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Sleep plays a very important role in physical and mental health. Your body and mind can rest and recharge energy while you sleep. However, insomnia is a nightmare for your health. You cannot sleep enough. What is the solution? Today, we will suggest some natural ways to improve sleep. They are very useful and effective.

Negative Effect s Of Insomnia

Lack of sleep can last in a short time or even a long time, but it’s surely an awful experience. Your body cannot take a rest after a busy working day. Your mind cannot relax to take care of itself. How bad it is! We will list some main terrible consequences of insomnia.

  • Physical Health: Do you know that heart and blood vessels are fixed during your sleep? If you short sleep regularly, the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke will increase.
  • Obesity: Poor sleep may cause weight-gaining.
  • Hormone Disorder: Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you feel hungry. Leptin is a hormone that makes you feel full. Their balance is kept thanks to the sleep. If you get a lack of sleep, the level of ghrelin rises and the level of leptin decreases. So, you will feel hungry much more often though you eat enough food.
  • Insulin: This is the hormone taking control of your blood glucose level. Insulin is under the impact of sleep. Short of sleep can make blood glucose level go up. Clearly, several health problems can happen because of this.
  • Growth & Fertility: Babies and teenagers need to sleep enough to grow well.
  • Learning & Memory: There is a process called memory consolidation. While you sleep, the brain will bring new information to memory.

Since sleep is an important part of life, you need to look after your sleep and enhance sleep quality. We will show some tips to improve sleep. You are going to have a better sleep.

Foods Improving Sleep Naturally

You are what you eat. Foods you eat affect your body and health. You can make use of some foods to have a restful sleep. There are foods proved to be good for sleep. Try them!

  • Do you know healthy fats? They are in foods like coconut oil, organic and pasture-raised meats, eggs, avocado, and butter. They contribute to creating more sleep hormones and give you good sleep.
  • High antioxidant foods help your body to produce sleep hormone and remove toxins which have bad effect on your sleep. You’d better eat vegetables, high nutrient fruits, and herbal or drink green tea in the early morning.
  • Quality Proteins, especially at dinner: You should eat healthy fats, vegetables, and proteins in the dinner. The good time to have dinner is 6 p.m. At least 4 hours before you go to bed, you should not eat foods. Your body will enter the sleep cycle easily if you take enough protein in the dinner.

You need to consider before eating foods below if you don’t want your sleep to be influenced

  • Sugars: Eating a lot of sugars and carbohydrates, especially at night, can lead to a blood sugar increase. This prevents you from falling or staying asleep. Kick the habit if you eat too many candies or cookies in the evening.
  • Grains: It’s bad if you are suffered from intolerance to grains. It can be harmful to your body because it causes physical stress. If you have an intolerance to grains and eat them, this will change the hormone cycle and disturb sleep.

Taking Supplements

People use supplements as some natural ways to improve sleep.

  • Melatonin: When it comes to supplements for sleeping well, melatonin is the first choice. It is a key sleep hormone because it decides when you need to relax and go to bed.

This type of supplement is a popular sleep aid. It is used to cure patients with insomnia. To fall asleep quickly, melatonin is a simple method. One of the advantages of melatonin is that it doesn’t cause withdraw effect.

You may need a prescription to buy melatonin in some countries. In many countries, you can buy it in drug stores without a prescription. Take about 1–5 mg 30–60 minutes before bedtime.

You should ask for medical advice before using melatonin because it can change brain chemistry.

  • You also can use other supplements such as Quality Omega-3s, Magnesium, and Gelatin.
  • Ginkgo biloba is a natural herb that can help you chill out and reduce stress. However, there are not many studies about this supplement. You should take 250 mg 30–60 minutes before heading to bed.
  • Lavender can decrease anxiety and enhance sleep
  • Other supplements you can try are glycine, valerian root, magnesium, and L-theanine

Remember to try one supplement at a time. You can combine them with other natural sleeping strategies to increase efficiency.

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Lifestyle Improvement

You can improve sleep quality or make yourself fall asleep more quickly by changing daily and nightly routine

  • Get up and go to sleep at the same time every day to keep your hormone cycle regular.
  • Don’t drink caffeine after 1 pm.
  • Reduce blue light and help you sleep better
  • Take a soothing salt bath about an hour before sleep with some chilling music.
  • Enjoy at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day. The exposure to the wide-spectrum light will lift up serotonin levels and improve melatonin levels at night.
  • Meditate, do yoga (with anti-slip mats), take a massage or find a way to reduce stress.
  • Get rid of artificial light while sleep, maintain the temperature in the bedroom at a suitable level, try some white noise
  • Buy bedroom stuff made of natural materials

Find more tips here:

Wrap It Up

It’s a bad experience if you have to live with insomnia. You need to try a variety of methods to stop the lack of sleep.  Natural ways to improve sleep are good as they don’t have many side effects.

It’d be great if you can find a treatment that fits your body and solve your sleeping problem.

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