Renovating your garden is a fantastic way of giving your house a new air, and also a necessary activity every once in a while in order to get rid of the overgrowth and all the issues that may bring. But to get a proper start, it is paramount that you have the right equipment, and for this, there’s nothing like a good 2 wheel dolly.


What Is A 2 Wheel Dolly?

Also known as a hand truck, a 2 wheel dolly is a piece of moving equipment that consists of a solid support structure that allows you to move heavy weights thanks to – you guessed it – two wheels screwed to the lower part of the piece.

Move Pot Plants Easily with a 2 Wheel Dolly

Originally made for heavy duty construction and industrial work, these hand trucks were large and sturdy, precisely so that big bags of cement or other heavy materials could be quickly and easily moved from place to another by just one person. Nowadays, however, these dollies come in more home-friendly sizes and materials, designed to be light and to not occupy much space while still doing the heavy work.

What Can You Use It For?

Now, a 2 wheel dolly may seem like too much of a construction equipment to have at home, but these come in incredibly handy when you have a garden, a patio, or even a moving day coming up.

If you have an outdoors space that you want to build and decorate to make your own, then a hand truck is one of the first things you’ll need. Here are some of the ways you can use it to improve the look of your garden and your home in general.

Move Potted Plants

Moving plants can always be a hassle when figuring out where you want to put them. Large plants are too heavy to carry from one corner to another, and dragging them along only calls for disaster. With a 2 dolly wheel, however, you’ll be able to move them as far as you want with barely any work put in.

Move Soil Bags

Or all sorts of big, heavy bags you may need for your garden, your work space, or your home. Be it soil, cement, or fertilizer, a 2 wheel dolly will be more than necessary to move them and stack them whenever you’re not using them.

Carry Rocks Or Other Heavy Materials

You might need some help for this, but if what you have in mind for your garden includes big rocks in order to make it look like a natural landscape, then you’ll have to move these rocks around more than once to find the perfect spot for them. Get it done with a hand truck to perfectly turn the vision in your head into a reality.

Where Can You Get A 2 Wheel Dolly?

2 Wheel Dolly

So, a hand truck is one of those things that people just seem to have, and no one really wonders where it came from. The answer for that can be a hardware store, a factory supply store, and the internet.

While getting a dolly online is, as with everything else, an easy and convenient choice, we do recommend going to the store and seeing what it has to offer. This is because you may be looking for a specific size and feel to it, and to make sure it suits your needs, there’s nothing like a firsthand impression.

However, there are plenty of great options online if you can’t find a place that sells hand trucks in your area. You can find specialized factory supply stores through a quick search, look through their catalogues, and pick what you’re looking for. A 2 wheel dolly is always a solid investment for big spaces, and it’s certainly something that will last you a lifetime.

You don’t have to be a construction expert to get your hands on a good hand truck. All you have to keep in mind when getting one is how convenient it is for your purposes, be it restoring an outdoor space, moving crates and boxes of all sizes during moving day, or just moving a couple of potted plants in your home.


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