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Patio Lawn & Garden is a very common topic. You can see that almost everyone talks about this and many of us even have the hobby of taking care of our own garden.

This section will provide guides, tips, and answer questions about gardening & patio lawn.

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lawn diseases identification featured images
How to detect Lawn Diseases Identification? Plants growing nearby can be a terrible choice, primarily because they can be challenging to maintain. Another issue could arise as a result of this: illnesses. It might spread like wildfire and go unnoticed. Lawns, on the other hand, can be a much bigger problem. Guests and visitors are known to be welcomed by...
tiny black eggs on plant leaves
It’s not good news if you see tiny black eggs on plant leaves, as they can be a sign of incoming damage by insects. We are talking about eggs with a small size in black color. Maybe they belong to squash bugs, aphids, lace bugs, or shield bugs. The size of the eggs is tiny. You will often see...
Owning a beautiful garden seems cool. But, it comes with the cost that you have to take good care of the trees. Likewise, trimming tree branches is one of the essential tasks for a gardener. It's better to know how to trim tree branches yourself than always paying a professional for the task.  However, if the tree is too tall...
Tree pruning is essential for growing healthy trees. However, choosing pruning gears is quite confusing sometimes. What kind of pruner should you get? There are many different types: electrical, manual, lengthy, short, and more. To help you out with any questions you might be having in your mind, we delightfully introduce this essential guide of 6 must-have tree pruning...
For most people, artificial turf is superior to natural grass. In drought areas, artificial turf enables homeowners to preserve a beautiful lawn without worrying about breaching water restrictions or their local Homeowners Association's landscaping guidelines. So, what is artificial turf? Let's find out in this article! What is Artificial Turf? Artificial turf is a material made of synthetic fibers that resemble...
A gorgeous and lush green lawn is not only a status symbol but an excellent environment to sit around. It is, in fact, handy to have a clean and green yard. You can either sit on it and enjoy it or instead play some golf or any such sport. But there’s a condition to enjoy this stuff, and it...
Home Remedies for Cucumber Beetles
The cucumber beetle is a popular name in gardening. They are tiny animals that can destroy your harvest. Both spotted and striped cucumber beetles are harmful to plants. They also eat cucumbers and bite corns, pumpkins, melons, squashes, and leaves of bean plants. Therefore, you need to prepare home remedies for cucumber beetles. Gardeners are frustrated by their damage....
A basic guide to different types of blowers - A blower is a machine that increases air velocity when it passes through the impellers equipped in it. In simple words, you can say a blower is a piece of equipment that moves air at moderate pressure in a specific area. It has a wide range of applications in various...
cucumber plants dying from bottom up
Cucumber plants dying from bottom up are concerned by many gardeners. If you're worried about this issue, the tips below can be helpful.
common cucumber diseases
The technique and process to grow cucumber plants are quite simple, but you need to pay attention to some signs of common cucumber diseases to ensure healthy growth, high-quality, and productivity. In this article, you will learn several experiences to define, prevent and treat diseases in cucumbers. 1. Powdery Mildew It’s supposed a common disease in cucumber plants. You easily see...

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