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Renovating or remodeling a home can be overwhelming, from picking the colors to choosing the right furniture, appliances, and theme, organizing them to flow with the rest of the house. It’s particularly tasking when the renovation includes spaces like the kids’ bedrooms and play areas. On the one hand, you want a space that resonates with your style, and on the other, make the space as safe as possible for them to rest and play. So how can you do a kid-friendly renovation for your house?

1. Determine the Ideal Location

The kid’s age is a critical factor in deciding the location of your kids’ rooms. A good rule of thumb is to have a kids’ wing with a separate bathroom, especially if you have several children. A complete homework and playroom area could be nearby for ease of access.

However, if the kids are younger, their rooms can be near the main suite. Since these spaces need constant supervision, ensure they’re equipped with security cameras from rhino networks. This way, you can monitor your kids’ activities even when you’re away from home.

2. Involve the Kids in Decision Making

If you have older kids, involve them in the planning process. Allowing them to make decisions like the paint color to use in their rooms makes them feel part of the project. You can narrow the colors to three and let them pick a favorite. It also goes a long way in personalizing their space without overlooking your design plan.

3. Allow the Kids to Handle Small Projects

Kids love doing new tasks. As such, they would be thrilled to help you handle small projects like painting small spaces. It also helps them build confidence early while piquing their curiosity. Also, if they like their rooms to have an airplane or sci-fi theme, let them paint the walls with fun features like clouds, sky, planes, and more.

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You’ll be surprised by how much time you save delegating such small tasks. When older, they can change the decor to match their tastes.

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4. Plan for What Kids Need in the Future

Using the same furniture and accessories in a kids’ bedroom is tempting after moving to a new home. However, this strategy isn’t always practical as kids outgrow them quickly. The trick is to plan for the future.

For example, if picking a bed, do away with the mini-bed and look for a bigger one. The trick also applies in other spaces like the bathroom. Assign reasonable space so they’re usable even when the kids are teenagers. You could use paint colors and fixtures that make the transition process easy.

5. Set up Built-ins

Built-ins are incredible space savers, especially for large families. They should be simple enough to evolve with your kids. For example, you can build a desk that doubles as a drop-down space for building Legos and other projects. Built-in cabinets and bookshelves also come in handy for kids of all ages.

6. Create Lots of Storage Areas

With kids comes much clutter, which can make a house messy. Therefore, storage needs should be a top priority when undertaking a child-friendly renovation.

Storage solutions like built-ins with cabinets or cubes for stashing toys come in handy. Also, multi-purpose furniture like toy baskets at the bottom shelf and double-tiered coffee tables equipped with drawers go a long way in keeping a home neat.

The beds could also come with storage spaces to stash the kids’ clothing if there isn’t enough space in the closet. Built-in captain-style beds, for example, have bottom drawers for storage.

7. Use Practical Furniture

Forget the shiny, glass coffee table; practical furniture is more useful in a kid-friendly space. Besides function, you want to create a safe environment where kids can play. Furniture with round corners, for example, is better than one with sharp corners.

8. Dedicate a Space for the Family

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Families have busy schedules, which makes it challenging to interact. With a dedicated space for such interaction, it’s easy for adults and kids to hang out. The trick is to make the space adaptable for the kids. You may also include a sofa and a large TV screen for watching movies.

9. Avoid Packing Away Toys or Clothes Used Recently

Kids can be possessive with their toys, books, and clothes. And if they want a particular toy, you can’t change their mind. As such, you must keep such items within reach. Handy storage bins help store such items neatly while being accessible.

10. Add Personality

You want to create a kid-friendly space while creating a unique personality. You can section off a space and set up a bookcase wall, install star lighting on the ceiling, or erect a suspended hammock as the home’s focal point.

Building a shared walk-in closet for the kids if their rooms are adjoined is also an excellent way to add personality to a space. Some homes have little space, leaving attics and basements the best places to play. Kids love such secret areas. You can build a bookshelf, a play area with a tennis court, a gaming itinerary, or other fixtures.

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These 10 tips should help you undertake a kid-friendly renovation without much hassle. Remember to involve the kids from the onset. It prepares their mind beforehand and helps them share ideas quickly.


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