Installation Under Sink Water Heater

An electric under sink water heater often refers as on demand water heater because it can’t store the hot water in the tanks. It can supply the required amount of hot water on demand when you necessitate it. So when you are using the under sink water heater, then it must need good plumbing skills. For set up the water heater, you can call the licensed plumber for this task because he has full knowledge to perfectly install the electric heaters. IF you want to do it yourself, then you must have adequate knowledge to turn off the water in your house and know how to connect new fittings and fixtures and pipes fro supply the hot water and transfer of cold water into the tube.

Before installing you must first know that which type of water heater you want to install in your house. It has Gas water heater or Electric water heater.

There Are Two Options:

  • If you want to install the gas power tankless water heater, then you must place it outside. It must need a gas line and a connection to the 120-volt circuit. You can plug it directly into wire or hole with a service board.
  • If you want to install the electric tankless water heater, then you don’t place it outside. It requires 240 volts of electrical power. You can plug into 240-volt outlet or wire directly to the board.

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Here are some steps to install the Under Sink water heater:

  • Step1: –Undersink tankless water heater needs high power supply single stainless steel flue or significant distance exhaust system.
  • Step2: –It is essential that you must use the particular union connector set for the amount of water which can utilize bypass facility and it will help in future.
  • Step3: –You must turn off the main water line in your home.
  • Step4: –You must disconnect the old water heater line.
  • Step5: –You can also cut off the heat supply from the old water heater. You can just unplug the device from the wall channel.
  • Step6: –As you can detach the old water heater then you must remove it and make the space for the new electric water heater.
  • Step7: –After that put your new under sink electric tankless water heater and their hardware parts at the perfect place.
  • Step8: –You can mount it by following the instructions from the manual guide and then place it.
  • Step9: –Now provide all the connections to the electric water heater.
  • Step10: –Commence it with water supply line.
  • Step11: –Then plug it into the wall so it can use the electricity.
  • Step12: –Now you can enjoy your shower with the electric water heater and get the hot water anytime.

SO it is all about the installation of the under sink water heater. Hope you will take benefit by applying these methods.


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