A solid work truck is a capable machine that can be an asset when doing a home improvement project. From trips to the hardware store or runs to the lumber supply yard, it comes in handy to have a pickup truck that can reliably transport and store all your tools and supplies. Wondering which pickup truck accessories are essential, here are some suggestions that can enhance your work truck.

#1. Floor Mats

Standard floor mats can protect your vehicle’s flooring from everyday wear and tear. If you regularly step on paint, sawdust, dirt, and other debris from a home improvement project, you will need the heavy-duty floor mats for your car. If your work project happens during snow or wet weather, the moisture from mud and rain as well as acidic rock salts can do permanent damage to your vehicle’s interior. Custom all-weather floor mats are a lifesaver in these situations.


#2. Tonneau Covers

A tonneau cover is another excellent accessory that a truck owner should consider. When performing a home improvement project, you will likely have many expensive tools and supplies sitting in your trunk bed. A custom-fit tonneau cover, like one from Auto Accessories Garage, will keep your truck bed and its content safe from harmful rain, snow, and UV-rays that can damage your tools and supplies. 

A tonneau cover will also protect your belongings from theft. Thieves will, first of all, not be able to see what’s inside your truck’s bed, and if you have a locking tonneau cover, they will not be able to access your cargo.

#3. Seat Covers

Getting into and out of your truck’s cab after getting dirty and sweaty from a hard day’s work can harm your vehicle’s interior upholstery. If you use your car regularly for runs to the hardware store, a spilled coffee or leak from paint can seriously damage your vehicle’s seats and reduce your vehicle’s resale value. 


This significant reason is why many people who use their trucks for work projects opt to purchase form-fitting, custom seat covers. These seat covers, which follow every contour of your vehicle’s seats, will make your work truck look like it has had a professional reupholstery. 

They can also give your car a stylish new look. Two-tone neoprene seat covers provide a sporty, race-inspired look, while leather or leatherette seat covers can provide a luxurious feel to your interior.

#4. Nerf Bars, Running Boards, and Side Steps

During a home improvement project, you may have to climb in and out quite a bit. If your vehicle sits high off the ground, this can become quite tiring reasonably quickly. For this reason, truck side steps, nerf bars, or running boards can be an excellent addition to your truck. 

Side steps, nerf bars, and running boards enhance the look of your vehicle by providing a more heavy-duty look while giving you a more straightforward step up into your truck. Additionally, running boards and nerf bars protect your truck’s exterior from dings in the parking lot or flying rocks that you may kick up on the road.

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#5. Hitches

Sometimes a home improvement project requires moving a large number of items or colossal cargo. In these cases, a trailer may be the best solution. To connect a trailer to your truck, you will need a trailer hitch that fits your vehicle and the trailer. When purchasing a trailer hitch, be sure to read a buying guide to determine which tow hitch fits both your vehicle and the trailer.


Final Words

When tackling home improvement, your work truck can be an essential asset in completing your project. These pickup truck accessories will help you get the job completed in a timely and efficient manner while also protecting the resale value of your vehicle and keeping your cargo safe from theft or damage. Home improvement success is all about the initial preparation and planning, and by preparing your truck for the job, you will be well on your way to seeing your project through to completion.


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