Outdoor Lighting - Tips And Recommendations

If you have a garden or a backyard, you probably should have considered having it lit. A couple of outdoor lights here and there change the ambiance of a place, a place could look as deserted as a desert but throw a couple of lights here and there, a couple of bulbs here, fluorescent and LED lights, and boom, your desert turns into Dubai. Well, thinking of it, Dubai is merely a desert with lights all around that makes it one of the most scenic cities around the world, I digress.

What Is The Point of Having Outdoor Lights?

  • Transforming your grim-looking backyard or outdoors to a place where you could have beautiful moments need not involve a big trip to the landscapers that you set back a couple a hundred dollars. Lights, yeah, exactly like the Thomas Edison light bulb. But besides beauty, that isn’t the end of these scenery transforming little magical things.
  • They also provide a bunch of security and safety around your home. Well, there is no doubt that a robbed would heavily think twice before going to rob a well-lit yard. We aren’t robbers or professionals in that field, but we would put our money where our mouths are and say that the chances of you getting an intruder would heavily drop. Even that neighbor that constantly loves popping by for no reason would probably feel like he is approaching Fort Knox. The safety part of it isn’t one to be played around with.
  • A couple of lights here and there dramatically reduces the chance of you running over something or hitting something while driving at night. It’s all fun and games till you make a trip to the workshop to have your car fixed, and you are presented with a jaw-dropping quotation of how much it would cost to fix the bumper or the fender of your new Tesla (don’t mind us we are simply suckers for an excellent electric car).

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What Type of Lights Should You Get?

It’s a tough sell to say that lights simply transform the place, but they do. But the next question that pops up is what type of lights? The conventional security and flood lights are pretty good but dull and glare the entire scene. If you could be honest with yourself, taking a picture in your backyard with floodlights would make it look like the uglier version of your backyard compared to the daytime.

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Outdoor Lighting - Tips And Recommendations

Then here comes our saving grace, our night in shining armor. Solar-powered outdoor lights have no safety or health risk, which is especially important if you often have kids or several people in your driveway or backyard. The upside to not having to deal with cables is simply unexplainable.

How Do They Work?

The solar-powered driveway lights work by using the sun’s rays to charge themselves all day, then automatically turning on at the night. They are waterproof and resistant to the elements, making them a close to full-proof plan. They must sacrifice their brightness when they have one up in beauty and convenience. But a little extra brightness for beauty, convenience, or automaticity, please sign me up for a solar-powered driveway light on any given day.

How to Install Them?

The driveway and backyard lights aren’t tricky to install (another point for the solar power lights, but who is counting). Installing the lights typically involves driving them into the ground. They have a sharp end that allows them to pierce the ground and stand firmly easily. If you’d want to be more secure. You could use concrete or a fixer to ensure the light never comes out.

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Tips on Where to Set Them Up

The decoration could be done in the way that best suits you as it would be unique and best believe us, it would nine times out of ten turn out right. We have a couple of suggestions just to ensure that you are not totally in the dark on the entire topic.

  • For starters, place your lights close to the wall. Lights by the fence of your house give an ergonomic and aesthetic appeal to the yard. The fence looks a little taller and a whole lot fancier. Plus, whether or not you have a good-looking fence, at night, having the light look up onto your fence gives it a specific castle type of look that could never be recreated in any other way.
  • Placing the lights by pillars and poles at risk of being knocked over or run over is more of a safety precaution than an aesthetic move. It is a brilliant move, and we are sure anyone driving through your driveway would greatly appreciate it.
  • Placing the lights along the pathway is one of the prettiest positions we highly recommend, if you haven’t ever seen this, we recommend you try it. It gives an element of class that couldn’t be verbally explained or well explained in the text, you would need to see this for yourself.
  • While we are still on the topic of good looks, having these lights dangling from a tree in your garden or lying low in the shrubs is not appreciated enough. Depending on your personality, the lights dangling from the tree may be a little too much we highly advise having a visual of it before making this move.

Our Tips To You Before Buying and Installing Your Lights

  1. As you get your lights, we have several tips to ensure you get the bang for your buck. For starters, the lights shouldn’t be covered by the shadows of objects around them. Otherwise, they will not charge, and you’ll probably feel like you have been robbed of your money, the irony.
  2. Ask to ensure that the lights you will be getting will be able to withstand the elements. It would be a shame to find all your lights aren’t working after the first rain falling.
  3. It is essential to find out how bright the lights are.

Final Words

If you want to add a little feng shui to your backyard, you could use some solar wind spinners. These are more like a party trick, but they sure are an eye-catcher. You could click here if you would like to read more about outdoor lights, solar wind spinners, and patio lawn & garden.



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