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A striped lawn yard brings green to the view and creates uniqueness for the house. However, you worry about the cost to grow and mow a lawn yard. You must buy a striping kit to take care of the lawn field. Don’t worry! We will unveil some tips to let you know how to stripe a lawn without a striping kit.

You have a lovely house with gorgeous inner decoration, but you need more to catch the attention of guests or pass-by people. Something impressive outside is necessary. A great idea is that you grow a colorful flower garden or a striped lawn yard.

You have surely seen a green lawn with carefully-mowed stripes. What do you feel of it? Green color and trees always ease our mood and give our mental energy. It’s possible to have a nice lawn yard for yourself.

The golf course or football pitch has a beautiful striped lawn field. You desire to own something like that. You can grow a lawn and take care of your lawn yard by yourself. One good news is that you may have lawn stripes without buying a striping kit.

How People Create Stripes On The Lawn

Have you wondered why lawn has stripes? Do you need a special type of grass? In fact, stripes you see are the result of reflection. Because the sunlight causes different reflection effects, it seems like stripes have different lightning contrast.

The grass in a stripe is pushed over in a different direction compared to the next one. The sun darts its beams to grass that has different pushed-over directions and creates stripes. The different directions and reflection are the reason for stripes on the lawn.

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What Do You Get After Lawn Striping?

Mowing grass not only makes your lawn look neat and beautiful but also helps them to grow healthily. If you continue to cut grass in one certain direction, taller grass will bend and cover lower grass.

The lower grass cannot receive enough sunlight. Then they die of lacking photosynthesis. You will have an eye-catching and glamorous striped lawn.

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How To Stripe Lawn Without Roller

You can hire a professional lawn-striping expert, buy a stripping kit or invent a lawn-stripping machine yourself. However, we will give you an option. How about making stripes just with your lawn mower in your house? Stripping your lawn with a push mower or riding mower is possible.

  • Cut down your grass and make sure that grass has a height of about 2-3 inch. The taller grass is, the better they lay down.
  • You can follow this guide to make straight stripes if you have a large grass field. Use a rope and tie it to an end of a stick. You can pass this step if you have a small grass field or believe in your accuracy.
  • The next step plays a very important role. Please take down the lawn mower deck so that it’s in the lowest position compared with the ground. Take down the front and the back of the mower deck.
  • For a push mower, you don’t start it. Should you have a riding mower, start the mower. But don’t engage the mower blades. You don’t cut the grass doing the striping this way!
  • If you use a push mower, you must push the mower with the motor off. If you use a riding mower, you must drive it with the blades. Don’t cut in a straight line from side to side. Then you create the first stripe.
  • With a riding mower, you need to lift up the deck to avoid hitting obstructions like the concrete surface of the street. Using a push mower, you’d better push on the handle and lift the mower deck off the concrete surface while you turn around.
  • Continue to rotate direction and stripe the grass field. It’s necessary to alternate stripes so that all grass receive sunlight.

This video is useful for dummies:

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Wrap It Up

How to stripe a lawn without a striping kit? What happens if you don’t have a mower? Of course, you still can make stripes on the lawn. You need to take advantages of different tools like a large broom, floor squeegee.

Give it a try! You can use popular tools to decorate your lawn and draw stripes. It would be great if you do it yourself. Good luck to you!


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