendments to the rest of the bed frame or base of your bed. To do this, you can use mattress toppers.

Mattress toppers are large sheets of foam placed on your mattress to give you the preferred height and comfort. Apart from the height factor, mattress toppers also protect and increase the life of your mattress by keeping it away from direct contact.

The best part of a mattress topper is its ease of installation. It would help if you placed the topper on top of your mattress once off-gassed after taking out its plastic bag or any other protection seal.

Once placed on top of your mattress, you can make your bed just like you usually do and enjoy the slightly raised bed height!

Bed Risers

This way helps raise the height of any type of bed, including a platform bed. These wooden, rigid plastic, or metal blocks are readily available from an online marketplace or your nearby home improvement store. Apart from that, more alternatives to bed risers work well.

Bed risers are under your bed frame’s base giving you additional height and extra storage area underneath your bed. Depending on how much height you want to add to your bed, you can choose between various sizes of bed risers.

To install a bed riser, first, you need to remove the mattress. Then, lift one corner of the bed frame, place the bed riser underneath it and place the frame back on the bed riser unless it gets an excellent, firm grip.

Do the same process for all the remaining bedposts, put your mattress back, and you have your added height plus a lot of storage underneath your bed ready!

How About Bed Wedges?

Physicians or pediatricians worldwide widely recommend bed wedges for people who experience back pains or spasms, back injuries, or various kinds of sleep disorders. These adjusters are under the head of the bed, lifting the mattress to a certain angle to elevate your back, neck, and head.

Installing a bed wedge is simple, although we would recommend having at least one other person who can help you during the entire process.

First, you need to remove your mattress from the frame. Then, lift the ends of the frame while placing the bed wedges underneath at the same time. Place the bedposts on the wedges until they sit firmly on them, and then put your mattress back on the bed frame.

There you go! You have an inclined and somewhat raised bed height now.

Although bed wedges might not raise the overall height of your platform bed, however, these wedges somewhat give you a little bit of size and other medical advantages related to sleep discomfort.

Our Final Word On How to Raise a Platform Bed

Upgrading your furniture or room decor is exciting but can be expensive, too. For most people, there’s a lot of thought and decision-making that goes into buying a new piece of furniture – particularly a bed.

These DIY techniques can give you almost the same result as a new bed would do, however, at minimal cost or effort. So what are you waiting for? Get on with one of the techniques we discussed to raise your platform bed (or if you have a better one), and enjoy the new feel of your mattress!

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