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The floor is an important part of your house because everyone does various activities on it.  Wood is an ideal material to make the floor. It’s so comfortable to step on. However, you need to take care of the wood floor a lot because several problems can arise. Dehydration is one of them. You will have to find out how to rehydrate wood floors.

As you know, many house owners choose wood for their floor. The wood floor makes your house look eye-catching and cozy. Nevertheless, you have to face several issues. You must use special methods to clean up the wood floor. Keeping it polished and clear is quite hard. Everyone wants it to shine and look new.

Wood is a natural material, so it can be attacked by water, mold, hot temperature, and so on. In dry weather, a wood floor can be dried out. When your house has a wood floor, you often focus on moisture. It’s the main factor that influences the quality of the wood floor. Moisture at a high level is able to be harmful to the wood while the short of moisture probably ruin your floor.

The elasticity of wood floor changes depending on humidity and temperature. This causes crevices that will expand when the floor lacks humidity. One day, you see cracks on the wood floor. They are like writing on the wall. The floor condition can be worse if you don’t solve the issue immediately. Rehydration is very urgent in that case.

You wonder how to rehydrate wood floors. Please read the tips we suggest below. You can follow the steps.

Clean Up the Floor

Cleaning is the first step. It’s necessary to tidy up the floor. You cannot improve the floor while many pieces of furniture are still on it. You have to move furniture to another place. After removing stuff, it’s time to clean the floor surface.

Use a broom to get rid of dust and trash. Then, wipe out the floor. You can use a solution to wipe effectively. The solution includes ten parts of water and one part of vinegar. Mix 2 types of liquid and stir the solution. Take a mop cloth or a towel. Dip it into the solution.

Wipe the wood floor gently until it’s clean. Remove stains and dust. Then use a dry cloth to wipe and wait until the floor is dried out. It’s necessary to clean the floor as moisture chemicals can enter the mini holes and cracks in the existing finish and stick fast to it.

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Revitalize the Dried Floor

To implement rehydration for the wood floor, we can use are oil-modified urethane and water-based polyurethane.

Limit the sunlight. Because the direct strong sunlight makes the floor dry and ruins finishing surface color, you should close the window coverings.

Always observe the humidity level in your home. To do that, you need a hygrometer. Read carefully the instructions for proper calibration and know how to use the machine. The popular humidity level is about 50 percent.

Change the humidity in the room. You can buy a humidifier which can improve the moisture. In case you don’t own a humidifier, a pot of boiling water on the stove is a suitable alternative. It can stop the dryness in the room.

In the winter, the air becomes drier; therefore, your humidifier must work more to increase moisture in the house.

Learn how to make your wood floor look better!

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Don’t apply water directly to the wood floor to solve the dehydration. Water can ruin the wood and result in mold.

Adding moisture to the air is a good solution.

If the humidity level is over 60%, it creates the ideal mold and mildew development condition.


Protecting and caring about the wood floor is treating your house well. When the floor is dried out, you must find a way of how to rehydrate wood floors.

It’s essential to maintain a suitable humidity level in the rooms. You can take back the great look for the floor and keep it lasting long.


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