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Patio Lawn & Garden is a very common topic. You can see that almost everyone talks about this and many of us even have the hobby of taking care of our own garden.

This section will provide guides, tips, and answer questions about gardening & patio lawn.

  • Guides: Here we have articles with practical steps and easy-to-follow guidelines.
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  • Questions & Other: We are glad to receive questions and try the hardest to answer for you!

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The Main Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Service Company in Yukon, OK
Are you sick and tired of mowing your lawn every single weekend? What started as a gardening hobby has soon turned into a laborious, time-consuming task that you are no longer willing to do. Fortunately, instead of letting your garden turn into a jungle, you could hire a lawn care company to take care of your yard. These gardening professionals,...
Benefits of Removing Weeds From Your Garden
Regardless of how much you adore your garden, weeding is undoubtedly your worst nightmare. There’s nothing more annoying than witnessing the invasion of weeds in the garden, after a few days of finishing the task. However, instead of doing it manually or using different sorts of herbicides to stops these plants from spreading, you can purchase weed removing tools and...
Home Remedies for Cucumber Beetles
Cucumber beetle is a popular name in gardening. They are tiny animals that can destroy your harvest. Both spotted and striped cucumber beetles are harmful to plants. They not also eat cucumbers but also like to bite corns, pumpkins, melons, squashes, and leaves of bean plants. Therefore, you need to prepare home remedies for cucumber beetles. Gardeners are frustrated...
tiny black eggs on plant leaves
It’s not good news if you see tiny black eggs on plant leaves. They can be a sign of incoming damage. Black eggs are the products of insects. They give eggs on the leaves. We are talking about eggs with a small size in black color. Maybe they belong to squash bugs, aphids, lace bugs or shield bugs. The...
yellow fuzzy bugs on squash plants
If you have a vegetable garden, I guess you’re very busy. There are so many things to do including growing plants or seed, taking care of them, and make sure that you can harvest the best fruits and vegetables. To maintain the ideal condition for the garden, you must protect plants from insects and diseases. One sign you should...
common cucumber diseases
The technique and process to grow cucumber plants are quite simple, but you need to pay attention to some signs of common cucumber diseases to ensure healthy growth, high-quality, and productivity. In this article, you will learn several experiences to define, prevent and treat diseases in cucumbers. 1. Powdery Mildew It’s supposed a common disease in cucumber plants. You easily see...
cucumber plants dying from bottom up
Cucumber plants dying from bottom up are concerned by many gardeners. If you're worried about this issue, the tips below can be helpful.
removing landscape rock from yard
Removing landscape rock from yard can create a new look for the outside view of your house. You have to use several pieces of equipment to throw rocks away.
Tips to Find the Best Self Propelled Push Mower for Small Yards
The yards of different sizes are in requirement of mowers of different types that are created with different designs specific for specific purposes and specific suitability to the lawns. The small yard lawns are comparatively easy to maintain than the large lawns but this can be possible only with the right type of mowers that are specially assigned to cut...
5 Ways to Use Sand in Landscaping Projects
Sand is one of those granular materials that can really take your landscaping project to the next level. You can transform unused space on your outdoor property and turn it into something visually appealing just by using sand. With a bit of creativity and imagination, there’s no limit to how you can utilise this material and improve the aesthetics...

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